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Making Call Centres more Efficient with RPA

Every company looks forward to maintaining operational efficiency and so do call centres! In the revolutionizing epoch and with the increasing market competition, companies are trying new techniques to reach the customer in a better manner. To woo the interest of the lead and to maintain customer loyalty, swift service operation is integral. This is the reason all outsourced call centre firms are eagerly adopting modern techniques to avoid client attrition.

No customer remains with a company that offers monotonous time-taking services. Thus, such firms need an automated touch, so that clients do not switch to the competitor. Call centre services are all about managing incoming and outgoing calls on the partners’ behalf. Call centres also handle secondary business responsibilities like IT services, helpdesk solutions, accounts, and finance, etc. Thus, with such diverse responsibilities on the shoulder, call centres surely need RPA assistance.

Most companies that do not have a team of agents in-house look forward to a reliable outsourcing partner in the market. Not all companies have the capital to invest in in-house hiring and training of agents for 24X7 support. Thus, outsourcing becomes the key!

Outsourcing the secondary responsibilities to a reliable partner, like a call centre in India can always help. Indian call centres have professionals on-board who are eager to assist partners 24X7. Indian BPOs have a huge team to take care of all your requirements with ease, thus you can rely upon them for swift service performance. Whether it is about handling customer service or keeping an eye on IT and accounting operations, Indian call centres can be your guardian angel everywhere.

The key consideration here is to outsource to a trustworthy experienced partner. In the era where automation is fundamental, outsource to a partner who assures using modern techniques to bring a significant impact on results.

Factors to consider while finalising the call centre partner:

  • Costs
  • Flexibility
  • Technological Expertise
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Policies, etc.

Moving ahead, how can you make your call centre more efficient?

Well, integrating modern technologies and keeping services up-to-date can help. With the help of RPA, call centre services receive an automated advantage of accelerating offerings. The traditional call centre practice was all about manual agents taking care of answering services. Call abandonment and call waiting hassles were the main issues always faced by customers.

However, with BPOs receiving the advantage of RPA-driven solutions, these issues are no more a hassle. Learning about the perks that call centres’ receive with RPA, more companies look forward to an outsourced call centre firm that uses modern technologies like AI, RPA, and IoT. Rising customer expectations, diminishing sales opportunities, time-taking manual tasks, and employee attrition, demands call centres to adopt modern technologies, so that meeting requests on-time is not a dream but reality.

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an AI-driven technology that works on metaphorical software robots. Organizations looking forward to boosting operational efficiency need RPA integration. The routine repetitive tasks can be simplified with AI by the side, which is why call centres can use it to simplify their critical responsibilities.

BPOs have to handle huge data sets, thus, the rule-based tasks can be automated easily by RPA. The call centres struggling to handle monotonous calls all day can take the help of RPA for accurate decision-making power.

RPA eases service operation and releases the agents from monotonous responsibilities to focus upon tasks that are more critical. Several in-house responsibilities require better human intelligence and decision-making power, thus such responsibilities need to be left for manual agents. Contrarily, RPA bots can swiftly handle the responsibilities that do not require manual agents’ assistance 24X7.

To improve the overall customer experience, call centres can automate the following responsibilities:

Data Management

Call centres have a huge workforce, thus they have to manage employee data with care. Along with the same, call centres also work for numerous partners, thus the partners’ customer data management is integral too. Handling such huge data sets with a check on security is tough when done manually. This is where the need for automated solutions arise.

RPA assists call centres by auto-updating personal employee data. It also makes the customer information available to the agent with just a click. This way much hassle of the call centre agent is resolved. Moreover, the time spent earlier on searching correct customer information manually is saved.

Call centre services adopting RPA assistance ensure data correctness and service management proficiency, so why stick to traditional manual methods!

Report Generation

Preparing reports daily takes a considerable amount of time and even distracts the BPO agents from their job. Consequently, many call centres have integrated RPA to simplify responsibility. Even the call centre in India emphasizes the significance of report preparation with RPA.

RPA introduces the chance of auto-generated reports by reading and analysing content. Moreover, there is no threat of in-accuracies too, as they bring in precision.

Enhanced Communication

What did traditional call centres do? Well, they had live agents sitting in-house to handle each call manually, wherein the agents searched the callers’ information putting the caller on hold to answer relevantly.

The problem with such practices was that they demanded the customer to repeat their personal information repeatedly to different agents for query resolution. This resulted in frustrating the customer, deteriorated brand name, degraded reliability, and increased call duration.

This is where RPA helps to enhance the communication system. Your outsourced call centre firm when integrates RPA receives the perquisite of keeping track of each call. This way, the progress and concern of each caller can be listed and resolved well on-time. Moreover, when the same customer calls, the agent just has to click the screen and search for the related information without wasting time.

RPA introduces the feasibility of having the whole customer profile just a click away. It also resolves the agents’ concern of updating customer information manually resulting in data errors.

Refund Management

Most companies outsource their refund management to call centre companies. Call centre in India handles refund management for several firms. Conversely, this responsibility can be time taking and hassling at times.

By implementing RPA into the business service, call centres can decrease manual work by initiating refund to the customer automatically on time to maintain satisfaction levels. The same is with creating invoices. RPA assists to swiftly input data and avoids the possibility of errors in the invoice creation process. As per ‘Aberdeen Group’, agents take between 4.1 to 16.3 days to generate an invoice and send it for approval.

So, why not RPA software bots for error correction and time management?

Adequate use of Resources

What do call centre agents complain about most? Well, it is indeed the monotonous work culture and lack of facilities. There is no denying the fact that BPOs have a tedious work environment wherein agents are expected to answer repetitive customer inquiries all day. However, the optimal use of resources can help avoid chaos.

Call centre in India that adopted RPA assistance talk about the ease in performing business functions with automated solutions. RPA software ‘bots’ work together with customers just like a normal human agent, thus it helps to reduce the cost of repetitive re-hiring and training agents. Moreover, it also reduces the hassles of employee attrition.

Additionally, with the use of RPA in call centres, the chance of errors is minimal, thus saving the time and energy of agents.

Reduced Call Duration

When call centres work hard to scale the RPA bot and bring the necessary changes into the business model, they reduce the average call duration too. RPA brings in the advantage of a strategic move for the agents, thus reducing call duration easily.

Earlier, with time-taking services, agents took too long to qualify calls. Nevertheless, by adopting an intuitive approach, call centres have significantly enhanced services.

Ending Statement

Robotic Process Automation empowers call centre services to be strategic and simple. Since the tedious rule-based functions are simplified with an automated touch, RPA helps BPOs save operational costs and significant time for the business. Moreover, with better decision-making power, it endows call centres with augmented ROI. If you wish to implement RPA in your business operations, work upon adequate planning and analysis.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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