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5 Indoor Plants will Enhance the Look of your House

Staying stress-free and physical and mental wellness are topics that give us a moment to think about how undermining our daily routines are. Humans work like electronically run machines for a minimum of 12 hours a day and then go back home to sleep. We give time to our bodies to think, breath, relax and simply be as it is. This is what makes us tired not only physically but mentally. Giving yourself time to breathe is also a way to express your gratitude towards bodies and minds that you care about how hard they work, of course, they won’t complain but it is our responsibility. 

In order to calm our minds and bodies down, we need to change our preferences, instead of Netflixing and chilling, one must indulge in looking after plants that will add life to your home and your routine.

The trend of housing plants is rapidly growing every year especially after covid-19 hit our lives, the pandemic lockdown gave us many healthier habits that have stayed a part of our lives, plants being one of them.

Do you know, the demand for houseplants surged by 18% during the covid pandemic? That’s huge!

I mean, do you look around your home and think of how badly your house looks even though it is clean and has everything to make it complete? Well, that’s because it is missing what is full of essence per se and with which, your life would become more lively. It’s planted! Many people say that Plants and Pets are two things that add value to our lives, at the same time plants are something that will give you oxygen and clean air to breathe in, in a world full of pollution.

Why bring indoor plants to your home?

Why not? Indoor plants give you positivity and clean air.

  • As suggested by the statistics, indoor plants are known to enhance work productivity by up to 15%. Ever since the pandemic introduced us to work or study from home, having plants in front of us, specifically for that matter, assisted in staying focused and productive.
  • Other than this, people who house more plants in their homes as well as at their workspace tend to take fewer sick leaves.
  • If we talk about how beautifully plants tackle pollution, plants remove 87% of the airborne toxins, that too, in just 24 hours’ time.
  • Several packers and movers in Mumbai, Indore, and many other locations are asked to relocate their indoor plants along with their other furniture while shifting. Nothing can explain people’s love for plants more than this!

Here is where we can add indoor plants that will add greenery to the house interiors, bring positivity, eliminate loneliness and negativity, and will purify the air warming the aura of the house. Here are some indoor plants that would light up your house like no other materialistic thing!

1. Peace Lily

Peace Lily plant is a symbol of love, harmony, and peace, of course, according to Vastu. It is said that this plant keeps negative energy away attracting good vibes with its aura. You must prefer keeping it in your bedroom or preferably, near a window in your room. It will help you deal with insomnia and improve your sleeping. This air-purifying plant is significant to healing and hope. These plants are a good choice, especially for spaces with low-lighting facilities. Peace lilies prefer lots of water at once but afterward, you must wait for it you dry out. Surprisingly, the plant droops a bit when it’s thirsty in order to tell you when it wants the water.

2. Snake Plant

Snake plants are not only a treat for the eyes, but also for your lungs. Snake plants filter the air from many toxin chemicals. This low-maintenance plant can grow more than 10 feet. Preferably, this plant does not like to be overwatered, so try to water it only if the mud is dried out. Snake plant loves being exposed to bright light but can still grow inside the house in low-lighting situations.

3. Jade Plant

These are also known as lucky plants. Jade is also an excellent and attractive plant that has rubbery and shiny leaves. The leaves are rubbery because the water is retained in their leaves. Likewise snake plant, one must not overwater the jade plant. Let the soil dry before you water it again. Jade plants give some extra humidity into the surrounding air, especially during the dry and cold seasonal months. Jade plant is a visually aesthetic plant that you can keep at the entrance of your house, on the study desk or work desk, in the kitchen, or anywhere in your suit. 

4. Aloe Vera

Eliminating the nasty pollutants from the surrounding air, aloe vera is a plant that does that well along with giving us juices that heals. The gel inside the branches of the aloe vera plant consists of several anti-inflammatories as well as antibacterial properties that serve us best. It improves our skin texture and gives our bodies coolness in the hot weather if we consume it. Aloe vera is a long-lasting plant that can survive inside the house, grows rapidly in the same pot, and needs less water to survive. You can keep them in the sunlight once a week. 

5. Spider plant

Plants may name like animals but they won’t bite! Spider plants are easy-to-grow plants that give a visually-appealing appearance to your interiors. These plants survive in indirect sunlight. You must avoid keeping them directly under the sunlight because they hate it! It burns their leaves and causes their spots and tips to turn brown. Don’t overwater it, however, avoid waiting for the soil to dry out before you water it again. Keep a good balance and you are good to go!

Other plants that you can grow inside your house are Jasmine, Areca Palm, Rubber Plant, etc. These plants and the plant is given in this blog are all feasible to be kept inside your homes and as per Vastu as well. Enhance the environment of your house and make your family happier with these happy-go-lucky plants! 

While these are the plants that will bring fortune and good vibes to your home, you must avoid keeping highly thorny plants such as cactus at your home because they bring negative energy, and bad luck and can physically hurt you and your kids if it touches your skin.
Other than this, you must avoid keeping dried-out plants. Keep plant hygiene at your home and remove the witted or dead flowers and leaves on daily basis.  

Imagine entering your house full of these loving and lively plants after a dull and tiring day! Nothing can give you more happiness than these plants. Follow these simple tips and keep these lovely plants in your home and change the vibes completely. Happy housing!

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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