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Surprising Ideas For Decorating Your Outdoor Space

For many of us, when we think “outdoor decor” we’re thinking about throwing a few plastic deck chairs and maybe a table out onto our patio, but we can do a lot better than that with a few tips and tricks.

We’re going to keep this list really simple for you, with our three biggest tips for how to decorate your outdoor space to make it fresh and exciting. No more boring patio furniture in 2020! It’s time to give your outdoor space a makeover!

1. Lay Out the Lights

Proper lighting is absolutely essential to providing an atmosphere for your outdoor space, and it’s really not that hard to set up some unique lighting, no matter what your outdoor space looks like. The ambiance of any outdoor space can change dramatically after the addition of a few simple lights.

Deck lights are a great way to start, but also consider step lights, which make it easier to navigate deck or patio stairs in the dark. Rope or chain lighting for deck and patio railings is another great option, illuminating the space linearly. Outdoor wall lighting fixtures are another great feature for brick walls, wooden fences, or the siding on your house.

For those looking to keep things simple, go with party string lights, which can easily be hung from trees, fence posts, or other backyard features to light up your space. Party string lights are probably the easiest lighting option because they’re both affordable and easy to set up. They simply plug-in like Christmas lights, and are so lightweight they can be strung just about anywhere and taken down in a jiffy, so they’re great for parties or other situations where you want to light up your outdoor space but don’t need a permanent lighting source.

If you aren’t keen on electric lighting options, kerosene or natural gas torches and sconces can do the job well too (and provide a more rustic, traditional ambiance) but keep in mind they will require more maintenance and careful monitoring.

2. Green is Good

Whether you live in Manhattan, Mumbai, or the middle of nowhere, everyone needs some plants and greenery by growing small garden in their outdoor space.

Lady ferns are an excellent and easy-to-care-for choice. They can be planted in shady areas, needing little to no sun to grow. So if you have a covered patio or porch, or a particularly shady backyard, lady ferns are perfect! To care for these beautiful ferns, just keep their soil moist.

Succulents like creeping sedum are another great addition to a patio space. They have a unique, soft and bumpy texture and can be found in hues from bluish-gray to reddish-bronze. Creeping sedum works great around the edges of a patio, deck, or among the gaps in a rock wall or stone walkway!

Sweet bay leaf trees are another great addition. They can be potted and pruned to spruce up your patio or be planted in soil in your yard. What’s more, you can pluck a few bay leaves off your tree to spice up your meals with some South Asian flavor! Make sure these trees get plenty of sun, they bloom in spring and summer. Just be sure to protect your sweet bay leaf tree during cold weather, and that’s all you should be worried about!

Caladiums are another great choice. They feature a beautiful pink and green hue and heart-shaped leaves that can add a splash of color to your outdoor space, just make sure their soil can drain well. Keep the soil slightly moist and add mulch on top to help retain the moisture if need be.

Finally, English Ivy is a perfect choice to add some green to trellises, walls, trees, or garden border fences. While typically a vibrant green, some of these vines can even change to deep shades of red and orange in the fall. Ivy basically grows on its own, so it’s an excellent option for areas where you’d like some green but don’t (or can’t) do a lot of work to maintain it. English Ivy does require patience. These vines grow quite slowly for the initial 12 months, but you’ll soon see much quicker growth. English Ivy requires lots of moisture and grows best in a shady area, but if well taken care of, it can grow up to 50 feet!

3. Add a Fire

Finally, my own personal favorite. Some sort of fire is integral to any outdoor space, whether that be a fire pit, a fire table, a chimney, or a brazier. Fires are the perfect gathering space. Whether you’re hosting friends, family, or a significant other on a date night, having a fire of some sort in your backyard is the perfect way to make it feel like home. Fires provide warmth, a cozy feel, light, and a perfect central hub for everyone to sit and be around. There’s nothing quite like the mellow glow of a fire.

My own personal favorite way to bring fire into an outdoor space are fire pit tables, which provide all the functionality of a table with the warmth and ambiance of a fire pit. You can place drinks and appetizers on these tables, and in the center there is a small fire pit, sort of like a table at a Hibachi grill.

Tables like the Uptown Black Gas Fire Pit Table, the Vintage XL Linear Fire Pit Table, and the Montego Fire Pit Table are all excellent options and for those on a budget, the Naples Gas Fire Pit Table is a stellar choice.

For all your fire pit table, fire pit, and wood stove needs, check out!

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