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Why are Boarding Schools Better than Day Schools?

Being a parent brings along many responsibilities. Sure, there are several good moments, moments filled with laughter and happiness, but there are also moments of contemplation. What if this is not good for my child? How do I decide which of the two will be better for them? What if they regret this decision of mine after they grow up? Such are some never-ending questions that often trouble a parent’s mind, at almost every step they take in making decisions concerning their child.

Out of the numerous decisions that a parent has to make for their child, choosing a school for them is one of the most crucial ones. For starters, children are way too young even though they are of age to attend school and thus, it is on the parents’ shoulders alone to decide whether a particular school will be the right fit for their child. And mind you, choosing the right school, is no cup of tea.

Schooling, is hands-down, one of the most essential stages in a person’s life. It is the exposure to the schooling environment, in the early years of childhood, that leads to the formation of physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development in a child. After all, the school is their second home and thus, bound to have an impactful influence on them that lasts a lifetime. In fact, countless kids experience school as their first venture out into a social circle, into a world that extends way outside of their home. The school marks several of their first of many experiences, as it spans a long period of their life. Thus, it becomes an important responsibility for parents to ensure that they get their children admitted to a school that is truly the right fit for them

Choosing the Right Kind of School

As mentioned above, choosing the right school is no piece of the cake. It requires deliberate thought and acute analysis. After all, there are a lot of factors that need to be looked into while on the quest to choose the right school for a child, be it in terms of curriculum, safety, infrastructure, and so on. However, the first point that needs to be taken care of is the kind of school that they want to get their child admitted to. Will a day school suit their child the best or will it be a boarding school that suits them better?

Boarding Schools vs Day Schools: What to Choose?

The debate surrounding boarding schools and day schools has been going on for quite some time now. Boarding schools and day schools are two very different types of institutions, both diverse in more ways than one. While day schools are more in number, boarding schools are more promising than day schools, however less in number, they might be when compared to the huge numbers of day schools. Thus, parents are often conflicted when it comes to making a decision on whether they want to admit their child to a boarding school or a day school.

However, we are here to help with the conflict. Even though day schools have a lot to offer, they are not quite promising as many boarding schools are. Read on to find out more about why boarding schools are better than day schools, and make an informed decision regarding choosing the right school for your child.

What are ‘Boarding Schools’?

As the term suggests, boarding schools are schools that offer boarding facilities to their students. The term ‘boarding’, if you didn’t already know, is used to imply that students in such schools are provided with lodging and meals, i..e “room and board”. A boarding school, thus, is a school that provides students not only with knowledge and learning but also with meals and accommodation facilities. 

Students in boarding schools are allotted dorms where they reside. The dorms are allotted as per their age and the grade that they are in. These residential dorms are situated within the campus of the school itself.

How are Boarding Schools better than Day Schools?

In the past few years, boarding schools have appeared as a popular schooling option among several parents. Ever wondered why is it so? Well, here are some pointers that help decode the growing popularity of boarding schools as opposed to day schools.

  • 24×7 Watch: As students in a boarding school reside on campus, there are always under the supervision of their educators and mentors. Students at a boarding school, thus, receive constant guidance from their mentors and can reach out to them any time they have a doubt or a question pops up, even after they are done with the school hours quite some time back.
  • Attention to Complete Education: Students in a boarding school are presented with a plethora of academic choices, be it art programs, engineering, intensive writing, robotics, and so on. Students are provided with facilities and opportunities to develop as complete individuals with a focus on all-around development that is obtained through performances in music, sports, and other such extra-curricular activities.
  • Attention on Holistic Development: At a boarding school, learning extends well beyond the four walls of the classrooms. As students are present on cam-us 24X7, they have more time at hand to engage in different extra-curricular activities and even other activities that contribute to their emotional and social development under the supervision of their teachers. 
  • Acquaintance with Life Skills: Boarding schools are known to be adept at raising students as independent individuals. At a boarding school, students are acquainted with essential life skills such as independence and self-sufficiency from a young age. Essential traits of discipline, money management, punctuality, and so on are also encouraged amongst boarding school students.
  • Focus on Character Development: In contrast to day schools, boarding schools are known to lay acute importance on the development of demeanor and exceptional character in their students. The disciplined environment in a boarding school further encourages the development of morals and values in their students, especially with an emphasis on value-based education.
  • Formation of Strong Bonds: a boarding school truly is ‘home’ for its students, the only difference being that friends are the only family at boarding schools. Thus, as opposed to day schools, friendships in boarding schools are known to be quite strong and tight-knit. These bonds last years way beyond the completion of school life, making the tight-knit alumni of such schools one of the many benefits of opting for a boarding school education.
  • Superb Infrastructural Facilities: The infrastructure in boarding schools is surely something noteworthy. Most of the top boarding schools in India are known for their superb architectural style that highlights the beauty of the British era. Taking care of every need of its students, boarding schools are equipped with all necessary infrastructural facilities that aid in learning while also making sure that students feel at home.

Thus, all of these advantages have helped boarding schools emerge as the better option when compared with day schools. Boarding schools in India have proved their mettle throughout the years, producing some of the finest individuals that the country has known, individuals that have contributed to the country in several ways to help it climb the ladder of development.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.




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