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5 Test-Prep Tips to Teach your Child

Classroom success does not come only with a single thing. It comes with many gestures like habits, attitude, hard work, and many efforts. In this enriched recipe, the important ingredients are strong study skills, time management, and the parent’s role.

 These behaviors are a must-learn thing for the students and parents also. As a parent, you should follow many tips and tricks to teach your child to get success. 

1. Learning About Your Kid’s Exam

The parents need to take care of the learning of their kids. Parents have to pay attention to their child’s learning and other activities.

Read Over The Exam Procedures

It is essential to know what material your child will take an exam. Parents should also learn about the text structure and test type as well. 

Parents should consult the class notes and the test websites also. While preparing for the test, you should know if your child will appear in an essay test or MCQ test. 

Contact Their Teacher

Parents should contact their child’s teacher to be updated on the information regarding test preparation. Teachers can also tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of your child. 

This information can be more effective for you in teaching your kid. You can call the teacher or Email her to make a conference with you. So that you can ask her how I can help my kid?

Find a Practice Exam

It is essential to make a practice exam for your child so that the hesitation regarding the exam can be reduced in the kid’s mind. The parent can help their child through the preview exam papers. 

Your child can learn which type of questions can be a part of exams. You can find these practice test papers online on the school’s website. Or Parents can also consult old class tests to prepare their kids for exams.

2. Studying With Your Child

It is very amazing and helpful if you study with your kid. It will impact very positively on your kid’s mind. You should better know about your child’s mental health and effectiveness as a parent so that you can easily understand the weakness of your kid. 

Schedule Study Times

Parents should schedule the study time at least two weeks before the exam date. As a parent, you should plan the study in the evening every day. You should help your child for at least one hour daily in studies to get a weekend off and play with their friends. 

Parents should organize a timetable for their children to know when to study and when to play. Your child can adopt a healthy study habit by maintaining a proper study schedule

Find a Quiet Place to Study

To study well y, our children need a proper quiet place to study well. That place should not have any disturbance or distraction so that your child can study in a good environment. 

T.V should not be there in the study room. Try to minimize the noise in your home while your child is learning. Try to keep the television volume very low during the study. Try to reduce the conversations as well. 

Create Study Aids

As a parent, it is necessary to improve your child’s memory. Parents can encourage their children by many study practices. You can use many aids, visuals, and objects to strengthen your child’s learning. 

For example, parents can create a sheet of formulas based on mathematics to help their child learn the math formulas easily and quickly. Tell your child to write these formulas when their child gets the test paper in their hand so that the child cannot panic during the test. 

Practice Answering Questions

Parents should ask their children questions that they find online in the previous exam papers. You can create flashcards for those questions that you will see in the kid’s notebooks. Make your kid read them out loudly for practice. 

Try to focus on the weak points of your child. Try to help him out, or you as a parent can conduct a small written test for your kid’s practice. If the actual exam has a short break, give your child a break between the tests. 

Take Time Out for Regular Breaks

It is medically proved that the concentration of a human mind can weaken after some time. So a short break is very good for a healthy performance. After every 30 or 60 minutes, the child should have a short break. 

During this break, ask your child for a snack or take a walk. Through these short breaks, stress and exam anxiety can be reduced to some extent. It increases the concentration as well. 

3. Develop Effective Time Management Skills

It is very important to develop effective skill management in your child. This effectiveness will stay in the child’s personality for a lifetime. Time management is a tool that can regulate a person for their whole life. 

Create a Study Plan

Most of the time, during the study, there is a chance that your child is wasting time because he doesn’t know where to start and what to study. So to protect your child from this situation, you should make a study plan for your child’s ease. You can find many study plans online for your child to prepare for a test. 

Practice Self-Care

Try to teach your child to take care of the body and the mind. This self-care will keep your child alert and active. By eating a healthy diet and taking proper nutrition, your child can perform better. Every child should be engaged in physical activity and take adequate rest every day. 

Be Organized

It is observed that the organized kids lead the tests and exams. There are many more chances that they could pass the exam more easily than that other kids. However, many kids are not aware of the organization. Parents must tell their kids about their responsibility and their management.

4. Tackling Test Anxiety

Exam anxiety is a very common emotion in kids. The teachers and the parents have to resolve the issue of anxiety in the kid’s mind. Make your kid relax to take the examination. 

Ask Your Child How They Are Feeling About The Exam

During exams, every child must be nervous and anxious. Your child can also be scared by the exams. It is very important to ask about these feelings to your child. Try to ask your child how do you feel about your exam? If your child is worried, try to keep them relaxed. 

Don’t ask more questions. Just try to reassure your child that the result doesn’t matter because you are trying your hardest. Parents can also say that it is pretty natural to be anxious during exams. If you don’t qualify for the exam, it is okay, don’t panic. 

Remind Your Child This Exam Does Not Define Their Self-Worth

It is a very common feeling of every child that they will repeat the semester if they fail their exam. They thought they would be considered stupid by other people or classmates. 

Try to relax your child that it is okay to repeat the exam. And those people are no one to define the personality of your child. No doubt exam is important, but your child’s mental health is more important. 

Let The Child Pursue Other Activities

It is essential to encourage your kid to perform their best. You and your child shouldn’t be so overwhelming. Try not to focus too much on the exam when exams are near. 

Also, don’t allow your child extra breaks and many activities with friends. Teach your child to focus on the exam schedule during exam time. 

Teach Your Child Relaxation Techniques

Being a parent, you should teach your child how to get relax in the panic situation of exams. It would help if you taught your child how to tackle the anxiety in the middle of the exams. Teach your children to take a deep breath when they feel panic. 

These practices can make your child calm so that it is possible to give a good focus on the exam. You can provide your child with a squeeze ball, and it also can reduce the stress level of your child during exams.

5. Supporting Your Child on The Day of the Exam

Parents are the best blessing for everyone. You are the best support for your kid, especially when you need you. Exam day is one of the hardest days for your kid; try to be gentle and caring for your kid so that the child can be relaxed to take the exam.  

Go To Bed Early The Night Before

Everyone needs a good sleep before taking an exam. Being a parent, try to teach your child to go to bed on time during exams. It is very important to have 8 hours of sleep for your child during exams and in everyday life. 

Give Them A Good Breakfast

Your child should have a healthy breakfast with all the carbs, vitamins, and minerals. Being a good parent, you should focus on breakfast on exam day. 

Try to avoid sweet foods as they cause a numb feeling to the child. Try to give your kid eggs, oatmeal, and whole grains cereals, because these are healthy diet items. 

Double-Check Their Supplies

Before leaving home for the exam, you must check your child’s backpack. Ensure all the necessary items and supplies are in the bag while going for the exam. Parents should also review the Pencils, Eraser, Calculator, Ruler, Comfortable Sweater, and comfortable shoes.  

Ensure They Arrive On Time

Usually, exams begin at the announced time. So that you should arrive with your child on time, some examination centers do not allow late entrance, while many other centers do not allow the child to make up the wasted time. It would help if you dropped your child at the exam center 30 minutes before the exam. 

Wrapping Up

It is very important for you as a parent and for your child to get the ultimate success. Learning about your exam type and structure is very important. AS a parent, you should know the details about the exam. 

After knowing about the exam, it is very important to contact your child’s teacher to get updated about your child’s weaknesses and strengths. Tackling exam anxiety is very tough, but it is very important for your child’s mental health. Parents should support their child on exam day especially. 

Author – Jennifer Wilson – a great tech freak and a professional Software Engineer, belongs to a very small town in the UK, Stamford. It is her own choice to be a content writer. Before starting the online work, she taught computer science in a school. Apart from her Software Engineering career, she has completed her master’s in Education, and Politics as well. She is very passionate about helping people understand content writing and marketing. She is a keen observer and possesses a very humble personality. Additionally, she is a keynote speaker and a social worker. 

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