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10 Food Habits That Will Improve Your Health & Beauty During Covid-19

1. Reduce your food’s spice

Spicy food always effect your immune system, digestive system and some how also cause cough. In the time Coronavirus, we all need to take great care of our health. Doctor advised not to eat, spicy food that includes any sort of Desi or junk food. The food you are eating is the cause of ingestion and that’s why in this pandemic situation, don’t eat unhealthy food. 

2. Avoid foods that cause acne and heartburn

During COVID-19, it is observed that age group of 60’s plus, are more getting attacked by the Coronavirus. Hence, it vary from person to person, but some common characteristics of heartburn-inducing foods include greasy, high-fat meals, spicy foods, soda, and alcohol Spicy rice. All oily things are the cause of acne, pimples and as well as cholesterol issues that will further get severe and become cause of heart attack. If you are having gastroesophageal, you may find it increasingly difficult to sleep well. Changing your diet and talking to your doctor about specific medications can reduce your symptoms will help you to relax refreshingly. If you are taking doctor advice and healthy changes to eating habits will have a positive impact on your health.

3. Eat a balanced diet

In this era fast-food culture, it’s easy to live on microwave meals, boxed meals, sausage, soft drinks and fast food. It’s challenging for your body to survive on unhealthy foods like these. Your body can’t digest and ingredients contained in such food may slow down your metabolism. Your body needs natural foods that contain energetic compounds.

If you want to have a refreshing sleep peacefully and function well throughout the day, focus on eating healthy food that contain fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and proteins. Your proteins should be low-fat and full of B vitamins to help control your levels of melatonin, also hormone that controls your sleep. Infect, if someone does not found pure vegetables, he/she can also do kitchen gardening.

4. Work on weight loss

One of the hardest personal improvement goals for many people to meet is achieving a healthy body and weight loss. It makes you feel better as you get rid of junk food, tobacco and alcohol from your diet. Obesity is a leading cause of obstructive sleep apnea, a potentially dangerous condition in which your breathing starts and stops when you sleep. Weight loss is excellent for promoting quality life. It will help you to overcome insomnia and nighttime touchiness.

5. Avoid big dinner

Your heaviest meals should be breakfast and lunch. While you have the whole day ahead of you to digest your food and burn calories for vital functions. In our culture, most families only have meet and greet around the dinner table. This typical routine is the cause of eating heaviest meals in the evenings. It would affect digestion patterns and allows fatty, hearty foods to be absorbed into your body, instead of being used for necessary fuel. Don’t eat the heaviest meal at dinner. 

6. Reduce nighttime snacks

 You do feel it is essential to grip potato chips or ice cream after dinner. You might even think this is a reward for a hard day of work, but those unhealthy nighttime snacks could be causing a restless night of sleep. When people eat more snacks in the evening. They have higher markers of swelling. If you must snack before going to sleep, try fresh fruit, nuts almonds and walnuts that have melatonin in them warm milk, and complex carbs. 

7. Be cautious about what you drink

As doctors advised to drink warm water after some minutes to get rid from the germs of Coronavirus but on the same time people manipulate this piece of advised to drink other hot coffees and also start drinking water at the wrong time. It is very important to realize the correct time of drinking water etc. Avoid any products with caffeine after noontime, for example green tea, coffee, and soda. Warm milk, chamomile, lavender tea, and water are better choices if you are ready to get some break.

8. Skip alcohol

Taking a glass of wine before bed may help you in better sleep. It can help you in having a sound sleep. Such positive aftereffects can cause interruption and disturbance while living a normal life. 

Adequate hydration is essential as it dehydration cause several problems like irritation in the nasal and mouth cavity, and snoring. As there are the only symptoms that are found of Coronavirus are cough, flu, etc. So, drink a warm water instead of alcohol because lack of fluids can cause cramps in legs. Only solutions is to stay hydrated at day time and avoid excessive cold water as it may disturb your health.

9. Eat food that increase your immune system

Eating the fresh fruits, vegetables, goat milk, yogurt, butter, meat can boost your immune system. The major thing that can make you survive after the COVID-19 attack is just the immune system. It is medically observed, those people who have strong immune system, are surviving and fight back with the Coronavirus. So, make sure to eat Fruits that especially have Vitamin-C. 

10. Avoid Makeup products

It is especially for the ladies that use a lot of makeup products and especially local makeup products just like, lipsticks. As we all know lipstick applies on lips and through this it can be swallow to the mouth and we don’t know either it is made from the organic product or not. So, when you are staying at home, try to avoid using makeup products. Somehow, If you have some reason to put some lipstick or other makeup products then you may use trustful products, after getting reviews of that products. Avoiding makeup also safe your skin from chemicals and acne, blackheads, etc.


Your eating habits have an essential impact on your body and work. For enough healthy life, a healthy tip is to observe your eating habits, add and subtract accordingly. A healthy lifestyle will be helpful for your body to fight from COVID-19 and other pandemic situations. Your body will be thankful to you!

Stay safe, Stay home, Stay healthy.

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