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8 Cool Teen Fashion Ideas for Girls

As we all know, being a teen means that you are in a very confusing stage of life as everyone is trying to find their styles and experimenting with fashion. Instead of hopping on the bandwagon and choosing whatever the people around them are wearing, finding their own style is a very important step in the teenage years, especially when it comes to girls. For those who have a teen girl in their homes, here are some cool fashion ideas that you can have them try out and experiment with. Make sure that you are letting your teen experiment and learn on their own what they like and what they don’t like. 

1. Colorful Layering or Black on Black

There are two types of teens, ones who are extravagant and love colors, and ones who just don’t want to have any colors at all. Both are fine and quite easy to work with. When you have someone who likes colors, the best thing to introduce them to is colorful layering. What you should do is let them combine whichever colors they want, even if you don’t think that they necessarily go together. Encourage them to experiment and try different types of ways of styling colors. But on the other hand, you have teens that will despise the look of loud colors and that is completely fine. Don’t force them to try and expand their color range if they are choosing black on black. There are many ways you can make that look cool and eye-catching. Combining a nice turtleneck with a cardigan, vest or a vest with some black pants and shoes will look just as amazing as colorful layering will. 

2. Simple Crop Top or The Basic Vest

What a lot of parents don’t like to do is allow their teens to wear crop tops. But Crop tops are in and everybody wants to wear them. If you don’t like that, why are you exposing so much skin, make a compromise and have them try on ones that are just a little bit longer while still being cropped, or combine them with super high-waisted jeans, skirts, or slacks? On the other hand, if they want to follow the whole 90’s trend you can introduce them to basic vests. They are super popular and sold in any color, shape, and pattern. Basic sweater vests also come copped, so they can combine the cropped shirt you might not approve of with a long vest. Simple crop tops or basic vests are so great because they are so versatile. They can be paired with a super colorful outfit or with a plain pair of jeans and it will look amazing. 

3. Shorts And Stockings

As teens, we have all gone past the phase of shorts and stockings. They are a great way to make them feel more confident in their bodies and learn how to love themself without being too provocative. Almost every teen girl needs to go through the phase of short shorts, so the best way to compromise is to add some cute stockings. This outfit is a great statement piece and all they need to do is choose their favorite shorts and netter or printed stockings to go with them. Depending on the occasion, this outfit can be dressed up or dressed down. For something more casual it can be paired with a plain white t-shirt and a pair of sneakers but if they are going somewhere fancier, this can be paired with a nice blouse, button-up and some sophisticated accessories, and a nice pair of shoes. 

4. Jewelry

Something that a lot of people, not just teens, don’t know how to do is accessorize. That is why you need to teach them how to do it at the right time. It is one of the most important things that they need to experiment with in order to find their true style. Anything from super chunky stacks of bangles to dainty pieces will look amazing no matter what they stole it with. It is a great way for them to experience and find themselves. Another popular thing nowadays is piercings. While a lot of patents are against them, ear and nose piercings are quite safe yet they are super stylish. Having cute nose jewelry or ear ones will just make them feel more adult, confident and they are amazing things to have if they are struggling with accessorizing. By having something dainty and simple such as the nose or ear piercings you are helping them have that bare minimum of accessories that will always make them look put together, even if their outfits are sloppy. 

5. Cute Boots with A Girly Dress

If you have a teen who likes to dress up, but they don’t want to be too much, the best thing that they can do is combine cool combat boots with a nice girly dress. Boots are available in so many different shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and patterns so finding a pair that a teen likes won’t be a problem. The best thing that you can do is have them pick two different colors, one universal and plain and another that is a bit more out there. This will give them the freedom to coordinate their dresses with the shoes. They will be able to pick a plain dress and crazy boots or vice versa or even choose a crazy colorful outfit. Outfits like these can be dressed up and down with things like jackets, leggings, and jewelry. 

6. Casual Outfit

No matter what your teens’ style is, they have to know how to choose a casual outfit that they can wear to school yet feel super fashionable. One of the most popular things that they can do is converse or vans, leggings or jeans, and a nice shirt. Depending on their style they can make it edgy by putting on a long sleeve under their oversized printed t-shirt or they can go classier with a nice plain shirt and a cardigan over it. No matter what they choose they will look cute and still be comfortable. 

7. Double Denim Outfit

Another trend that is coming back hot is denim on denim. The most popular way to style such an outfit is by mixing different washes on denim with a plain or printed shirt with a pair of their favorite sneakers. The best way to accessorize these combinations with backpacks is simple dainty jewelry. 

8. Fleece Jackets

For some odd reason, teens don’t wear coats to school, even when it is below zero. Instead of having them wear a puffy coat that doesn’t prove any shape to their body, why not get them something more flattering like a fleece jacket. These jackets are super popular and can be found anywhere and the best thing is that they go amazing with both jeans, skirts as well as leggings. As they are so trendy, you can find different styles that your teen can choose from to make their outfits complete and stay warm. 

When you have a teen girl, you have to let them enjoy and explore the world of fashion on their own. Your purpose is just to guide them along the way, so they can create the best fashion identity that they can. The best thing you can do is provide them with all the basics, and let them take over and come up with different ways to style their clothes. 

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