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Reduce Workload on AC During Heatwaves: 7 Tips to Keep Yourself Cool!

It’s the middle of summer and the heat is on! If you’re like most people, your AC is working overtime to keep you cool. But did you know there are ways to reduce the workload on your AC during heat waves? 

Today, we will discuss some tips that will help you stay comfortable without breaking the bank. But before we start, let’s take a look at the dangers of the high workload of AC.

Dangers of High Workload of AC

We all know how suffocating it feels to be in a room with no air conditioning, especially during the summer. But did you know that too much air conditioning can actually be dangerous?

Exposure to extreme cold temperatures can cause hypothermia, which is when your body temperature drops below 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Symptoms of hypothermia include shivering, confusion, slurred speech, and drowsiness. It is important to keep a watchful eye on your air conditioning unit and make sure that the workload it is dealing with is appropriate for its capabilities. If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll develop hypothermia from sitting in a cool room, it is still possible to suffer from frostbite. Frostbite occurs when your skin comes into contact with extremely cold temperatures, and it can cause your skin to turn white or blue. If you think you might have frostbite, it’s important to seek medical attention right away.

So, next time you’re cranking up the AC, make sure to take a break every now and then to avoid potential health hazards. And if you start to feel any strange symptoms, don’t hesitate to seek medical help. If you find that your AC unit is struggling to cope with the workload, consider consulting a professional to help you adjust the settings.

7 Tips to Reduce AC workload during Summer Heatwave

There are many ways by which the AC workload can be reduced during heatwaves. A comprehensive list of tips is given below:

1. Stay Hydrated

During a heatwave, it’s important to stay hydrated. This is because due to the heat of the summer, a lot of electrolytes are wasted from our bodies through sweat.  Be sure to drink plenty of fluids, especially water. It is also important to avoid alcoholic beverages and sugary drinks, as they can actually dehydrate you. 

2. Using Blinds and Curtains

By closing the blinds or curtains, you can block out some of the sun’s heat. This can help keep your home cooler and make it more comfortable for everyone inside. 

3. Turn on the Fans

We all know how hot it can get in the summertime, and sometimes it seems like there is no escape from the heat. But did you know that fans can actually help keep us cool?

Fans work by circulating air and creating a wind-chill effect, which helps to lower our body temperature. So, if you’re feeling a little too hot, try reaching for a fan instead of the air conditioner remote.

4. Use Lights Less Often

Lights produce heat which is passively responsible for increasing the indoor temperature. We need to minimize the use of lights during the daytime so that our indoors can be cooler during the summer heatwave.

5. Keeping AC Filters Clean

A great way of reducing the workload of the AC is to keep the air filters clean. Dirty filters make the AC work harder and can cause it to break down over time. Moreover, keeping the air filters clean also ensures the circulation of good air inside your house. And don’t worry, you don’t need to search for “heating and air conditioning repair near me” on Google right away. You can DIY it. 

6. Keep Plants Around

You might be surprised to know that plants can actually help to cool off the surrounding air and save you from the heat. The process by which plants perform this amazing task is known as transpiration. When the surrounding air near plants heats up, plants release water through their leaves as a form of water vapor. This water vapor eventually cools off the air surrounding the plant. This is how, by keeping around plants in your house, you can keep your home coo and decrease the workload of your air conditioner.

7. Keep Your Home Well Insulated

One way to reduce the workload on your AC unit is to make sure that your home is well-insulated. This will help to keep the cool air inside and the hot air outside. This can easily be done by caulking and weather-stripping around doors and windows. 

A properly insulated home can help your air conditioning unit work less, saving you money on your energy bill. According to the Department of Energy, installing an insulating material like foam insulation in your attic or exterior walls and roof can reduce your home’s cooling needs by up to 40%

Benefits of Reducing AC Workload 

Many people are unsure of the benefits of reducing their AC workload. Here are a few key reasons why reducing AC workload can be beneficial:

  • It can help you save on your energy bills.
  • It can help you conserve energy and reduce your emissions.
  • It can improve the indoor air quality in your home or office.
  • It can help to reduce stress and make you more productive.
  • It can make it easier to sleep when the weather is warm outside and uncomfortable inside your home or office.
  • It can help to reduce the risk of a fire in your home or office. 
  • It can make it easier to keep air tightened in your home or office. 
  • It can help you to reduce indoor air pollution and improve indoor air quality. 
  • It can make it easier to maintain the temperature in your home or office. 
  • It can help you to save on your electric bills. 
  • It can help to reduce the amount of energy used in your home or office. 
  • It can help to save money on your utility bills 

Reducing the workload of your air conditioner has many benefits. For one, it can help to prolong the life of your unit. Additionally, it can also help to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner, which can lead to lower energy bills. 

In addition to improving the efficiency of your air conditioner, reducing the workload can also help to reduce noise levels. If you find that your AC unit is making too much noise, it may be because it’s working overtime to cool your home. Reducing the workload of your air conditioner can help to lessen the amount of noise it makes, making for a more peaceful home environment.

So, if you’re looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner and save money on your energy bills, consider reducing the workload of your unit. You may be surprised at how much difference it can make!


Stay safe and cool this summer with these easy tips to reduce the workload on your AC unit! By following a few simple guidelines, you can keep your home comfortable and save money on your energy bill. We hope you find these tips helpful – stay cool out there!

Thank you for reading! We hope this blog has been helpful. Wishing you a cool and comfortable summer!

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