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Why Yoga Is Preferable To The Gym

Yoga is preferred over gym because of many reasons, nowadays the main reason is that people want to stay safe and free from COVID-19, other reasons are that yoga gives you relief from pain and aches. Yoga stretches our body muscles slowly and open up energy channels for us increased flexibility in yoga keep our joints and muscles lubricated .comparatively in gym weight lifting and running on treadmills causes soreness and injuries.

Yoga Benefits 

1. Benefits of yoga on mind, spirit, and body

Meditation is the main part of yoga, it truly tones up your body and indulges you with a moment giving you positive energy. Your mind, body, and soul will soon start enjoying the benefits! A gym workout is focused on improving your body’s physical condition.

2. Full body benefits of yoga.

The twisting, stretching, and folding which we do in yoga is beneficial for lymph nodes, digestive tract regulation, and the cardiac system. It also helps in detoxification and improves our cardiovascular system resulting in stronger muscles comparatively gym boost up cardio and strengthening of muscles.

3. Acceptance

Yoga makes you believe that you’re perfect the way you seem to be, with your strengths and your weaknesses. It’s true what they say — yoga is not about self-improvement, it’s about self-acceptance also. Gym classes, especially boot camp style classes, give you a feeling of failure if you don’t have anything to do in these types of classes.

4. Focus on your self

Yoga helps you focus on yourself, like in the gym you are forced to look in the mirror and observe what each part muscle and limbs are doing. In yoga you can imagine yourself anywhere you want to imagine yourself. 

5. Helps you to have a lean look

Yoga will help you to get a lean body as compared to the gym which will helps in getting bulky muscles.

6. Yoga work efficiently

Through different asanas, your full body becomes toned and stronger by using your entire body weight as ‘weights’. By using only weights or other equipment, muscles have to work independently to get the benefit, which takes a whole lot more time. but in yoga your body depends upon itself only for stretching, no weight lifting is involved in it, you can work efficiently.

7. Ease of doing yoga anywhere

You can do yoga anywhere in small places at your home, all you need to have premises of 6feet by 4 feet and you can make your yoga studio. But for the gym, you need to have more types of equipment with a larger space.

8. Yoga is kinder to body

Yoga is so easy going and kinder to the body and it built up heat and your body feels flexible and more relaxed due to stretching. You don’t have to put pounds on your joints,  which cause soreness and injuries.

9. Breathing 

During stress it’s difficult to breathe,  Without deep breaths, it’s harder to think clearly and fatigue can set in. Yoga focuses on the breath so that when you need it most, those deep breaths are the norm.

10. Yoga is calming

In yoga, the overall purpose is to release tension and anxiety we perform this activity for getting calm and to get relaxed in yoga classes like in savasana mostly you meditate, There is no clenching of teeth, no dropping off weight, and no aggressive expressions.

12. Yoga improves concentration

During yoga practice, you focus on the breath, the posture, and the gaze and it helps to improve your concentration. While you can try and do this at the gym,  with all the other distractions around, like loud music, TVs, etc you won’t be able to practice silence in the gym.

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