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The 8 Most Beneficial Physical Activities For Children

Everyone knows that the fundamental benefit of practicing physical activities is the improvement of overall health. The health benefits of sport are more important when it comes to children whose bodies are in the process of development.

Young people who exercise regularly not only begin to know their own body better, but they also develop their psychomotor skills, their coordination, their cerebral performance and they are less susceptible to psychic disorders. So read on to find out which are the most beneficial sports for kids and why to practice them!

Children have a lot of “fuel” and we constantly have to invent physical activities to make them burn it. They are constantly busy exploring the world around them and it seems that they never stop moving. But running and playing all the time does not have the same value as a structured sporting activity with specific goals.

This helps the physical and mental health of children, which makes it essential to their harmonious development. But what types of exercise are best for little ones?

According to recent scientific research, so-called aerobic exercises are among the most beneficial not only for adults but also for young people. Contrary to popular belief, aerobics isn’t just studio dance gymnastics that was a hit in the 70s and 80s…

Benefits of physical activities

Exercise is basically any kind of physical activity that requires breathing in significant amounts of air to fuel the largest muscles in your body for 20 minutes or more.

You probably already know them as cardio exercises, the main purpose of which is to clean up the cardio-respiratory system by maintaining a high heart rate at regular intervals. As a result, the cardiovascular system, but also the lungs, are invigorated.

Other benefits of physical activities are that they strengthen the immune system and therefore make children more resistant to many infectious diseases. Likewise, these sports reduce stress and control blood glucose levels. These last two factors are decisive in the prevention of childhood overweight and obesity – an increasingly topical problem.

Did you know that with the increased flow of oxygen in the body, our brain is also nourished?

Thus, Physical activities for children optimize the work of the nervous system which can be beneficial academically as well. Physical activities for children are said to improve concentration and stimulate memory, reasoning, decision-making skills, problem-solving, etc.

Eventually, this kind of fitness helps release serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins. As you probably know, these neurotransmitters are considered happiness hormones because they trigger positive feelings and uplift your mood. What more could you want from a sporting activity?

So, without further ado, here is our list of the best aerobic physical activities suitable for children!

The best activities for children

1. Race walking

This type of brisk walking is among the easiest aerobic physical activities for children. It makes the heart beat faster which greatly improves blood circulation without at the same time requiring enormous effort.

2. Running

One of the main advantages of running is that, like walking, it does not require any sports equipment. Even in times of pandemic, you only need the nearby park to turn running into a family hobby!

3. Jump Rope

Many girls enjoy jumping rope, but boys can also try this wonderful aerobic exercise. It’s the simplest form of full-body training that also boosts a child’s endurance and coordination. Physical activities for children should be fun and beneficial at the same time, right?

4. Cycling

For many people, riding a bike is simply a basic skill for getting from place to place. But it’s among the most fun physical activities too, especially when done in a group! By pedaling you learn to keep your balance and you tone your leg muscles while increasing your lungs’ ability to absorb more oxygen.

5. Practicing a martial art

Many parents enjoy martial arts clubs because this type of physical activity teaches children important skills such as self-defense and discipline. Aikido, karate, judo, and jiu-jitsu include full-body exercises that kids frankly find fascinating. Their techniques strengthen muscles and bones while preparing little ones to defend themselves if necessary.

6. Swimming

Children love to play in the water! In addition, knowing how to swim is an essential skill that can save your life! Swimming increases lung volume, improves endurance, and puts every muscle in the body to work in the process. Another important advantage: it is one of the few sports without any risk of fractures!

7. Dancing

A classical or contemporary dance class can always fit somewhere in your children’s weekly program. For your information, dancing promotes flexibility and improves the sense of rhythm, motor skills, and coordination. In addition, dancing is one of the art physical activities that develop children’s taste for music.

8. Skateboarding

Let’s face it, skateboarding or another sliding sport is not entirely without risk. But it is a lot of fun! Once the basic technique is mastered, boys and girls sliding on the skateboard improve their flexibility, dexterity, and balance.

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