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CEO Interview with Rajarathinam on Running Company Successfully

Can you tell us about yourself and the current firm that you are working with?

Sure. I’m Rajarathinam, CEO of Uplogic technologies. I have been dealing with the IT industry for more than 14 years, including 10 years in software development. At this point in time, I’m working with Uplogic Technologies. We have been providing the best IT solutions like mobile apps and software development for businesses of any size.

What are the personality traits making a good leader in your perspective?

In my point of view, a good leader should have qualities like integrity, delegation, proper communication, awareness, gratitude, learning agility, influence, empathy, courage, and respect. As I have been in the position of leader in Uplogic Technologies, I thought these are the qualities that differentiate a leader from a dictator or a boss. 

Let us know about the recent technologies that you use while developing mobile applications

In Uplogic Technologies, we regularly update the developing methods and tools concerning recent advancements. At the same time, we also develop IT solutions with the specific tools that are demanded by our clients. Currently, we are using AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML 5, PHP, Android SDK, Goland, Swift, Laravel, MongoDB, etc to develop mobile apps. 

How did you develop core competencies for your firm?

For the past few years, I have been working to find and disclose the key abilities of our team members and motivate them to develop a product uniquely. As a team, we made Uplogic Technologies distinct from our competitors, with our extreme capabilities, knowledge, skills, and teamwork. I hope I did my role as a CEO to coordinate them to obtain our unique core competencies like commitment to meet the deadline, complete customization as per client’s demand, etc. 

How have you connected with employees, especially at the entry-level in your organization?

I hope every skilled employee is an important factor in the development of a firm. So, I would like to connect with all employees in Uplogic Technologies. It increases the relationship between the employee and the management. It also provides a chance to get their ideas and visions for business development.

Especially for a new employee in our firm, it will be a motivating factor to do their work properly and ignite new ideas to improvise their dedication to the company. Usually, I share motivational concepts and new business trends in the market to stimulate their thought process. It works. 

Being a developer is easy or not. Tell us your opinion.

I think the role of the developer is pretty exciting and easy, as it always keeps the mind fresh. It is exciting to see the futuristic IT solutions but developing such a solution will make you proud. With technology, we can achieve new things and extend the limits of a business. Nowadays, IT solutions are playing vital roles in every industry. So, a developer has enormous opportunities in this digital world.

What would you do to attract top talented employees to stick with your firm?

Maintaining a low attrition rate is one of the important responsibilities of the CEO. Especially, a CEO should attract and convince talented employees to stick with the company. I have been following the strategy of providing the best compensation packages and benefits. In addition to this, encouraging them to be generous will make them satisfied and happy. I also consider some flexibility in my work schedule to stick with our firm. 

Do you believe the assessments during the hiring process are helpful?

Yes, I do. The assessments during the hiring process will show the capability of handling pressure, working knowledge, ability, communication skill, time management, interpersonal skill, and learning ability of a candidate. 

Technical assessments will help us to evaluate the aspirant’s technical skill sets. But at the same time, beyond their technical knowledge, their way of approaching a problem, learning ability, and execution methods have great weightage in the hiring process

Share a personal story about an experience that defines who you are today.

I would like to share a recent incident that taught me a lot of lessons personally and also professionally. I meant this pandemic period. Complete lockdown and work-from-home situations have disclosed the teamwork and dedication of our employees. It makes our team stronger.

Meanwhile, it crashes many startups. That toughest situation pushed me to decide to provide operative IT solutions to the startups to take their business online and make them resilient. Since that day, we are providing mobile application solutions for Startups and businesses of any size. 

How would you inspire your staff to work more?

There are enormous ways to motivate the employees to do more work. But I always prefer innovative solutions like making the workplaces happier premises. It can be achieved by following small things like treating all employees with equal respect, avoiding penalties and punishments for failures, interacting with them frequently, supporting them in their hard times, etc. 

In addition to this, I also motivate the best employee with gifts and payments for their worth. When their skills are respected and appreciated they do more work for the organization. It also makes me happy to motivate them with worthy rewards.

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