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Interview with R.P. Singh on Business Leadership

1. Can we have a quick intro of you?

I am R.P. Singh, CEO of Seasia Group of Companies. Though people know me as a CEO, believe me, I’m more just a regular personality of a seeker who wants to learn, improve, and bring a unique reputation to the company. I take challenges as responsibilities. I was a huge geek of software solutions back then, who could go to any extent to find the solution, and this is quite evident in teams at Seasia as well. I’m thrilled to be in the position that I always wanted to be in; likewise, I’m excited about the things that I’ll be working on in the near future. 

My plan is to grow the team, give them the resources they need, and continue to deliver the best we can do as a team. On a personal level, I seek to be efficient and positive in my day-to-day global operations, make top-level managerial choices, earn our shareholders’ trust, and present Seasia Group accessible 24*7 to serve my clients globally. I’m continuously looking for ways to improve so that I can continue to perform at my best in my capacity as CEO. At all times, I act with the greatest level of integrity. 

2. What motivated you to start your company?

I always carry a vision to transform the ways (the traditional ways) we’ve been working with. A new-gen, automated vision that can keep our country and our services ahead in every aspect is all we need to serve others well.  

It is also true that an entrepreneur, influencer, or CEO, whatsoever the position is, should keep an eye on the changing market trends, which can generate good capital undoubtedly. So, even though I am well aware of the power of technology, I rapidly get into the words or commitments to be held high and the long-term connections to be retained. So, the spark for launching my firm was lit back when I first discovered the sheer delight of turning things possible using programming. My practice is to turn ideas into actionable plans, which is how I came up with the idea for my firm. 

3. Your Mission Statement?

I always keep my commitments, which allows the organization to look forward with zeal and vitality to the future. In the world of passivity, over-promising, and under-delivering, I stick by my promises to clients for project development and implementation. 

4. Tell us about some successful projects?

First, I want to give my words of applause to the HMS team. One of the best projects we’ve ever completed, and one on which we’re still working. Seasia’s HMS defines the intended innovation by combining in-house technology with outsourced components. We kept it tangible by tying in the essential advantages to the customer, such as an automated management system, quicker approvals, and more. 

There’s another project that attained laurels and recognition lately. Our client benefited from a large insurance solution that our team developed. Due to the NDA, I am unable to provide you with the name. We served with an insurance administration system as a solution. We also assisted a hospital chain in establishing their complete non-medical operations, including the insurance processing unit.  

5. How do you help your clients in choosing the right yet profitable platform for Web development?

 With the help of our two established teams, i.e., Market research and R&D Department, we have been successfully assisting our clients in selecting the ideal, but affordable and, of course, highly effective solution for their businesses.  

We have rolled out such products that have benefited our clients and our team too to be responsive while following the deadline and keeping our eyes open for the best we can deliver. This boosted our profound expertise, including the adoption of new technological trends that require market research. 

Our alignment with Digital Web Services was commendable. Their business acumen and strategic thinking reflected in written resources create market opportunities that had not been identified within the business.

We will continue to balance and incorporate technological knowledge and deep market research through which we enable our clients to pick the ideal but viable platform as we work in a competitive yet highly regulated ecosystem.

6. What is the price range (min and max) of the projects that you catered to in 2021 after COVID 19?

 We never had a pricing range from the beginning, because it is dependent on the type of functionality a customer requires. We are able to bring unique abilities together and create differentiated values for our clients by combining our efforts with innovation and technology. Generally, it varies from $10,000 to $288,000. Our cost per week evaluates the hourly rate with the hours per week and the number of developers assigned to it.

7. Please describe the operational structure of your company- from the moment a client walks into the product deployment.

Businesses reach us through offline campaigns, and in turn, we provide them with the proposal, price quotation, or the project. 

Once the project gets an entry, we discuss the wireframing, features, and how we will achieve those features, along with a proper in-depth software development life cycle. It would be shared with the client and propagates the entire process, including what the developer will do, how the developer will design the feature, how the UI/UX would appear, and a sneak peek at the testing.  

Once we are packed up with pre-deployment and before-the-release processes, our business analysts perform a rigorous UAT process, keeping in mind the requirements of clients. Once our UAT team passes it, we present it to the client.  

8. Which platform is best to build your app from Android or iOS, Native or Hybrid? What’s your call on it?

Every technology has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is not my style to make recommendations based on a single feature. Overall, the most important point is that if you have a specific client base that requires Android software, you must use it; if the bulk of your audience uses iOS, you must use it. Native systems have their advantages, while hybrid platforms have their own. It is largely dependent on the sort of requirements that the company caters for. Hence, the advice varies as per the demand. So, I’m not going to go into detail about the recommendations. Before making any recommendations, I prefer to understand the requirements and demographics of the target audience. 

9. How do you provide customer support to your client after service?

We have skilled experts who will have all of the documents for all clients and will assist them accordingly. As a result, whenever our customers need 24×7 assistance for the first three months after the first release, we provide it free of charge. Following then, it is determined by the earliest contracts or breaks. 

So, without a doubt, our committed staff is constantly present to ensure that none of our clients are left from the exclusive services. Our customer service department is well-equipped, with specialists from all departments.

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