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5 Ways to Protect Your Auto Glass From Damage

The windshields and windows of any vehicle save the driver and passengers from a lot of things. They save them from injuries and mishaps that can occur during accidents. Having a durable windshield not only protects the driver but the passengers as well. A windshield contributes to keeping the structure of your car intact during accidents and protects you from any external elements that can harm you. It prevents sand, gravel other particles from entering the car and keeps you warm during the winter season. However, as car windshields are made up of glass, they are likely to get damaged at a certain point because of the user’s negligence. To avoid further risks, windshields should be repaired immediately when they get damaged. 

Types of Auto Glass Damages and Their Repairs

The most common types of auto glass damage are the chips and cracks in the windshield. Cracks can appear as a straight line and have certain starting and ending points. Severe cracks may also have extended branches appearing from the mainline. Whereas, chips are referred to as a missing piece of glass that can be formed by gravel or a stone hitting the glass. Regardless of the damage, it is better to consult an expert for auto glass damage. A skilled technician will analyze the problem properly and will tell whether you need repairs.

How to Prevent Your Auto Glass from Damage

What if you finally get to know the way to protect your windshield from damages? If yes, then you’re at the right place. Here are some of the tips you can follow to prevent your car from windshield damages.

1. Park Your Car Properly

People should always take care of their cars, especially in certain weather conditions i.e. winters. Keeping your vehicles covered when they are parked is a very good idea. When temperatures get high, the glass tends to expand and this is when you may get cracks in the windows of your car that can grow with time. Car owners should always take extra care while parking their cars. Parking under a shade or in other words keeping your car away from sunlight is a very good idea. Sunlight has harmful ultraviolet rays that can damage the structure and the integrity of your automobile window’s glass. Many car companies provide a car cover that is made up of fine fabric and prevents your car from dirt and damages.

2. Avoid Using Ammonia Cleaner for Auto Glass

When it comes to the cleaning of commercial and residential windows, many cleaning companies use an ammonia based solution for window cleaning and it is very helpful. However, when it comes to auto glass using an ammonia based solution isn’t a good idea. Car windows are made with a special tint which helps in preventing blinding glares while driving. On the contrary, the windows of residential or commercial buildings are not made up of these tints. The usage of ammonia solution for the cleanup of car windows can be harmful as it will break down the tint. It is advised to use an alcohol solution mixed up with water for cleaning your car windows along with a fine fabric to help you in avoiding any kind of scratches on the window.

3. Close the Car Doors with Care

It is common that in haste people forget caution and sometimes slam their car door shut while closing it. When slamming the car doors becomes your habit, it weakens the seal of your windshield whose sole purpose is to keep the windshield in a proper shape. This also damages the integrity of the car structure which is likely to get more damages in the future. When your car already has small chips and cracks, slamming the car door will increase their size and they’ll spread to a much greater extent than before whenever the door gets slammed. 

4. Keep an Eye on Your Car’s Windshield Regularly

When you buy yourself a car or any other type of vehicle, you should always keep an eye on it and pay attention to its maintenance frequently. Where there are many car-related problems, windshield problems are one of the most important ones and should be taken care of quickly. A car windshield plays an imperative role in keeping you safe whenever you get involved in an accident. Especially during an accident, if a car rolls over, the windshield is what prevents the roof from caving in. However, if a car’s windshield has cracks that are growing out from the outer edges, it will break at any point during an accident. This puts the life of passengers and the driver in a high-risk situation so it is better to immediately consult a professional company offering auto glass repair services if the windshield has chips or cracks. They’ll check the magnitude of the problem and will tell whether repairs will be helpful or if your car window has to be replaced.

5. Clean Your Car Wipers during Refuelling

Taking care of your car’s windshield is an easy job and you should play your part in keeping your car in a proper shape. When you drive for a long time, your car is exposed to dirt, sand, and grime to a maximum extent. This dirt and other substances stick themselves to the car’s windows and windshield and can cause a lot of scratches with the passage of time. It is advised to clean up your car windows with the use of cloth when you stop for refuelling. Wiping off this grime will keep your car windows safe, neat, clean, and shining always. 

Make the above-mentioned five tips your habit as these small tips can help in taking care of your car windows and windshield and you won’t need any kind of repairs or replacements frequently.

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