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Best Ways Students Can Make Up All the Lost Time

We all face disruptions in our regular schedules. But COVID-19 had created a major disruption in all our personal as well as academic life. This especially goes for international students who were miles away from their homes. Due to the closure of the schools, colleges, and universities, it’s clear students did not have any contact time with their teachers. Even due to being stuck in another country, some lose connection with their families and friends. This obviously impacts them psychologically. But life goes on, and thus we need to acknowledge and accept what has happened and continue to move forward. But, how to exactly make up for all the lost time?

If you are also interested to know how to overcome the profound loss, make sure to continue reading the blog post. 

1. Attend weekly tutoring sessions

One of the most proven methods to help students catch up with all missing lessons is attending one-to-one tuition sessions. It will help students make three to six months of academic progress. You will be able to catch up with all the missing lessons by clearing out your confusion with the private tutor. 

Not every student learns at a similar pace. Thus, some students get behind other classmates during online lessons when they cannot follow or understand a lesson. By the time they catch on with the chapter, their teacher or professor has already moved to another lesson. This creates a big gap in their studies. But with tutoring lessons, you will easily be able to fill up the gap. 

2. Don’t allow yourself to think low of yourself

By the time school reopens, you might find yourself in a dark pit for all the missing lessons. Knowing you are already way behind in the class can make you feel overwhelmed or nervous. You will start doubting about achieving your goals. Such thoughts will only doom you. So, instead, you should focus on how to get out of the pit. Slow and steady always wins the race. So make sure never to feel discouraged and focus on how to get back to your position.

3. Reconnect with your loved ones

The bitter truth about trying to make up with the last one is you cannot get back once it is gone. Instead of lamenting over the time you have lost, reconnect or rebuild your relationship with them. Try your level best of building a long-lasting relationship. You must make other people feel loved. Do whatever needs to be taken for building up the bridge again. Loss of time may affect a relationship, but it does not affect what you do in the relationship. You do. 

4. Join a well-being support

Just like physical health, even our mind needs support from doctors or helpers to get back to normalcy in life. Make sure to visit trained well-being supporters to improve your emotional well-being. As per EEF research, you will be able to make substantial attainment progress. It will ease up your return to the classroom and also improve your chances of catching up. Staying amidst all challenges must have impacted your mental health. But with this, you will be able to regain your mental health.

5. Start small

Even after the crisis is over, it is necessary to continue following all the precautions. Of course, you still need to avoid all the crowded paces. But to get back to the old lifestyle, you can start small by meeting your friends in a park or an area which is not crowded.

6. Repeat your school year

It may sound absurd at first, but it could help students whose education has fallen behind if you think carefully. You will be able to make academic progress. This way, you will not have to face extreme academic burdens in the upper levels. 

7. Put down the screens

With the world going online, we all are mostly dependent on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. As the outside world remained shut, we remained glued to all social activities, constant news of COVID-19, online classes, and completing jobs through online portals. But with too much information bombarded in screens, our anxiety rises. It is time to put down the screens, spend some quality time socializing with others, and have some face-to-face conversations. You can also arrange a get-together party and invite only a few people you know. Make sure the people you invite are vaccinated.

8. Enjoy open conversation

The conversation you choose to have need not be a formal one. For example, while doing your chores, you can just talk with your friend, family member, or neighbor. It all comes down to with whom you want to have a conversation.

9. Start doing what you like 

Sometimes the best therapy for life is getting involved in something you like to do. It can be continuing gym, dance lessons, playing a musical instrument, learning to sing, or practicing sports. Working out or dancing through video lessons is not as same as that of doing face-to-face. Doing what you enjoy the most is sometimes the best way to kill depression and anxiety.

10. Take all the help from your teachers

Make sure to ask questions to your teachers or professors whenever you can. They understand that you may need extra guidance. They will help you in every way. You can learn face to face of all the lessons where you may require case study assignment help. You can ask all the doubts that were not cleared before or where you might require more explanation. 

11. Seek guidance from experts

Hiring a professional expert is also an effective tip to making up for all the lost time. You can gain expertise knowledge from the experts. Seeking business law assignment help might just be what you need. While the experts work on your assignments, you will be able to spend some quality time with your loved ones. After constantly spending your time in online classes and doing assignments, you must have missed all the time you could have spent with your family members. But with professional guidance, you will easily be able to get back your lost time once again. 

Summing Up

We have lost a lot of things during the pandemic due to the sudden shift in life. Now that things are finally changing for the better way, it is normal for people to wish to get back the lost time. There is no point in feeling guilt or lamenting over things for what has already gone. You should concentrate on what is about to come in life and how you can make the best out of it. Spend as much as time you can with your loved ones to rebuild your relationship once again. Attend counseling if you need mental health. 

Author – Julia Stevenson has completed LLB from one of the most prestigious law universities. He has also been a part of for over 4 years, where he offers business law assignment help solutions. She is also an excellent guitarist. 

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