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How to Safely Manage Your Prescription Medications

Taking prescribed medication can drastically improve your quality of life. Doctors always take a careful look, with years of dedication under their belt, when prescribing you the best medications for your existing conditions. Often enough, these tend to stack up and, you may be required to take multiple types of them. 

Sometimes regularly, some need to be taken via a special way, others at a specific time. It can be daunting to track all the types, times, methods. Also, you have to juggle with keeping in mind which of them must not mix. Mixing, forgetting, or taking an incorrect amount of prescribed medications can have serious, often deadly, effects. Luckily, these are easily preventable, should you take a few precautionary steps.

1. Using tech to your advantage

Nowadays, mobile phones integrate into every aspect of our lives. With that comes countless possibilities for their implementation and, one of them is to track your medications. Numerous apps out there can help you keep track of what, when, and how you have to take to make sure you are safe and healthy. Alarms can be set just as easily, to remind you of important time frames for taking medication. Just as you use one to get up in the morning, it makes sense to use one here as well.

2. Taking notes can be a lifesaver

Doing things, the old-fashioned way has its merits as well. If you are not tech-savvy or don’t want to fiddle around, you can always make a schedule with a simple piece of pen and paper. Here you can make a weekly schedule of what you need to take at what time. 

Also, you can jot down handy notes if some medication needs special ways of intake or any other special conditions. This helps not only you but your family members as well. They can refer to these notes should you need help and when there is no time to explain when faced with an emergency. 

3. Proper storage and safekeeping

Almost everyone keeps their medication in a medicine cabinet, somewhere in their bathroom. But, one thing to consider here is that bathrooms are usually, damp and moist environments and, these conditions can cause the medication to spoil or lose its effects. Having an ordinary box for your pills or a compartment in your home can be dangerous because of children, who simply like to explore every nook and cranny. Keeping your medication safe, secure and in optimal conditions makes them more effective and your mind at ease. At first glance, it is almost impossible to tell if a pill is affected by, let say, damp air. And this added stress is not needed as you probably have a lot on your mind. Having a dedicated drug fridge where you can store prescribed medication in a perfect environment can be a worthwhile investment. After all, having peace of mind can make all the difference.

4. Have a favorite pharmacy

If you take multiple medications, it is wise to stock up and refill them all at the same pharmacy. Different stores can offer unfamiliar brands and, those can often be the wrong ones. Also, coming to the same pharmacy for a prolonged time can be beneficial. As local doctors and store clerks can get to know you and your needs, they can better help you out. People working there will get accustomed to your medication needs, with a possibility of reminding you of your schedule. Some pharmacies even offer phone reminders that you need or will soon need a refill. It’s always nice to have friends and helping hands by your side so, there is no harm in picking a favorite pharmacy and sticking to it. Speaking of consistency, the next item on the list is about it.

5. Create a routine

Our minds are a fascinating thing, meaning that we are creatures of habit. Incorporating your daily medications into your routines can help in the long run. For example, if you are taking a morning walk, take the medications before (of course, those prescribed to be taken then). If you usually have a cup of coffee at a time, take it with your medicine. The list can go on and on, but the important thing to note here is the time and conditions when you need to take your medicine and apply it to your daily routine. Your mind will be grateful and, you will have one less thing to worry about.

6.  Brush up on your knowledge

It doesn’t hurt to do a bit of review, to be sure. Take a leisurely moment to sit back and read up on your prescribed medication documentation. All of them come with details on the box itself but, instructions inside are worth keeping and revise from time to time. Dosage or storage pre-requisites are just one of the many useful info contained within and, there is no harm from reading upon them.

Being healthy in old age is now easier more than ever. Modern medicine can do wonders that’s for sure. But it needs a bit of help from our end as well. Medication can only do so much, but proper storage, application, and handling all play a vital role in the process. One where you are up and running and enjoying your golden years. So, with a little bit of time, patience, and care, nothing is stopping you from enjoying yourself for years to come.

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