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6 Reasons Why You Should Try Wilderness Backpacking

Backpacking can seem intimidating to some people. You are spending a lot of time exposed to the elements, leaving your typical modern comforts behind. However, the benefits of spending time in the backcountry can far outweigh the discomforts.

If you are someone with a desire for adventure and a love for the outdoors, it might be the perfect activity for you! Below are 6 reasons why you should try wilderness backpacking for your next vacation.

1. It’s a Chance to Fully Unplug

When was the last time you spent an entire day without checking your phone?  If you are like most people, it has been years since you have voluntarily gone a day without using any of your electronic devices. While these devices can provide a lot of value at times, it can be incredibly beneficial to take a break from them.

If you have trouble giving up your phone, tablet, or laptop for a day, you should try wilderness backpacking. It just might be the break you needed… even if you were afraid to take it.

In the backcountry, you won’t have the service to scroll through your feed or send a text. Even if you found a few bars, you don’t have a place to charge them. You’d want to reserve your battery power for emergencies or for taking photos.

A backpacking trip is an excellent way to unplug and be fully in the moment for a few days. Ignoring the noise of the internet and focusing solely on what you are doing can declutter and destress your mind.

2. It’s a Physical Challenge

If you are someone who likes to challenge yourself, wilderness backpacking might be your next endeavor to take on!

Backpacking, especially in the mountains, can be physically demanding. After all, you are carrying a 30-pound pack on your back and trekking up a mountain! Getting to the top of a mountain can be just as much of an accomplishment as running a marathon.

There is a feeling of accomplishment that comes from completing an intense physical activity. If you are the type of person who appreciates these types of challenges, you should try wilderness backpacking.

3. You Gain a Connection to Nature

There is nothing more humbling, breathtaking, and unforgiving than nature. It’s easy to forget what life on Earth is really all about when you are so focused on your daily routine and work.

While wilderness backpacking, you are fully immersed in what this planet has to offer. You witness the authentic lives of animals and see the scars that ancient events left on the land. There is no pavement, offices, or artificial light, only nature in its purest form.

A trip to a local park may offer some peace, but it’s nothing compared to what you feel when you are 20 miles deep into a secluded mountain range.

4. You Gain a New Perspective

Did you feel grateful for your hot shower today? It’s so easy to take the luxuries of our daily life for granted, especially if it was something you had access to throughout your whole life.

Going out in the wilderness can give you a new perspective on just how comfortable modern life can be. When you are backpacking, you won’t have a proper toilet. If you want to bathe, you need to do it in a river or lake. When you go to bed, it’s on the ground in a tent.

While this is all part of the experience of the trip, backpackers acknowledge that things aren’t nearly as easy as they are at home.

The way you do things while backpacking is exciting, adventurous, and fun! However, that first warm shower you take when you get back to your house is really something, too!

5. Gives Yourself Time to Think

Modern life can be so busy. It’s becoming rarer and rarer to feel bored, there are just too many ways to entertain yourself.

However, we are beginning to realize that allowing your mind to be unoccupied can be good for you. Meditation, for example, has some incredible benefits for mental health and focus. Hiking can be a lot like meditation at times.

When you are walking in the woods for hours, you have a lot of time to think. There is time to mentally unpack things you don’t allow yourself to dwell on in your busy daily life. This is why so many people come out of long thru-hikes feeling like a new person.

6. You Can Travel for Cheap

Want to see new parts of the world but without the heavy impact on your bank account? You should try wilderness backpacking!

Aside from airfare, people tend to spend the most on accommodations and food for their vacations. When you’re backpacking, you can save a lot on both!

It is important to acknowledge that there is an upfront investment in gear when you first get started with backpacking. However, with proper care those items will last for years, saving you a ton in the long run.

You get to see beautiful landscapes all over the world while keeping the cost to a minimum. If you want to explore the city instead of the country for a trip, you can still utilize your gear and pitch your tent in a nearby campground instead of getting a pricy Airbnb.

To learn more about wilderness backpacking and how to get started, check out

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