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12 Amazing Islands In Maldives: Perfect For Couples for Honeymoon

A dream of white-sand beaches, stunning views, stunning beaches, and stunning islands, the Maldives is a stunning honeymoon spot. It’s the perfect spot to begin your marriage with a romantic touch and create unforgettable memories for an entire lifetime.

Apart from the beautiful tropical landscape, Maldives offers a range of water sports that aid in Maldives tourism. There are numerous privately owned resorts that are artificial in the Maldives, which are ideal for the perfect honeymoon destination. In addition to the many amenities and amenities, the Maldives is a place of privacy essential for newlyweds.

Read further to find out the islands of the Maldives that are ideal for a romantic honeymoon. Including these islands in your Maldives tour package is essential to enjoy an unforgettable trip.

1. Hulhumale Island

Hulhumale is an artificial island situated south of the North Male Atoll. It enforces a strict no-littering policy. It’s a perfect blend of urban life and the nature-inspired beauty of island life. The beautiful coastline and the lack of visitors make this island an excellent destination for honeymooners. Hulhumale is a tourist destination in the Maldives tour package, with plenty of leisure and nightlife opportunities.

2. Villingili Resort Island

Villingili Resort and Spa is Shangri-sole La’s resort island in the Maldives’ Addu Atoll. The remote location and the lush tropical forest is a dream honeymoon destination for couples to be awed by nature at its finest. The resort features white sand beaches, lavish villas, a spa, and many water-based activities for couples.

3. Dhidhdhoo Island

The tranquil atmosphere of Dhidhdhoo island makes it an ideal location to enjoy a romantic getaway. There are a variety of luxurious resorts and hotels that couples can spend the most blissful moments. On this stunning island, you will be able to witness the beauty of nature, have candle-lit dinners, or try night fishing.

4. Male Island

Are you looking for luxurious honeymoon destinations? Male Island is the perfect choice as it gives you exciting options for sightseeing and a glimpse into Maldivian culture. Beyond the Maldives, the beaches, palms, and beech trees you will see brightly-colored houses and vibrant cultural life. It is possible to enjoy snorkeling or underwater scooter rides as well as take a ferry ride to discover the nearby islands.

5. Dhigurah Island

Dhigurah is among the least populated islands within the Alif Dhaal Atoll. The surrounding waters are abundant in marine life and offer whale shark trips that make it an ideal destination for adventurers. You can relax and enjoy a fantastic holiday at one of the luxurious resorts located on Dhigurah island that guarantees relaxation and comfort.

6. Veligandu Island

Veligandu is another one of the popular honeymoon destinations within the Maldives. The white beaches, the greenery, Jacuzzi water villas, and the delicious food can make your trip unforgettable. It is possible to go snorkeling or diving with your loved one in the gorgeous lagoons for an unforgettable experience.

7. Bandos Island

Bandos Island, which is located in the North Male Atoll, is just 10 minutes away by boat from Male International Airport. It is a resort that is a private island that is surrounded by numerous diving spots that offer an array of options for activities such as parasailing, waterskiing or snorkeling, wakeboarding, and more. In addition to traditional and water villas, the resort has bars and restaurants that allow couples to enjoy great refreshments and delicious food.

8. Maafushi Island

If you’re looking to experience paradisiacally beautiful Maldives, you should head for Maafushi island. The sparkling water, the tranquil ambiance, and exciting activities make it an ideal destination for honeymooners. The change from the bustling urban life to the tranquility of this island will calm your nerves. There are several things to choose from, such as snorkeling and catamaran tours, to make the most of your time on this beautiful island.

9. Thoddoo Island

Thoddoo is among the most stunning islands in the Maldives famous for its oval-shaped shape and its production of agricultural products, particularly the sweet watermelon. It has beautiful beaches for visitors and is well-maintained and clean. In addition to experiencing the traditional Maldivian lifestyle and going on dolphin tours, you can enjoy delicious seafood.

10. Vaadhoo Island

It is a stunning island famous for its natural phenomenon that is known as the “sea with stars. The water on the island is blue in the moonlight due to phytoplankton in the ocean. The island attracts visitors from all around the world and provides a breathtaking vista. This island boasts opulent resorts with the most up-to-date amenities.

11. Utheemu Island

You and your significant other are history buffs who like to be in the midst of beauty. Utheemu island is the perfect honeymoon destination. The stunning beauty of the landscape, the clear blue sky, stunning sunsets, and sunrises are stunning. The island is a piece of paradise that is waiting to transport you on a breathtaking trip that will last a lifetime.

12. Maradhoo Island

Marathon Island is located in the Addu Atoll of the Maldives and is known for its incredible diving experience and authentic Maldivian vibes. The soothing views, the tranquil beaches, and gorgeous palms make this an ideal spot to relax and spend time with your loved one. It is also possible to enjoy abundant seafood, browse the local markets, or enjoy a cruise through various villages in the islands. 

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