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The Scope of a Diploma in Fashion Designing in India

If there’s one thing that never goes out of fashion, it’s fashion itself. From keeping up with the latest happenings of the Paris or Milan Fashion Week to scrolling through the designs of your fashion idol for hours, if you live and breathe fashion, a career in fashion designing can be fitting for you.

Today, the fashion industry has incredible potential –  generating 45 million direct jobs and enjoying a share of 5% of the GDP. For all fashion enthusiasts, this is an opportune time to kickstart their careers with a diploma in fashion designing. But before that, explore some high-in-demand fashion-related roles in the market.

Fashion Designer

For anyone with a diploma in fashion designing, the role of a fashion designer is the most popular choice. The job requires you to develop creative concepts and design garments and accessories, keeping the season’s trends in mind. Fashion designers must be highly creative and have some knowledge of branding to successfully create for a fashion label.

Garment Technologist

A garment technologist provides technical support to garment manufacturers in all stages of production. They work closely with designers and merchandisers to ensure suitable materials are used in the production. Since textiles are the primary expenditure for a fashion label, garment technologists also keep the budget in control by choosing appropriate fabrics.

Fashion Entrepreneurs 

The role of a fashion entrepreneur is to balance art and commerce. If you’re always up for a creative adventure and have the business skills to mitigate the risks in bringing your ideas to life, the path of a fashion entrepreneur will be an exciting journey for you.

Retail Buyer

Do fashion shows get you excited? Then, the role of a retail buyer might excite you even more. A retail buyer is responsible for stocking the store with the right apparel and accessories to generate maximum profits. You should have up-to-date information on all fashion trends. Therefore, you must attend trade fairs and fashion shows to closely know current designers’ and merchandisers’ works.

Fashion Consultant

As said by Yves Saint Laurent, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” But creating a unique style requires in-depth knowledge of retro and contemporary fashion trends. This is where fashion consultants with a diploma in fashion designing come in. They help their clients develop a flattering style or image that suits their or their brand’s personality.

Over to You

Get ready for a successful career and complement your enthusiasm for fashion with professional skill sets. A diploma in fashion designing can be the first step towards achieving this. Many institutes offer full-time courses like the “PG Professional Diploma course in Fashion Design and Technology” by Pearl Academy. These courses will give you the theoretical and practical knowledge to understand traditional and global fashion cultures, creating a solid foundation for your career.

So what are you waiting for? Channel your inner fashionista and enroll yourself in a professional course. Pave your way with exceptional skills to become the next Sabyasachi or Coco Chanel!

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