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The Sentimental Student: The Best Ways to Store College Memorabilia

The years you spend in college are unforgettable. During this stage of your life, you’re finally beginning to live independently. You’ll also find that college life is filled with special moments that all help you become the person that you are today. From joining sororities and fraternities to engaging in learning experiences that prepare you for your career, there are just so many major life events that happened during these years that it’s easy to get sentimental.

While everyone eventually has to leave college, the truth is that you don’t have to throw out your memories on the day you move out. Keeping a few mementos is a great way to honor this important time in your life while ensuring that your prized possessions don’t go to waste. The trick to keeping your college memorabilia without turning it into clutter is to have a plan in place for storing each item when you move out of your dorm or apartment.
Being a sentimental student is a sign that your education was worth it. After all, wanting to remember your years playing sports or that big moment during graduation are clear signs that you made the most of every moment in your college years. Now, you can begin the process of figuring out how to store your college memorabilia in a way that lets you travel down memory lane whenever the mood strikes.

Create a Fond Memory Space

Many people prefer to store their mementos in an easily accessible space that they can use to stimulate their memories. If you fall into this category, then you can make an inexpensive storage space by filling up a binder with your favorite photos and mementos. Page protectors contain pockets that are perfect for storing small pieces of memorabilia, such as your graduation tassel, programs from special events, and photos.

You can also store your favorite essays and other written works that you created during your college years. People often choose to store drawings and other creative works in their memory binder. Once you’ve put your binder together, you can then store it on a shelf where you can pull it out any time you want to walk down memory lane.

Take the “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” Approach

If you live in a small home or apartment after college, then you might prefer to store your items in a different location after you move out of your dorm. Graduates who prefer to keep their memorabilia out of sight until they need it can simply use sturdy storage boxes to hold their belongings. Keep in mind that you’ll likely want to make sure that the container is waterproof to prevent damage.

Clear plastic storage containers make it possible to see what’s inside. You might also need to use packing materials as cushioning to protect any fragile items. Once you’ve filled the boxes, you’ll simply need to take them to a storage unit. This method works best for preserving space in your home that you can use to continue creating beautiful memories.

Use Memorabilia As a Daily Motivator

Recent college students often like to hold onto their mementos as part of their identity. Shadow boxes are perfect for using to showcase memorabilia that you can hang on your wall, such as pom poms or a sports jersey. You might also choose to hang a framed copy of your diploma in a part of your home that you can see regularly.

Seeing the memorabilia from your recent time in college can serve as motivation for continuing to make progress in your career. Depending upon your chosen profession, you might also choose to display a few items in your office. Hanging a framed jersey is a great way to inspire a conversation, and many professionals keep their diplomas on display to inspire trust with their clients.

Leaving college doesn’t mean that you have to leave all of your memorabilia behind. As you get ready to stash away your graduation robe and stole, remember that you have lots of options for preserving your memories. Just make sure to select the items that truly bring back memories to avoid creating clutter.

Then, choose your preferred storage option and begin the process of making sure everything stays pristine until you’re ready to view them again. Whether you choose to use your memorabilia as decor in your new home or opt to create a special album, you’ll be glad you preserved a few special treasures that you can show to your family and friends.

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