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Interview with C.R. Venkatesh on Successfully Building IT Company

C.R. Venkatesh founded Dot Com Infoway more than two decades ago. Dot Com Infoway, or DCI in short, mainly provides mobile app development, digital marketing, and web development solutions. The company’s colorful history is but a fruit of its dedication to excellence and customer service, guided by the deep and contagious passion of its founder for innovation.

What motivated you to enter the IT industry?

First and foremost, I’m in love with the wonders of technology, what it has brought and what it has yet to bring. It’s safe to say that that passion has never waned, even back when we were just laying the groundwork for Dot Com Infoway. More importantly, I saw a lot of promise in the IT field, even when it was just obviously a fledgling back in the late 1990s. Ultimately, I can say that I was motivated by both personal and practical reasons. 

How do you anticipate and prepare for major changes in the industry?

I adopt a generally proactive and preemptive approach because, based on our experience, you can’t settle for anything less than that in a field that is as ever-changing as IT. Besides fulfilling my role as CEO by brainstorming products and driving initiatives, we also pay close attention to the present trends and what the competition has to offer. 

I can’t stress the need to always be pushing to stay ahead while helping as many people and organizations as possible in the process. The challenge mostly lies in the fact that technology is rarely static, so we really have no other choice but to be consistently creative in the innovative solutions we present to our clients and partners. 

Pitch your services as you would in a sales meeting.

Well, to start, we always make things clear with the client. We listen to all their requirements and needs. This applies to all our services, may it be app development, digital marketing, etc. We aim to develop and maintain a congenial relationship with our clients, so we take extra measures to do this. 

After we’re more or less aligned with what they need, that’s when we start making active suggestions on the best options for them. As far as software development is concerned, we have developed and continue to utilize effective lifecycle models that involve different major phases, from design, construction, testing to maintenance. 

Our approach is at once systematic and open, especially when it comes to updating our clients and listening to any inquiries and issues they may have as the development and the service rendering progresses. All the while, our trained and experienced team will do their best to deliver a product that remains true to our client’s goals and preferences. 

Tell us about your greatest achievement at present

My achievements will always be tied to DCI’s achievements. If I’m going to consider the greatest one, it would probably be the latest client that has gotten the most value out of what we offer. It’s the one who is the most satisfied with our work. 

Still, I’d have to say that it doesn’t eclipse the significance of the awards and accolades that Dot Com Infoway has received in the past. These recognitions are a true testament to our collective effort to realize our goals, mission, and vision, after all. 

Where do you see Dot Com Infoway and yourself three years from now and how much of an impact do you think you can make in driving change in that time?

I like to see us incorporating more of today’s and the future’s key technologies like IoT, AI, ML, etc. We’ve already started doing so, so I’m fairly confident that we can, at least, set ourselves in that direction in that span of time. Of course, I want Dot Com Infoway to remain a leader in innovation, so in the end, that’s where we’ll end up, one way or another.

As for my role in achieving that, I’ll just say that I’ll never tire of leading, mentoring, and listening to people and knowing the most pressing problems they need help for. 

How would someone write about your life as a feature in a magazine?

Of course, I’ll more than welcome the accolades related to how I helped to build a company from the ground up. It is a fulfillment of one of my life-long dreams, after all. Still, I also like to be featured for the fond memories and anecdotes that people have had and will continue to have about me. It only means I’ve truly made a lasting impact on their lives, which if we ponder on it, is what really matters in the end. 


Today, Dot Com Infoway remains at the top of the pedestal in the current IT landscape, and there’s no question that C.R. Venkatesh continues to play a pivotal role in this achievement. Twenty years of running a business is a monumental milestone for any CEO, and he’s definitely not stopping any time soon. Here’s to more exciting stories to come from this tech wizard!

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