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4 Tips for Building a Better Home Office

In this age of remote work, the home office has become an indispensable tool that allows you to perform your duties while keeping your home life separate. Home offices should be more than just a room with a desk and chair. They need to inspire you while providing everything you need to do the job. Read on to explore four tips for building a better home office worth considering as you outfit your space.

Keep Comfort in Mind

Just because you’re working in your home office doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. In fact, omitting items such as ergonomically designed office chairs and furniture pieces that allow you to stretch out can interfere with your productivity. Be sure to outfit your home office with comfort in mind. Above all, you should pick a chair you can work in for hours without causing back pain. Having a wide desk allows you to easily spread out and review your work. And if clients stop by, ensure you can offer them a seat on a comfy chair or couch.

Light It Up

Good light is an important part of doing good work. Reduce eye strain and ensure you can perform detailed work by ensuring the room gets plenty of sun during the day. However, you’ll want to add curtains to reduce the light and heat if it gets to be too much. If you pick table and floor lamps that can bathe the room in light, invest in three-way bulbs and dimmer switches that allow you to adjust the light levels.

Get Organized

A messy office may make it look like you’re busy, but it leaves a bad impression in clients’ minds while making it difficult for you to work. Start by keeping the floors and furniture clear of clutter. Next, purchase filing cabinets and shelving to keep books, paperwork, and more in order and ready for retrieval. Finally, decorate but keep the walls and flat surfaces free from excessive ornamentation and items. A sparse office is a less distracting one. There can be many challenges with working from home, but make sure that a disorganized space isn’t one of them.

Handle the Noise

The last of our four tips for building a better home office is to reduce noise in your space. Remove TVs, radios, or other devices that provide unnecessary aural (and visual) distraction. Invest in a white noise machine or similar noise cancellation device such as headphones. Adding textured wall coverings like acoustic tiles or wallpaper can also reduce noise inside and outside the room. Rugs are another way to absorb sound as well, especially those featuring thick or shaggy fabrics. If possible, add more insulation inside the walls to further reduce noise from surrounding rooms. The quiet will be readily noticeable!

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