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Four Beautiful Hairstyles, You Can Do with Side Combs

You must’ve noticed that hair accessories are back in fashion. The hair styling tools that were once used to secure hair into various hairstyles are now worn to style hair at big fashion events. They have now gone from the bottom of the drawer to the runway with their charming & sophisticated design.

Hair Accessories can tie your outfit together & add polish & style to your hair. These are also helpful in saving you from those bad hair days. From hair clips, side combs, hair barrettes, hair snaps, and hair jaws to ponytail holders, hair accessories are once again becoming the most preferred option for securing the hair in style.

Along with hair sticks, barrettes, and jaws, hair stylists & jewelry designers are bringing side combs back into the mainstream. With a side comb, you don’t have to use headbands & ponytail holders in favor of a more exciting touch. Plus, it is a great option to switch to when you want a comfortable & lightweight hair accessory to secure your hair instead of other accessories that happen to pull your hair in a tight hairdo.

Side Combs are extremely versatile hair accessories used to make simple to intricate hairstyles. While people are very fond of these handy & lovely accessories, they still struggle to use them effectively. From half-up hairstyles, and buns to vintage looks, chignons, braids & classic French twists to intricate hairdos, a side comb can add a point of interest & style to so many hairdos, too without the use of harsh pins & elastics that can potentially snag or damage your hair.

Side combs were initially used to decorate bridal hair. Apart from using the accessory for creating beautiful wedding hairstyles, now they are also used to create hairstyles to carry your hair beautifully every day. They are perfect for every day wear & are an easy & quick way to add a statement to your favorite hairstyle for any occasion. They help to combine a classic look with a modern twist. 

You can simply use a side comb to secure one side of the hair up behind the ear. Some intricate hairstyles created from side combs do need a lot of practice but once you conquer the art, you can turn heads on any formal or informal gathering.

Below down are listed a few hairstyles that you can create with side combs to attain a beautiful look:

1. Simple Side Swept Look

It is a simple & elegant hairstyle that allows you to flaunt your hair with style in just 3 minutes!

To attain this look, detangle your hair first. If you have naturally fine or straight hair, you can use the side comb itself to remove the tangles. Divide your hair into two sections with one side having more hair. Use the side comb to pin up the hair on the side of your parting with less hair.

2. Date Night French Twist

This hairstyle is a little more intricate to pull off initially, but once you know how to create it, it will take a few minutes! The hairstyle looks best on fine hair as well as thick hair.

For this hairstyle, gather up all your hair into a ponytail with your hand at the nape of the neck & start to twist it upwards. Then hold the roll of hair up against your head & carefully roll it to the left so that the ends are hidden against the back of the head. Now poke the teeth through the top few layers of hair while holding the comb upside down so that the curve points upwards. At last, flip the comb back around under the twist. Make sure to push the side comb firmly into the hair underneath so that the hairdo stays completely in place.

3. Classic Half-Up Hairstyle

This hairstyle will just take a minute or two. It is an amazing way to perfectly secure your hair instantly.

For this beautiful hairstyle, take one section of the hair from the front side & another from the other side. Cross over both the sections & hold it back with your hand. Now hold the side comb upside down so that the teeth are pointing upwards and push the teeth firmly into the created pattern of the hair. 

4. Messy Bun

This hairstyle is perfect in case you are attending a party or a formal event. It is easy to create the hairstyle & at the same time helps you to grab a lot of attention.

Start with removing the tangles of the hair. Then twist the entire length of hair & loosely pin it into a messy bun. Now place the side comb alongside the top or at your preferred position.

These are a few of the many hairstyles you can create with the help of side combs. Get creative with these beautiful & extremely “easy to use” hair accessories to instantly elevate a normal hairstyle to a fancy one.

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