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8 Great Sports for Kids to Play

The increasing use of gadgets among kids is the reason behind their sedentary lifestyle. The sports for kids which was a culture at one point in time is now diminishing with each passing day. The kids nowadays follow the routine of going to school, coming back, eating, and sitting for hours with gadgets around them. They don’t go out and play anymore.

Obesity is a growing concern among young adults, along with diabetes, heart diseases, and irregular blood pressure. Therefore, it is very important to include sports in baby must haves activities. To get the kids interested in sports, one must arrange a session of sports trivia for kids. It will help them know about sports and they will be interested in playing it. There are several sports that the kids can choose from.

1. Football

One of the most popular sports for kids in football. It is supposed to be among the best sports for kids. Kids can easily learn this sport and can start training when they are just 4 years old. The kids who start to play from such a tender age strive to be named among the best players in the world. The growing popularity of the best football players in the world also motivates them to join this sport. Playing football can prove to be highly beneficial for kids. About the physical aspects, it helps build muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility. It also promotes a feeling of teamwork, discipline, and fairness among the kids. A football can be given as sports gifts for kids and encourage him/her to play the sport.

2. Bicycling

The kids love to own a bicycle, therefore it will benefit if it is turned into a sport.  The primary thing learned by the child due to bicycling is endurance and road safety. It also helps to increase the strength of the legs, controls weight, improves balance, and reflex coordination. It also promotes a sense of independence and freedom among the kids. Bicycling shows the benefits of sports for kids in one of the best ways.

3. Inline Skating

This is one sport for kids that are growing popular with each passing day. There are many centers where trained professionals teach this sport. It is one of the best sports games for kids. They enjoy a lot while playing this sport. Skating helps to develop muscle coordination and promotes patience. It helps to increase agility, develop the strength of the muscles, and improves body balance.

4. Basketball

This sport consists only of a hoop and a ball. This proves to be one of the best sports for kids as it helps them to be physically active. This also helps the shy kids to mix among a group and encourages teamwork. It is one of the best sports for kids. Basketball helps the kids to regulate body control. It helps to improve the agility and power of the muscles.

5. Swimming

This is arguably the best summer sports for kids. This is one of the sports for kids which if once mastered can never be forgotten again. If you are suffering from aquaphobia, that is fear of water or acrophobia, that is the fear of heights, then learning this sport can help you overcome it. Swimming helps to build the ability of the child without forcing him to compete him/her with others. It also helps to build the muscular strength of the child and improves the power of the lungs due to the regulated breathing underwater.

6. Running

Running has become one of the popular sports for kids. Several organizations arrange for marathons due to the benefits of the sport. This sport is totally inexpensive and one of the best sports for the kids to be involved in. There are several sports songs for kids that they can listen to while running in a park where there are no vehicles around.  It helps the child to concentrate, focus, builds endurance, and also increase the strength of the muscles. Regular running also helps to build your immune system better.

7. Gymnastics

It is a popular sport in the Olympics and several sports movies for kids are made on it. There are various professionals who teach this to the kids. It improves the child’s flexibility and balances to a great extent. If the social aspects are considered, it encourages the student to be fearless and strong. It improves the agility of the child and helps him/her to be light-footed.

8. Tennis

The international players have made the sport really popular and made it recognized worldwide. This sport for kids helps them be quick thinkers as they need to plan their moves almost instantly. This gives them an overall muscular growth and a strong arms strength. It also improves cardiovascular muscles.

8. Cheerleading (might also be considered sports for kids)

Girls are generally not interested in sports. This is one sport which is especially suitable for the girls. It is a great way for them to bond socially and be part of a team.  This sport promotes an enthusiastic and positive attitude among girls. The repeated movements of the body help them become agile and helps them to control weight and regulate balance.

9. Judo

A lot of institutes have started providing judo lessons as they have realized the benefits of the sport. Judo promotes an all-round growth for the child- mental, spiritual, and mental. It teaches self-control and discipline. It also enables the child to focus better. The child also learns a lot of skills while mastering the sport.


Your child does not need to be the best sportsperson around, but if they are involved in any kind of sports, they can grow up with a better personality and improved confidence. There is sufficient evidence from several studies and researches which proves that any activity which requires physical effort, helps the child develop better. The list of sports for kids mentioned above will help you choose the correct sports for your kid. It will help your kid grow with an active mind and he/she will suffer from fewer physical problems. If you have more suggestions, do share your suggestions with us.

Author – Rachel Burns is an experienced copywriter and photographer with a design diploma. She works with startups, entrepreneurs, bloggers and companies from around the world. In addition to writing articles and promotional materials, she enjoys hiking, reading, cooking and spending time with her family.

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