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10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Canada

Filled with impressive landscapes and offering plenty of enjoyable activities, Canada is one of the largest countries worldwide. Canada also features a myriad of cultures.

So, whether you’re a real foodie or an obsessive adventurer, this world-class North American country is for everybody. With countless fascinating places to visit here end-to-end, you might have a hard time zeroing in on a few of them. 

Here are the 10 most beautiful places to visit in Canada:

1. Ottawa

Home to several federal establishments and cultural attractions, Ottawa is bike- and ski-friendly. The Canadian capital is also full of scenic waterways including the world-famous Rideau Canal.

Visit the Parliament buildings and notable art museums such as the National Gallery of Canada. In winter, enjoy skating on the frozen Rideau Canal.

Don’t miss out on exploring the ByWard Market, home to farmers’ stalls as well as about six hundred businesses. Shop, dine and indulge in arts and entertainment at this buzzing hub of Ottawa.

2. Icefields Parkway

Won’t you like to travel along the country’s most beautiful drive? With several tree-lined roads and must-see stops, the Icefields Parkway offers stunning views of the Rocky Mountains.

Indeed, a place that your camera will fall in love with, instantly!

Explore the breathtaking wilderness, taking stops at Bow Lake, Athabasca Glacier, and Tangle Falls. How about camping along the Icefields Parkway for a longer stay?

3. Niagara Falls

Located at the world-famous Niagara waterfalls, the Canadian city of Niagara Falls offers beauty and adventure to the hilt. Of the three different waterfalls making up the Niagara waterfalls, Canada offers panoramic views of the Horseshoe Falls

Approximately 670 meters wide and falling 57 meters into the Niagara River below, the Horseshoe Falls welcomes you with a thunderous roar even before they’re in sight! Take a day trip to the waterfalls and don’t miss out on boat tours letting you view this incredible landmark at close range.

4. Kluane National Park

An expanse of twenty-two thousand square kilometers, the Kluane National Park is full of icy glaciers, dense valleys, and wild fields.   The giant park is also the home of Mount Logan, the tallest peak in the country.

Try climbing this jewel crown of Kluane, rising higher than 2 miles over its environs, if you’re proficient in roped glacier traveling or ski mountaineering.  Hike the park’s trails, kayak on lakes, snowboard, dog sled, and try ice climbing. 

5. Quebec City

This French-speaking Canadian city is one of North America’s most ancient settlements. Full of quaint streets, Quebec City, has a friendly vibe, no matter what season.

Visit the historic Château Frontenac, a nineteenth-century hotel dominating Quebec City’s skyline. You’ll also enjoy shopping for souvenirs in the city’s countless local shops. 

Make sure to taste Poutine, the city’s staple, and also the nation’s iconic dish. A delectable combination of fries and cheese curds topped with hot gravy!

6. Churchill

This subarctic town abounds in polar bears and is an excellent place for seeing the Northern Lights. Needless to say, Churchill draws countless tourists each year.

Take a tundra buggy tour to see polar bears in their natural environment. If you’re traveling in summer, you can also view beluga whales and several birds, including tundra swans.

You can view the spectacular Northern Lights from Churchill at the beginning of the year (January – March).

7. Thousand Islands

An archipelago of more than a 1000 picturesque islands, this marvelous jewel of nature is a must-visit! The Thousand Islands host lovely vacation homes of Canadians.

Take a day trip to the Thousand Islands, exploring some of them by boat and getting to know their inhabitants.  One island you ought to visit is the Heart Island, home to the impressive, twentieth-century Gilded Age Boldt Castle.

8. The Muskoka Lakes

A picturesque cottage country and a lovely escape from the urban hustle-bustle, the Muskoka Lakes is full of striking waterfront properties. You’ll simply enjoy exploring the region’s three big lakes, namely, Muskoka, Rousseau, and Joseph.

Indulge in water activities like sailing at Muskoka Lake. How about staying in a JW Marriott right on Rousseau Lake? You can also enjoy good-sized fishing trout here. Swim in the deep, clear waters of Joseph Lake. The lakeside also offers horseback riding.

9. Vancouver

Boasting lively culture and ethnically varied restaurants, Vancouver is full of stunning natural vistas. What’s more, through this busy, ocean-fringed metropolitan city, you can enter Whistler Blackcomb, a world-famous Canadian ski resort.

Indulge in various cultural activities here, such as indie music shows and waterfront Shakespeare’s plays. Admire nature from the naturally thrilling Capilano Suspension Bridge spanning 450 feet and at a height of 230 feet over the Capilano River. 

Don’t miss out on Vancouver Aquarium, the largest in the country. Engage face-to-face with countless sea creatures like otters, sea stars, and sea lions.

10. Long Beach 

Providing the best surfing experience throughout Canada, Long Beach has a wide expanse and great waves. This 20-kilometer sandy stretch makes a perfect rejuvenating getaway.

Long Beach provides surfing lessons every day, including all surfing equipment. In summer, you can also enjoy offshore excursions, paddling, or taking boat tours to nearby islands. 


Now you know about some of Canada’s most beautiful places and what activities you can enjoy while visiting them. Why not plan a trip right away? 


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