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Trendy Ceiling Design Ideas for Your Home

A well-designed ceiling creates a sense of the integrity of the interior and gives it special originality and a finished look. Modern materials and designs make it possible to smooth the surfaces as much as possible, hide defects and communications, and rationally equip lamps.

This gives rise to the axiom that the qualitative design of the veiling is no less critical in the repair than the finishing of the walls. As you know, the comfort of staying in a closed space depends on how it will be designed.

The following ideas by Prashmi Interio can help in modernizing the ceiling:

  1. Stunning colors
  2. A variety of ceilings
  3. Amazing Wallpaper
  4. Textile coverings
  5. Stucco molding
  6. Crazy technologies help to stimulate the texture of all the materials.

Today, illusionary effects are in fashion. You can imagine the ceiling as a starry sky, visualize it as a concave or convex, to emit “old”, while playing with the perception of space, making the room wider, higher, more or proportionally.

Catching a decorated ceiling, you will definitely need to consider the characteristics and properties of the materials selected in the work, and ask how to work with them. You should be aware that the design of the ceilings should be done perfectly. 

What can be transformed

1. Cut

There can be a small even area on the ceiling. It doesn’t need to be overloaded with massive lights. In a small space, the room will be lit by entering light from lamps. This targets two changes at once:

  1. The room is lit
  2. Expands its space.

2. Form

Ceilings can be square, rectangular, circular, polygonal in shape, or even be presented as hard curly surfaces, so the traditional horizontal design of ceiling parallel to the floor is increasingly being replaced by sloped and multi-layered structures, which we must pay tribute to and are perceived as much more interesting.

In different edemas, the joints of the ceiling with the walls play out. The transition is often rounded and decorated with various decorative pieces.

3. Color

The color scale of the ceiling is responsible for the formation of an interior atmosphere. In “cold” and shady rooms, where there is almost no sunlight, the ceiling surface can be finished in a warm spectrum, adding solar colors.

In rooms with too much light, cold colors in the decoration of the ceiling are more appropriate. They drown out the light in the room. The combination of colors is well perceived in such interiors. 

Even a single-tiered design can be made light in the center and darkened at the edges. This is still the prerogative of spacious premises, in small rooms the ceilings should be made monophonic and certainly light.

Ceiling design – choose the technology

1. Suspended structures

This is an option that enjoys constant popularity, as it allows you to both smooth, hide all surfaces of defects, and reproduce complex multi-level structures. Drywall is flexible, so it is not difficult for ceilings to give unusual geometry. 

The most organically mixed solutions fit into living rooms. Built-in lighting allows you to zone the space of the room, whether to create a unique atmosphere at the coffee table or in the corner of relaxation.

2. Ceiling tiles

This material miraculously hides all the flaws of the ceiling and makes its surface aesthetic. The polystyrene surface can be easily cleaned of any contamination, including grease and soot.

The plus point of ceiling tiles is that these can be easily installed and on uneven surfaces too.

3. Wood in the ceiling decoration

Integrate natural materials into the ceiling finish in different ways. The most popular solutions include the design of exposed beam ceilings. 

Depending on the general stylistic solution of the interior decor, the beams can be present not only in the natural interpretation but also painted (most often white). Ceiling beams differ in geometry and shape. They can be given the appearance of a coarse log with a small diameter and a regular bar of a rectangular or square shape.

The wooden lining can be laid on the white ceiling by sectors, under which it is good to hide the wiring and disturb the aesthetics of the communication space.

4. Ceiling wallpaper

Such a decision had been at the peak of popularity for a quarter of a century. This design of the ceilings is financially profitable and easy to implement. Also, the boring coating can always be replaced with a new one, as they say, without noise and special dust.

Printed wallpaper design of all overall surfaces in a room in modern interiors by designers is rarely used. But if such delicacies appear, it is exclusively in the bedroom or the children’s room.

5. Carved stretch ceilings

Among the fashionable novelties, there are super topical types of carved stretch ceilings. They inspire admiration and create a magical environment. In terms of a structural solution, they consist of two panels stretched over the frame. 

One of them usually has a saturated shade and serves as a background. The second canvas is more often made in a contrasting shade, and curly cuts are made on it. They can also be folded into geometric or floral patterns, to have a distinct appearance.

Important! It should be noted that cut structures are not recommended for rooms with low ceilings.

6. Mirror ceilings

The correct inclusion of mirror stretch canvases in the general interior environment allows you to visually bring out freshness, air, and infinity even in a small room.

A successful sophisticated variant is the combination of satin and mirrored fabrics. You can create elements that reflect the room space in the center of the main plastic structure. They significantly improve the luminous flux of recessed luminaires.

7. Multilevel structures

Various segments of a multi-level plasterboard ceiling are performed, which carry a certain functional load. They can transition to wall planes, zoning the space or complemented by mirror elements. LED lighting adds extra beauty to its look.

8. Variable projection ceilings

Amazing effects are obtained by assembling special screens in various configurations, equipped with plasterboard segments.

Such luminous ceilings work according to a predetermined program or change the picture depending on the mood.


Looking at the variety of materials and ideas presented, one cannot help but realize that the design of ceilings today from routine work on plaster and putty has become a very fascinating process.

In this case, you can create masterpieces of decorative art, in many cases with your own hands, making your home beautiful and modern is just a matter of time.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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