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Top Trending courses in Business, Data Science, Tech, and Engineering 2022

There are always new things to learn, new skills to master, and new ways to reach your goals as more and more world-class content is released each week. Everything from business management to online teaching to data engineering to AI product management is covered by these new courses, Specializations, and Professional Certificates.

Top Trending courses in Business

Certificate in Digital Transformation for Business, Dartmouth College

Become a change agent in your organization by learning and mastering the necessary skills and knowledge. In this course, you’ll learn about the design and development of digital products, how they relate to agile project management, and how to develop the metrics necessary for any organization transforming. Consider the difficulties of building data analytics, AI, and machine learning capabilities, and find ways to develop digital transformation strategies to overcome these difficulties. You’ll learn how to manage digital transformation journeys through hands-on projects and applications, and you’ll gain access to cloud-based simulations and optimization tools.

Introduction to Business Specialization, The University of California, Irvine (UCI)

In this beginner-level Specialization, you’ll learn the fundamentals of business management, leadership, finance, and digital marketing. Improve an organization’s growth and profitability by studying financial statements, developing forecasts and budgets, and adopting digital marketing best practices. Develop new strategies for running a business.

Data-Driven Decision Making Certificate, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

Ensure that you have the skills to turn raw data into practical business intelligence. Use business intelligence tools to improve the efficiency of your organization’s strategy and operations by strengthening your quantitative decision-making abilities. Develop the skills necessary to confidently communicate data quality issues and collection methods in decision-making situations where data-based analysis will significantly impact. Your ability to share your findings with non-technical audiences will be improved, and you’ll also learn how to turn your results into actionable recommendations for management.

Top Trending courses in Data Science

AI Product Management Specialization, Duke University

As a student in this beginner-level Specialization, you’ll learn to speak the language of data and analytics and develop your ability to collaborate on machine learning projects in cross-functional teams. Data science and machine learning best practices will be covered in this course. As a bonus, you’ll learn how to create artificial intelligence (AI) products that respect users’ privacy and adhere to high ethical and moral standards. What machine learning is, how it works, and when and why it’s used will be explained to you in this course. This program will benefit product managers, engineering team leaders, executives, analysts, and more. You can also think about data science online training.

Hands-on Data Science and Machine Learning Foundations, Google Cloud Labs Specialization

Learn the fundamentals of BigQuery, construct and optimize warehouses, and use Cloud Data Fusion’s more advanced data integration features. In the interactive BigQuery Google Cloud Labs Series, you’ll learn best practices for querying and gaining insights from your data warehouse. You’ll use Google Cloud’s Qwiklab platform to complete each lab. You can think of Data Science Training in Delhi.

DataOps Approach, IBM

In this course, you will learn from IBM experts how to create a repeatable and business-oriented framework to deliver reliable data. Understand how to enable the organization’s Business, development, and operations to design, produce, and validate new data demands continuously. Understand this.

Top Trending Courses in Tech

AWS Developer Specializations, Amazon Web Services

You can learn how to build cloud-native applications using Python, Node.JS,.NET, and Java from experts at Amazon Web Services in this unique collection curated by Coursera. Intermediate knowledge of your preferred coding language (Python, Java,.NET, or Node.js) is highly recommended for the most benefit from your Specialization. Take advantage of rapidly expanding career opportunities in this field now. More and more developers will be needed as most new apps are expected to be cloud-based by 2025.

Azure Data Engineering Associate DP-203 Exam, Microsoft

The Microsoft Certified DP-203 Azure Data Fundamentals Exam is now available in a new, ten-course Specialization from Microsoft’s experts. Throughout four hands-on courses, you’ll learn how to design and implement data solutions using Microsoft Azure data services. Learn how to combine data from various structured and unstructured sources into structures that can be used to build Microsoft Azure-based analytics solutions.

Guide to Agile and Scrum Development, IBM

Test-driven development, an Agile practice derived from lean manufacturing principles, will focus on this new IBM course. The course is taught by a seasoned Agile practitioner and includes hands-on training in the form of realistic scenario-based labs using GitHub and ZenHub as teaching tools. You’ll discover how a scrum team works, how to craft compelling user stories, and how to use a kanban board to keep tabs on your team’s progress. In addition, you’ll work with the team and the customer to develop and refine a product backlog. By using this method, you’ll be able to increase your productivity, improve your team’s ability to plan and execute sprints, and identify success using specific metrics.


Even at the start of your career, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to learn new things across these new offerings. Depending on your personal and professional goals and aspirations, you can choose from various learning experiences to find the courses and programs that best suit your needs.

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