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5 Great Places to Visit For the First Time While in Dubai

As we speak about the desert trip, the first site that crosses your sense is Dubai. 

Dubai in UAE has always been a hotspot in terms of Desert adventure. One such well-liked activity is Safari in the Dubai Desert. You can relish swinging through the desert while bathing in the panoramic views.

The stints of your expedition will rely on the packages you pick. In Dubai Safari Park, you can discover a number of trek operators. It equips you with the best Safari in Dubai. 

It also has a night Safari, day Safari, and evening Safari in Dubai. 

The apt fee for the move starts from AED 200. It’s the moment to appreciate the experience of the best Safari in Dubai in the Lahab land and realize the Adrenaline Rush as you move through the heaps in Dubai. Witness the sunset view and participate in other activities like Henna designing and camel rides with your loved ones.

Relish the BBQ dinner with starters, snacks, local specialties, and drinks. You can relish a moment of dune slashing across the golden Arabian desert. 

Enjoy a session of belly dancing and Shisha smoking. There are a ton of activities to accomplish in Dubai Safari.

1. Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame

Located in Zabeel park of Dubai, Dubai frame is one of the largest stands in the world and holds a record for the same. It has glass, concrete, Steel, and Aluminium. It has a total height of 492 meters, and the frame acts as one nice place from where one can catch the Dubai Skyline.

It is a layout and presents a 360-degree stance of the modest past rooming in old Dubai and the nascent modern Dubai. Visitors can stroll up to 93 m from the track and relish the metropolis on either end of the frame.

The facility corresponds to a Colossal stand that gets illustrated by Golden motifs in a honeycomb design. It has a couple of fine dining restaurants, top-rated motels, and cafes to entertain visitors. Get along with the spectacular view of The Skyline in Dubai. Book now Dubai Frame Tickets and experience the vista of the cityscape, both ancient and new. It is also near Dubai Creek and offers a lovely picture of the Arabian Gulf with an aerial outlook of Arab on the water. 

The design of the Dubai frame has got inspired by the logo of the World Expo, held in 2021.

2. Burj Khalifa

burj Khalifa

Another name for Khalifa is Burj Dubai. It is the most extensive tower on the earth with an eminence of 828 m. Burj Khalifa draws visitors from all corners of the world, and the building gets known for its stunning observation deck, which lies on level 148 and offers a panoramic view of the Dubai Skyline.

As you know, it is the tallest structure and building worldwide. It has a height of 2722 feet with a roof that soars above 2717 feet. It got named after Burj Dubai and was renamed after the president of Abu Dhabi. 

The building was designed to be the world’s largest one and has driven to break many records. 

The observation deck on the 124th floor has an Augmented reality device. It allows tourists to view landscaped surroundings in real time. It turns out to be the ultimate when you for the new year eve’s celebration with a Global spectacle.

It has around 57 lifts, 57 single decks, and two double decks. From a height of 452, Burj Khalifa allows you to watch the mesmerizing sunset in the Arabian desert. 

3. AIN Dubai

AIN dubai

AIN Dubai gets expected to make for the most elongated just vintage wheel in the world. The enormous wheel promises to offer 360-degree views of the panoramic City along with the coastline. You can be sure that the towering wheel is more than 167 meters long. The height of the AIN Dubai wheel offers numerous awe-inspiring sites of the most celebrated Landmark of Dubai. the weight of the AIN Dubai is striking. It features about 48 capsules having the capacity to accommodate more than 1400 people at a go. It is made of glass, and each screen measures about 30 square meters. Let’s talk about the point of interest at AIN Dubai.

the observation cabins of AIN Dubai provide you with the chance to enjoy a 38-minute long session of riding a capsule in an indoor air-conditioned spot.

4. Museum of Future

museum of dabai

Unique and innovative MOTF in Dubai is one new addition to Skyline. It’s one of the most innovative structures in the world. It gives visitors valuable insight into the future of human technology and innovation with displays, installations, and inventions that are yet to get introduced to the world population. you get to explore 7 floors of fantastic installations and exhibits that allow you to imagine several years in the future. It is a wonderful sight for children to familiarise themselves with the unending potential of Technology. All the aspects of the Museum of the future will allow you to transport yourself to the future, which is not accessible to mankind. 

One of the most distinctive features of the Museum is the Arabic calligraphy that gets carved into the Steel paneling. Seven levels get connected to a walkway that leads to the metro station. It allows you to engage in workshops, games, and practical experiences at the Museum of future in Dubai.

5. Dubai mall 

It is the largest shopping complex in Dubai. Whether you are up for form or just want to spend some time on a luxurious item, Dubai mall is the best way to go. It has about 120 restaurants and 22 cine screens. 

It crowns itself as the ultimate entertainment option for Dubai, and the mall is the home to the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo. As you head to the central position of the mall, you will get amazed to have breathtaking views of the human waterfalls, the KidZania of the Dubai Mall allows minors to win gifts for completing small tasks,

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