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Is Someone Tracking Your Location? 6 Ways to Find Out

Is Someone Tracking Your Location? 6 Ways to Find Out


Learning the facts about your device (Android) being tracked is important in these days when it comes to your private data. So, you can take needed actions and stop the other person from spilling the beans.

In this article, we will tell you some signs that show you that your device is being tracked.

So let’s get started.

Drain battery of your cell phone 

The very first sign is the low battery, which warms your cell phone even when you are not using it. It happens because the hidden running phone tracker app in the background consumes the battery and sends the data to the end-user.

You can also change your cell phone battery to find out if the problem is with your device. Once you change the battery and still get the issue, then it’s alarming. Someone may be keeping an eye on your every activity, even tracing your location and harm you.

Increase in the data usage bill 

When the end-user gets the data from your device, then it will increase the data usage. If you ever find out the rise in data usage, then you should never overlook this fact. You should find a solution to stop the other person to invade privacy.

Strange noises in the background calls

While talking to someone on phone calls, if you ever feel the noise in the background, then something is fishy. It may also happen if your internet connection is unstable. But using the stable internet connection and you still hear a beating noise in the call background, then it confirms that someone is tracking your mobile phone.

Unknown Installed Apps in your Cell Phones

Do you ever check your mobile phone installed apps?

Yes, it is also a way to detect and find any suspicious activity running on your phone. Check all apps, and if you find any weird app on your phone, then it’s a wake-up call that someone is secretly supervising your WhatsApp chats, Location, text messages, and other activities.

Unusual Messages

When a phone tracker app works, it may be possible that you receive some strange messages. Yes, it can happen and also a kind of alert to wake you up.

Every person is concerned about privacy, and your device is at high risk if you are receiving such messages.

Turning on and off

If you are not using your phone and find turning on and off your device on its own, then it is also a sign that your device is being tracked. You should also look at your device condition if it is old and does not work efficiently, then it is also a reason for turning off and on. While using the efficient device and still finds the same issues, then it gives the sign of the non-intrusive app on your cell phone.

Do you want a solution?

Well, you are in the right place. Being an android user, you must know how you can stop the android tracker app working on your mobile phone. The very first thing is to check your mobile phone settings and keep checking on every installed app. If you find any suspicious app, you can uninstall it instantly. The other solution is to get help from the antivirus app. It can help you identify any spyware and malicious app on your phone. To avoid any random activity, do not let anyone use your cell phone. You should protect your phone by using a strong password so that no one can hit your privacy.

Final Thoughts

In the world of technology, you should know the tricks to keep your data safe. Android devices are vulnerable to such spyware, but it is up to you how you can stay protected. We hope that the above hints will help you to detect spyware installed on your phone and any other suspicious running app on your cell phone.


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