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Finding the Right Frame for Tanjore Paintings

Frameworks play a highly significant role in making an art piece look attractive. The right frame helps lift the artwork and give it an appealing look. For exquisite collections like Tanjore style painting, which are embellished in gold with vivid color compositions, finding a beautiful frame is all more essential to enhance the view and value of the art. A wrong frame can make the painting distracting; consequently, try looking for a unique style frame that does not outshine the artwork’s beauty.

Getting a painting framed is not just about finding the right color and design; however, a style that adds value to the painting. A good frame helps preserve the painting and safeguard it from dirt and other damages, at the same time, embracing the décor of the home and giving the artwork a delicate look when hung on the wall.

Originating from Tamil Nadu in South India, Tanjore is a classical painting style having gold embellishments, making it look rich and exquisite. You can make it an extravagant piece by getting it framed in a unique ensemble to enhance ornamentation. So, how about a golden frame? Alternatively, how about an intricately designed wooden frame? Which one looks best?

Confused? To help you, we have some ideas to assist you in finding the right frame for your Tanjore art. Check out:

Research about the Art

When you are planning to buy a frame for your painting, always remember to gain knowledge about its work from the past. Why?

Gaining knowledge about the art’s history, you get to know the ways the art was framed before. An in-depth study of the artwork helps to get a design guide to search frames accordingly. To find the best suitable frame, you can also connect with curators and friends having knowledge of the same.

Researching the art

Source- Pinterest

Since Tanjore painting style exudes richness, a colored wooden or gold plated frame would do justice to the art. Visit exhibitions, shows, galleries, online art galleries and check out the frameworks for the art style. You will certainly get some great examples to help you decide your frame on point.

Do not forget the Glass

While being involved in finding the right frame for your Tanjore painting, do not forget to choose the glass wisely. Find a glass that protects your print from UV rays. Double-glazing is a great option to save the print from sunlight.

do not forget the glass in art

Source- Pinterest

Look for a glass that is of low-reflective material and does not interfere with the view of the artwork. Also, ensure that the glass you use has a good quality so that there is no risk of breakage.

Try to use glass that is not too heavy as it unnecessarily increases the weight of the painting.

Frame with an Artificial Environment

There are several frames available in the market that can help you regulate the environmental conditions of the frame. Art prints are expensive, so one can’t afford any risk to it. Therefore, if you have a humid environment at home or the placement of the painting is such that rays of sunlight have the possibility of deteriorating your painting’s condition, get a frame that adjusts as per the environmental conditions.

artificial environment frame

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Finalize a framing material that helps you with a microclimate to control humidity and increase the life of the artwork.

Try Something New

When we select frames for exquisite paintings like Tanjore art, we usually hesitate to try something new! Don’t we?

try something new in the art

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Nobody wants to end up in a chaotic situation where there is more spending still a question over the result. However, trying something unconventional is not always risky.

Tanjore art painting is overlaid on delicate and extensive gesso work with an inlay of glass beads, which asks for a rich framework to enrich the value of the art.

While you can also go for an ornate gold or silver frame, try a custom lightbox this time. You can also go for a folded stretcher frame that helps you fold/unfold your artwork as per need.

Frame-Based on the Print Hue

It is very important for every frame selector to choose frames for prints specifically. Since every print says something different and has different hues, the color of the frame has to be selected accordingly.

Ganesha Tanjore Painting

Source- Pinterest

While finalizing your frame, think of the hue of your print. For example, for Tanjore art, choose a frame with bold colors as the print already carries vivid colors, which might look inapt when framed in a black and white frame.

Choose frames with subtle colors only for prints that are black and white or dual-toned.

The best frame is no frame at all

Yes, you heard it right!

Sometimes, a frame is not that important. Trust us, you can go for it!

Sometimes a painting over a panel displayed against a wall can work well rather than getting the painting framed and hung over the wall.

Tanjore painting made with rare precious stones and glittering golden foils, giving it already a high level of richness, thereby eliminating the need for adorning the artwork further with a frame. Mostly depicting Hindu gods, goddesses, and saints alluringly, this artwork looks great when laid over a panel placed in your worship room to enhance décor. So, if the placement of the painting is such that the risk of damage to the painting is negligible, you can choose to go frameless. This will allow the artwork to give a flowing appearance, beyond its size.

You just have to remember to place it properly and away from dust and sunlight.

Wrap Up:

Framing is not only about saving the art print from dirt or further deterioration, but about transforming the artwork’s look. While searching for a frame, every buyer should think of a frame that will draw the viewer’s interest. Besides, it is equally important to finding a frame that has no imperfections leading to mismatching the color of the art print or leading to making it distractive.

If you are searching for the best framing styles, you can get in touch with some famous artists and curators to take assistance. Several online art galleries like Fizdi, IndianArtIdeas, etc. can also assist you with great ideas and can also help you connect to artists.

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