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How To Keep Yourself Away From Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is a psychoactive substance that consists of properties that cause imbalance and dependence. On the other hand, alcohol addiction is a disease that is influenced by various internal and external factors, such as genetics, economic development, culture, availability of alcohol, and behavioral reasons. Though alcohol is being served and drunk by people across the globe over centuries, it has also got many people addicted, leading to the destruction of relationships, households, careers, and more. Therefore, alcoholism is a real disease that changes the neurochemistry of brain functioning, making people lose control of their actions. 

Few of the most common symptoms of alcohol addiction include: lack of hangover symptoms, having the urge to drink early morning, wanting to stock alcohol and getting restless at its unavailability, hiding from others while drinking, consuming alcohol even when you are alone, depending on alcohol to go about your daily work and functioning, being depressed or having other emotional issues and lack of concentration. 

As per WHO data, the harmful use of alcohol results in 3.3 million deaths each year. Also, data suggests that every person below the age group of 15 years drinks more than 6 liters of alcohol annually. Alcohol addiction has ruined a lot of lives and is plaguing the entire globe. There are sure warning signs, which shouldn’t be overlooked. However, there are also specific methods you can adopt to keep yourself away from turning into an alcohol addict. Note the following five effective ways.  

1. Rehab

Going to rehab is the most common method which is adopted to prevent addiction. During a rehabilitation program, the individual is told about all the disadvantages of alcohol. It is also a form of counseling that includes listing various reasons why the individual should stay away from alcohol. The duration of an inpatient alcohol rehabilitation program can be from anywhere between 30 days and can extend up to a year as well. 

The rehabilitation center also consists of various nurses, caretakers, and doctors referred to in case of any unexpected circumstance. Few rehabilitation centers which a family of a suspect alcohol addict can refer to are Provo alcohol rehab centers and IAFF Center of Excellence. In fact, the latter also offers treatment that can enable you to regain your life’s control in your own hand. It also consists of education programs and an 18-month aftercare monitoring post-discharge plan that will continuously track your recovery.

2. Support Groups

Various step programs result in smart recovery, enabling you to not get addicted to alcohol. One of the most popular support groups that you must refer to is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Various sober communities can help anyone who’s been struggling to stay sober and hence to stay away from alcohol. A sober group consists of various members who discuss and share stories. 

These strong friendships lead to a healthy exchange of information which instills sense into those who are just a few steps away from getting addicted to alcohol. Such groups extend support to anyone who has struggled with alcohol abuse or is on the verge of suffering from the same in the future. Accountability partners act supportive of keeping the drinker’s habit in check. Regular progress reports are shared as well, as per the individual’s dependence on alcohol. 

3. Avoid Keeping Alcohol At Home

One of the most effective ways to stay away from alcohol addiction is not keeping a lot of alcohol collection stacked at your home. Having alcohol at home makes it very easy for you to drink, especially without coming to anybody’s notice as is the case when you drink publicly. There is zero accountability when you drink at your home, and the situation may get out of hand, especially when you live alone. There will be low chances of alcohol abuse if you do not keep alcohol at your home. 

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4. Don’t Make Friends Who Drink Alcohol

If your friends are compulsive alcohol consumers, then the chances are that you might end up getting addicted to alcohol yourself. Therefore, it is time you’re probably changing your group or the people you hang out with. If you are looking to make new friends, you must look for people who are neither regular drinkers nor are into healthy living themselves. This will drastically reduce your chances of getting addicted to alcohol and you will lead a more sober life. Therefore, it is also crucial to socialize with people who drink less. 

5. Know Your Limits

Someone who drinks alcohol regularly should be able to set limits. For instance, if you are struggling not to get addicted to alcohol, you must limit drinking to not more than ten drinks per week. However, this depends on a variety of factors that must be considered, such as the age and gender of the individual. 


The above methods imply that treating alcohol addiction or even trying to stay away from it is an extraordinarily complex and challenging method. Therefore, the person trying to stay away from alcohol addiction must exhibit strong willpower. The success of the anti-addiction mission depends solely on how committed the individual is. It is highly advised that you note the warning signs as early as possible so that you do not even reach the stage where you’d need to handle addiction.

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