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5 Simple Yet Relieving Activities Introverts Might Enjoy

Being an introvert is mostly presented as a bad thing in a lot of modern mainstream media. This is because there are many obvious bad things which can happen to you if you spend a lot of time by yourself. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no pros to being an introvert, because there definitely is, and you can do a lot of things even if you don’t like big groups of people.

We are here to tell you about our 5 relieving activities introverts might enjoy. You might find something that you really end up liking.

1. Gardening 

If you happen to live in a house and have a yard, you might enjoy gardening as an introvert. Gardening is an extremely relieving thing once you get into it. There are many things you can do and grow. It will all depend based on your personal preferences and what you wish to eat in the future. Many introverts have said that gardening is something they really enjoy doing, and for a good reason too. 

In order to start gardening, you will need to invest a little bit of money first. This is the biggest con of this activity, but if you can afford it, we highly recommend that you try it. There are a lot of gardening ideas which you can use to make your garden look nice as well. A lot of people dedicate as much time to make their garden beautiful as much as they do gardening.

Another great benefit of this activity is the fact that you are going to eat natural and fresh foods. This is something not a lot of people can say with confidence, but you are most definitely going to be able to. Take your time and research what kind of garden you would like to make and commit your time to.

2. Walking

This may sound like a very simple activity, and it might seem silly of us to mention it, but walking is something not a lot of introverts does because they believe it is boring. This is because they don’t do it in the right way. Instead of having a fixed route, we suggest that you take different paths every time you go out for a walk. You are going to explore so many new areas and walking is going to become very appealing to you. It is incredibly relieving.

If you wish to relax, you could go for a slow walk. If you are, on the other hand, stressed, we suggest that you perform a power walk. If those aren’t good enough reasons for you to start this activity, then maybe you should get a dog. This will give you an incentive to go out and stretch your legs at least two times a day.

Make sure that you get a pet because you want to, not just because you want to have a reason for a relieving activity like some people tend to do.

3. Learning how to cook 

A lot of introverts don’t tend to go out and eat in restaurants, so they skip out on eating some really amazing foods. If you are one of these people, then we must suggest that you try learning how to cook these meals. Cooking can be extremely relieving when you get the hang of it. You will be able to make fantastic dishes very quickly, and that is a very beneficial skill to have.

Luckily, it has never been easier to learn this. With the power of the internet, you are going to be able to teach yourself how to cook whatever your heart desires.

We recommend that you start by watching YouTube videos. They are extremely simple to follow in most cases and you will have a very easy time following the instructions. Once you get to know the art of cooking a little bit more, you will be able to make incredible dishes just by reading recipes. This can also be very good for your overall health as well because you will be in the position to prepare healthy and nutritious foods and snacks whenever you want to, which is something that really counts at the end of the day.

4. Playing video games and watching movies

This is something a lot of introverts do in order to relieve themselves with an activity. Playing video games is something we definitely suggest that you try doing if you have never tried it before. There are many different genres of games, so you are going to be able to find something that you will like very quickly. From strategies to action games, it is going to be hard for you to stay bored.

We suggest that you make yourself comfortable while playing video games because you will spend a lot of time doing it because they are simply that fun. You can buy beanbags in order to achieve the biggest comfort you can think of while you are gaming. We have to note that you should always try to play in moderation, especially online games. They can be highly addictive if you aren’t doing anything else besides that. Because of that, we suggest that you play video games while you exercise in other activities that we mention. By doing that, you will allow yourself to play these types of games without having to worry about getting hooked too hard. 

5. Try writing

When talking about relieving activities, not a lot of people would mention writing, but that’s just because they have never tried it. It has been proven that writing can greatly help with stress relief and productivity. If you never even thought about this, then we highly advise that you try it. It costs you absolutely nothing, but we believe that you are going to stick with it if you find the style that is going to appeal to you the most.

When we say style, by that we mean what you are going to write. This is a good thing about this activity because it doesn’t really matter what you are writing. Your brain is coming up with ideas and putting them to paper, and that is a mental exercise that can significantly help you be more relaxed and collected overall.

If you ever thought about writing a story or a book, then we ask you to at least try it. You shouldn’t go into writing with a mindset that your texts are going to be published as some sort of entertainment or art. You are simply writing because it is beneficial and relaxing. Who knows, you might have a secret talent when it comes to this which you’ve never known about before.


In conclusion, it is important that you have a lot of different activities if you consider yourself to be an introvert.  Sticking to one activity will get boring after a while and nobody is going to suggest that you should prioritize only one. Experiment and try a lot of things. You are going to feel a lot better very quickly, and that is something you should definitely value. Hopefully, we have helped you to motivate yourself. It’s pivotal that all of us have some sort of regular activity.

Author – Grace Wilson is a 27-year-old biotechnologist and kind of a bookish girl. Surfing the Internet is her favorite, that’s why she has turned into blogging. Following a healthy mindset and lifestyle is what she considers her life principle. If interested, follow her on Twitter.

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