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Trends In Well-Being And Projections For 2022

The main wellbeing trends for 2022 have been announced, ranging from mental health to environmental care. Over the last 18 months, everything about ‘wellness’ has changed — from where we workout to what we eat — but if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s the necessity of taking care of ourselves.

As the year 2021 draws to a close, take time to reflect and make plans for the coming year. If you haven’t set your objectives for 2022 yet, these health and wellness trends will help you do so.

Living a more eco-friendly lifestyle

A few simple efforts can go a long way toward leading a healthy, ecologically conscious lifestyle. According to BUPA, Google searches for climate anxiety have increased by 418 percent, while eco-anxiety has increased by 238 percent. While the fear of environmental calamity is genuine, the goal for 2022 is to use it to motivate us to do better.

“You aren’t alone in your feelings,” Elizabeth continues, “millions of people throughout the world will be feeling the same way.” Taking attention to your sentiments and converting them into constructive acts might not only help you feel better, but it can also help the environment.

“Start with one or two basic changes to live greener and build up over time to ensure your eco-friendly habits persist. Choose local, seasonal ingredients whenever possible, and prepare meals ahead of time to prevent food waste.” Also, keeping a diet, such as a keto diet, could help your health a lot.

Keeping track of our stress levels

Although there is little you can do to prevent stress, there are numerous things you can do to better manage it. According to BUPA, more people will track their stress levels in 2022, whether using a smartwatch or writing it down.

Any physical or emotional stress signs (such as pain or tension in your body), digestion issues, and an elevated heart rate are all things to keep track of. It’s perfectly acceptable to prioritize yourself, so pay attention to emotional indications like rage, overwhelm, and racing thoughts.

Visiting green spaces, being exposed to natural habitats, and using relaxation techniques have all been found to alleviate psychological stress in a rising number of studies. Elizabeth explains why it’s crucial to try them out: “To begin, try these strategies while you’re feeling relaxed to see what works best for you. Daily exercise generates feel-good hormones in your brain, even if you don’t feel like it. Exercising outside has a number of advantages, including increasing your attitude and self-esteem.”

Keeping a mood journal

Have you ever considered keeping a mood journal? According to BUPA, another well-being trend is expected to grow in 2022. A mood diary, like other diaries, is focused on your feelings and can help you improve your mental health. Simply put, it’s a fantastic way to keep track of how you’re feeling and why.

“Mood journaling is becoming increasingly popular after a tumultuous year that has put a strain on our mental health,” Elizabeth adds.

“Keeping a mood journal, also known as an emotion journal, might help you get to the bottom of persisting bad emotions (and increase positive ones). This enables you to recognize negative emotions and take steps to alleviate them, such as talking to a friend, loved one, or a mental health expert. Writing out your feelings has also been proved to help with anxiety and sadness.”

Drinking with awareness

In 2022, put your health first by experimenting with mindful drinking, which is the simple concept of being deliberate in your alcohol choices. While we may enjoy a festive sip throughout the holidays, mindful drinking is all about developing a healthy relationship with alcohol and, as a result, drinking less.

It’s a simple trend to get into. Ask yourself why you’re drinking every time you pour yourself a glass. The goal of mindful drinking isn’t to completely eliminate alcohol from your life; rather, it’s to help you better your relationship with it.

Keeping a tight eye on our immune system

In 2022, support your immune system by eating a more diverse diet, resting properly, and obtaining your daily dose of vitamin D. According to BUPA data, Google searches for ‘raising immune system’ have increased by 84 percent, while searches for stronger immune system’ have increased by 50 percent. Our immune systems are complicated and influenced by a variety of circumstances, yet small changes can provide your body with the boost it requires.

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