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What Are The Primary Reasons For Slab Leaks In Your Home?

There are several signs you should have noticed which directly indicate a slab leak in your house. If the water pressure in your pipelines has reduced or your water bill has just suddenly gone up or you just found some moist shades on your roof and ceiling, then I suspect the water system of your house has been interrupted by unwanted slab leaks. There are some symptoms of slab leaks. If you see any of them, then there are high chances that slab leaks have emerged.

Symptoms of slab leaks in your house

  • You will find some Hot and wet spots on your home surface.
  • The floor and ceiling are wet in some areas. 
  • Water can also drip from your ceiling.
  • At late night you can hear the sound of dripping water too. 
  • Sometimes you can hear the sound of rushing water.
  • A mildew smell and wetness around your whole house.
  • Wet spots and damps on your walls.
  • An evident shift in soil structure.

Your water system is connected to all of the valves and appliances that require water to function. The sewer system of your home is attached to every drain in your house and it carries wastewater to the city sewer system. Any of these systems can face leakage from inside or from underneath the ground. If any of the signs I have mentioned have recently emerged then call the plumber to repair slab leaks immediately. Do not leave the slab leaks unattended, it can cause heavy damage like soil saturation underneath your home.

What do you mean by Slab Leaks? 

Slab leaks are leakages that have occurred in water lines that are running below your house’s concrete foundation. Those pipelines can develop leakages for many reasons from water pressure to the poor build quality of pipelines.

Primary reasons for Slab Leak

1. Expansive Shift in soil

This is the most common reason for a slab leak in pipelines that are beneath the house foundation. Expansive soils contain water-absorbing minerals. They used to expand after soaking water underground. This expansion bends the underground pipelines and damages the whole plumbing system. And cause heavy slab leaks.

A slow slab leak can leak too much water underneath your home and can cause more soil to expand which will ultimately do huge damage to your home itself.

2. Fault in Installation

Fault in the installation by the plumbers while installing is one of the main reasons for slab leaks. When plumbers put copper pipes on a rough surface full of rocks and debris, dimples are created on the pipes. After the pipes were bent during the installation, the parts of the pipe that are most affected will end up leaking and being fractured because damaged pipes can not handle high water pressure for a long time. Top slab leak repair in Fullerton can provide the best service with zero faults in installation.

3. Abrasion From Concrete

This is another main cause of slab leaks. Abrasion can damage pipelines when they pass through slabs but they are not sleeved efficiently between them. Because of the strokes that pipes get against concrete every day, the pipes erode and cause slab leaks.

4. Very bad construction

There are many houses that are very strongly built but still, they can face slab leaks. This is due to the poor build quality of the pipes, damaged pipes, or faulty installation. Which can ultimately lead to leakage of pipes. You can do slab leak testing before installing pipelines. This will provide extra safety from slab leaks.

5. Poor Quality Materials

Poor quality of plumbing materials is a primary reason for slab leaks. Companies can use bad materials to slash some extra profit. Materials used in these pipes react with different elements of soil and damage with time. These pipelines fail to provide long-term service.

6. Outside Temperature

When the temperature goes below the freezing point during winters, water that is present in the pipelines freezes. As the water freezes, the volume of the water increases and develops tremendous pressure on the pipes which fractures the pipes and leads to a slab leak.

Even frequent changes in the temperature can cause the materials to contract and expand continuously. Which damages the pipes real bad.

7. Poor quality of water

Slab leaks can also be caused by poor water quality. Maybe the water you use for different household activities is too acidic or basic. This facilitates the pipelines to erode and cause slab leaks.

8. Friction between pipeline and concrete

Friction is one of the primary reasons for slab leaks. When pipelines rub against concrete, they get damaged over time and leakages can emerge over time. The entire pipeline can be damaged due to high friction.

9. Too much water pressure

Uneven pressure of the water creates a tremendous force on the pipelines. Poor construction techniques and movement in the soil can be reasons for uneven water pressure. If the quality of the pipes is not good, high pressure can even cause pipelines to blast.

 Ways slab leaks can be repaired

There are many things you need to consider before decision-making. Repairing slab leaks comes with the risk of property damage which can lead to loss of lots of money. The age of the house, the condition of the foundation and pipelines helps in deciding whether repairing can be done or replacement is the only option.

The toughest decisions will be regarding which company to choose for the work. Different repairing companies have their preferred methods. Ask them to demonstrate their methods and whichever you find most suitable and cost-effective, go for that company.

1. Repiping and rerouting of pipes

Sometimes there is no need to dig under concrete floors to fix the pipes. If a very short section is causing the problem and the other parts of the pipe are good, then rerouting is a more effective solution. 

This way water can go through the old pipelines while the new pipelines are being installed. After installation is done, the old lines are got rid of and new pipes are opened.

2. Breakaway Through The slab

This is the last option plumbers like to choose. Because though it seems like a straightforward path to reach the exact point of leakage, this process is very costly. 

This process can bring a lot of damage to the household. The whole house can transform into a construction site for some hours with dust all over, heavy sound of saws and jackhammers. After the old pipes are removed, plumbers install the new pipes and finally put in a new slab. You should find slab leak repair in Costa Mesa for better results.

3. Tunneling underneath the slab

Most households prefer this option to any other if possible because this way it can cost the least amount of damage. After digging the tunnels and removing the dirt, new pipelines are installed and checked. And in the end, plumbers refill the tunnel with the soil that was previously removed.

Ways to defend pipelines against Slab Leaks? 

Prevention is better than cure. If we take necessary precautions, then we may refrain from leaking out plumbing lines from slab leaks.

Here are a few ways to do that:

  1. Try to Avoid Using High Pressured Water: Excessive water pressure in the pipelines can damage the pipelines and can cause fractures. Try to avoid too much water pressure and your pipelines will remain healthy for a long time.
  2. Keeping the soil of your house moist: Keep the soil moist and soft. That is better for the pipes under your house. It creates less pressure on the pipes from the outside.
  3. Be careful of what you put down the drain: Chemicals that you use to clean drains and other households can damage the sewage pipelines. Also, check the PH level of your water because too much acidic water can cause the same damage as harsh chemicals do.
  4. Regular Plumbing Checkup: This is what most people ignore. Routine checkups of your plumbing system might help you find out some of the problems you don’t even know about. Plumbers will first look for the signs of any possible leaks inside and outside of the house. They will also check if a repair can be done instead of a full replacement. If they feel water pressure is too high, then they will fix the water pressure only. This will save the whole pipeline system from severe damage.

 All these precautions can save your water and sewage system from real damage in the future. Before you hire slab leak repair companies, you should consider a few things. 

Things you should expect from a slab leak repair company when you hire them

  • They must be experienced enough to find out exactly where the slab leaks occurred. Thus repairing will be easy and less costly.
  • After diagnosing the whole situation, they should give you options to choose from. It should be your decision whether to repair it or replace it. They must tell you what can be the best option for you. 

You can find slab leak repair in Costa Mesa for the best services. Make sure the company you hire gives assurance of their service and takes full charge if anything goes wrong.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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