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Few Shocking Facts About Invisalign System

If you are looking to straighten your teeth using orthodontics, you may have surely come across aligners. One of the leading brands of aligners is Invisalign, which is also the most expensive of the options available. For someone who is conscious about wearing a metallic or a ceramic smile, aligners such as Invisalign, Flash, 32 Watts, Clear Path, etc., are a boon, aren’t they? They are clear, transparent, and almost invisible. At the same time, these transparent trays have the potential to align or straighten your teeth.

Aligners such as Invisalign have many benefits over the traditional braces

  • They are more aesthetic and spare you the metallic or bulky ceramic smile
  • They are more comfortable as the trays have a smooth surface instead of a rough or ragged surface of the braces
  • Patients with aligners do not have any restrictions on their diet
  • With aligners, it is very easy to maintain oral hygiene
  • Aligners are removable unlike the braces that are fixed
  • They are easy to clean and maintain
  • They have shorter treatment times

However, all that glitters is not gold, they say. The same holds true for Invisalign too! While it may have many benefits over traditional braces, it does have its own share of cons or disadvantages.

Some cons of the Invisalign system include

  • It has its limitations: The Invisalign system, no matter how good, has its own limitations. While the traditional braces can be used to treat all types of orthodontic cases, the Invisalign system can treat only a limited number of simple to moderately complex cases.
  • Success depends largely on compliance: Ever thought of this? Well, in the case of traditional braces, the patient is asked to visit the dentist’s clinic every month to tighten wires or change the position of brackets, etc., and the progress of the treatment is monitored by the orthodontist largely. Since the brackets and wires are fixed at all times, the movement of teeth occurs continuously. 

However, in the case of aligners, the progress and success of the treatment depend largely upon the compliance of the patient. What does this mean? Well, aligners are a series of upper and lower transparent trays and each tray has to be worn for a minimum of 22-23 hours a day, for a specified number of days. If a patient fails to stick to the schedule, the teeth won’t move as intended and he/she may have to continue wearing the same set of trays for more days, thereby delaying the treatment time. 

  • There is a risk of the aligners breaking while placing the trays or removing them.
  • They are expensive: Compared to all the aligners that are present in the market today, Invisalign is the most expensive of them all. This is one of the primary reasons for people not opting for clear aligner treatments easily. However, with newer entrants into the market that are at par, if not better, in quality and more affordable in costs, patients are opting for aligner treatment.

List of Benefits of Healthy Teeth & Gums

  1. Healthier teeth and gums
  2. Better smile with the less social stigma of “metal-mouth or traditionally metal braces”
  3. Straight teeth are easier to clean than crooked teeth
  4. Simplifies oral hygiene and bite problems
  5. No Eating & drinking Restriction
  6. They are virtually invisible
  7. They are 100% customizable, Smooth, comfortable, patented thermoplastic aligners. Easier cleaning; aligners are easily removable for eating or cleaning
  8.  No food restrictions

The era of traditional wired braces is now over completely. Most people, including young children, are now opting for clear braces called Invisible Aligners for teeth straightening. It has now become a standard dentistry practice. The biggest advantage of these braces is clear that they are almost invisible transparent braces. Moreover, they are comfortable and do not get dirty easily. Even if they get dirty, they can be cleaned without much hassle.

Other Appliances

There are many such appliances like the palatal expanders that are used primarily in growing individuals. These appliances are designed in such a way that they use the individual’s growth to bring about corrections in the alignment of their teeth and jaws. Some of these appliances include Herbst appliance, Headgear, Forsus appliance(seen in the picture), and Twin block appliance. 

The transparent trays are designed in such a way that they bring about tooth movements just like braces do. Since these trays are made of thermoplastic materials and are transparent in nature, they are preferred over metallic and ceramic braces by patients who are conscious of their appearance and image

What’s your experience with the Invisalign system? Comment and share with us!

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