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Lawn Care: Top 8 Pergola Designs for Your Christmas Celebrations

A pergola is an elegant outdoor feature that’ll allow you to enjoy your space without compromising on your comfort or budget. It will let the breeze touch your face during warmer and sunnier seasons as it is a shelter with no walls. Well, there are many other reasons also as to why your home needs a pergola.

Furthermore, there are several pergola ideas to suit every space. Whether you’re looking for an island gateway or no-frills space to enjoy a cocktail for Christmas celebrations, these eight designs will bait you. Additionally, we’ve also mentioned five vital aspects which you should consider while selecting the perfect pergola for your space.

Best 8 designs of the pergola that’ll lure your heart

1. Cedar and reclaimed barn wood:

The natural cedar pergola trimmed with reclaimed barn wood will add a limestone patio to your home. It has a different look and other unique qualities. Naturally tough on bugs and rot, it has a discrete cedar smell, which many homeowners love.

Moreover, cedar pergola renders architectural interest, feel, and heft. The natural cedar will give a rustic complement to your vintage bricked home, while barn wood will act as a shutter to your house.

2. Bali blinds slatted pergola:

The slant braces on this pergola make it a cool feature, allowing you to relax and unwind in the hot weather. The wood of this type of pergola will match with your furniture like seating and tables.

Generally, the greys you use for your flooring, cushions, pillows, etc. will automatically coordinate with your Bali blinds slatted pergola. So, this festive season, you merely need to enjoy the coolness of it with a small cocktail party.

3. Corner cabin style pergola:

The unfinished wood of this design renders a rustic look with cabins. This style has a shielded cranny for a personal conversation area. It maintains the neutral colour shade while its wooden textures add some variation and pattern to it.

During summer, it will provide you with full sun protection, while during snow and winter, it will make the atmosphere more romantic. So, if you want to dine in with your partner for a dinner date during this festive season, this pergola is simply for you.

4. Outdoor dining pergola:

It is built in between the two walls, supporting vines and trees. This design is especially for those who want a simple pergola to let the natural beauty of their surroundings shine. It plays the role of an arbour as its sides are left open.

You can build such types of pergolas at the entrance of your home where there are two walls. There you can place seating and tables for having breakfast or evening tea.

5. Geometric harmony freestanding cubic pergola:

The faded-coloured wood of cubic shape creates a shaded outdoor room. This design has two slatted entrances that define the space. You can keep right in the mid of your garden to create an elegant effect.

Additionally, the wicker furniture in greyish shade will add contrast, texture, and colour. Plus, to add a bright touch, add white pillows and flooring. It will be a perfect setting for a family get-together for any occasion.

6. Pacific picnic wooden pergola:

This pergola shelters picnic territory, whereas its unlocked sides render an overarching view. It mirrors the design of the yard pergola, adding a gusty and romantic look. Plus, the outdoor tables, seating, and deck combine the space.

Such a perfect setting will attract your guests and will welcome them to travel freely. Additionally, the swimming pool beside the pergola will present a brilliant note to your party.

7. Mediterranean screen style pergola:

This design is suitable for those homeowners who have an old-world Mediterranean architecture or want to add that tender look. These beautiful designs on the screens of this pergola make it unique amongst all.

The ideal scenery of the Mediterranean screen includes design and surface. It also covers an intriguing interaction of light and shadow without adding additional colour. This Christmas, you can decorate it with lightings to make it stand out at your party.

8. Tropical parlour outdoor pergola set:

The woods in the dark colour of this pergola propose a superb entrance of Victorian parlour. On top of that, you can place blue and white tiles as it grabs the parlour thought and conveys it into an airy living space. However, wicker furniture makes you realise the garden feel.

To finish the setting, you can keep blue and white cushions, complementing with the tiles. Echoing the colour of the tiles without repeating the pattern would make your pergola look mesmerising.

Your home deserves an outdoor space that you can enjoy all year long. With the above pergola designs, you can keep your home entertained. But to choose the one for your outdoor space, you need to consider five vital factors.

5 aspects to bear in mind while selecting a pergola

  • Purpose: To choose the right pergola, you need to determine your objective first. Do you want to increase the appeal of your home, or entertaining family and friends are your preference? Generally, homeowners add pergolas to enhance their garden’s appeal and make the space more versatile. What is yours?
  • Design and colour: These two things make an enormous impact on your outdoor space. If you want to make it look fantastic, then choose the design and colour based on your needs. Additionally, weigh up whether you need a freestanding pergola or the attached one.
  • Right materials: Traditionally, manufacturers used to make pergolas with wood, brick, or stone. But, nowadays, it has various options. If you want to get the natural elements charm, then opt for coated alternatives to copy the texture and feel.
  • Comfort:If you want an entertaining space, then accessorise your pergola with all the essentials. Think about the seating to mirror its purpose. And select the material, colour, and design that will complement your new arrangement.
  • Budget: Labour and materials will be the two costliest expenses of installing a pergola at your outdoor space. In case you have got a limited budget (that’s the issue of most of the homeowners), then DIY skills come into play. Also, plan smartly and creatively to create a beautiful outdoor space.

Final words

Selecting the right pergola for your space isn’t easy. But we’re sure the above information will help to make your job less challenging and more fun. So, this festive season, add the best garden feature at your home and enjoy to the fullest.

Author – Olivia Robinson, a professional writer and blogger by profession, write on different topics. With an aim to render informative blogs, I make sure the information is understandable and appealing to my readers. I aim to make a difference through my writing which allows you to make informed choices.

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