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10 Quick Tips To Stay Warm While Camping In Winter

Anyone who craves snow or cold weather should remember to keep himself warm while exploring the dark woods. The chilling breeze in the atmosphere can send you a shiver and you always end up shivering even in bed. So, before the temperature plummets and you are desperately trying to find a cozy spot, make sure to follow these tips to stay warm during winter.

1. Keep yourself layer

As soon as the first blow of wind sends you to shiver, brace yourself to layer with warm and comfortable clothing from head to toe. Your body should be covered with warm clothing. Put on an extra layer of jackets on your upper body, gloves for your hands, warm socks for your feet, and a hat that can cover your ears as well. This is the first thing that you should do as the temperature drops down.

2. Insulate Your Tent With Rugs

There are plenty of cold weather tents that will provide you with a cozy spot but it is a good idea to insulate your tent with rugs or carpet. Rugs will layer the floor to provide you extra warmth and prevent a cold from coming out of the floor. Rugs are definitely an inexpensive option and when you put your feet on the ground, you won’t be feeling that shiver again. You get a completely warm spot to move inside the tent.

3. Sleeping Bag

Choose the right sleeping bag to stay yourself comfortable and warm. Most of the sleeping bags are also adequate when you put them to use in the summer season. Before you buy one, make sure to check the season rating and reviews about its performance. A close-fitting bag will be your perfect option to keep warm and cozy. Make sure to buy one that is a 4-season sleeping bag and can be put to use in winter.

4. Food and Water

It is important to keep yourself hydrated and proper nutrition (Warm food) will keep you comfortable and warm during winter. So, make sure that you have access to warm water to quench your thirst. For this, you can use an insulated water bottle which will keep your water hot for several hours. Eat food that will heat up your food and keep chocolate and energy bars handy.

5. Open the vents of the tent

Although you want to close all the possible sources where the chilling breeze of the winter season can enter but it is important to open vents of the tent. It will improve the ventilation inside the tent and resist the build-up of condensation. The excessive condensation will build up the droplets of water that will start falling inside your tent leaving you vulnerable.

5. Keep wet gears separate

Make sure to separate wet and dry gears and don’t bring the wet gear inside the sleeping area. Carry an additional bag where you can stash your wet clothing separately and keep them away from the sleeping area to prevent a build-up of condensation inside the tent.

7. Choose A Wise location To Pitch Your Tent

The location where you are pitching your tent can play a big role in providing you warmth and making you comfortable. It is a good idea to pitch your tent where there are natural barriers that will avoid the wind. Big trees, bushes, tall grass are natural barriers and will prevent the wind to enter your tent. On the other hand, make sure that your tent is not near to water or river since it will be cool there.

8. Get a Hot Water Bottle

For a comfortable and sound sleep, you can get a hot water bottle with you and keep it in your sleeping pad. A hot water bottle will provide you with an extra layer of warmth and offer you a cozy place to relax for hours. Well, if the bottle is too hot to touch, you can wrap an additional layer of clothing around it and place it on your body.

9. Carry Heat Pads With You

It is a good idea to carry disposable heat pads with you that will provide you with the warmth you are seeking for. The pad will heat up in just a few minutes when you open it. So, the next time you are shivering from cold, just place in your clothing to feel the warmth. Before you put them to use, read their directions and instructions clearly. Be cautious while you are using it.

10. Choose The Right Size Of Tent

The size of the tent can offer you a cozy spot. If you are going out with a bunch of people, it is a good idea to house everyone in the same tent to keep everyone warm. On the other hand, if you are going out solo camping, avoid using a large tent. Make sure to use a smaller tent to warm your body.

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