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The Perfect Romantic Interlude – Best Places To Visit In Dubai For Couples

Dubai is an emirate that is often considered as a family destination or an adventure city. Unarguably, the city has some of the most exhilarating attractions and theme parks the world has ever seen. However, when it comes to a romantic holiday, Dubai takes a backseat while other island destinations get more attention. In reality, Dubai proves to be an excellent destination with an assortment of romantic experiences for couples and honeymooners.  

Weaved within this cosmopolitan city’s opulent settings and iconic highlights are some of the most romantic spots, perfect for romantic getaways. Its fusion of luxurious and serene attractions is definite to sweep your beloved away. So come rekindle your love in Dubai with these gorgeous attractions and experience that exude romance in every essence.  

Hot Air Ballooning

The desert of Dubai has a surreal charm to it. Before the sun turns scorching hot, the deserts are mellow and soothing to visit – a perfect setting for a hot air ballooning trip over the golden-hued sand dunes. A private hot air ballooning ride in the Arabian desert in early sunshine is a tranquil and romantic attraction that lets you and your beloved spend time alone while gently floating above the desert and enjoying the gorgeous panoramas.  Turn the luxury quotient a notch up with premium pick-up services and delving on gourmet breakfast after your hot air ballooning ride in Dubai. 

Overnight private Dubai desert safari experience

In Dubai, you can easily make any trip into a private experience – even a stay in the desert. Extend your Dubai desert safari tour and spend the night in the sublime surrounds of Arabian Desert. The experience offers you an amazing sun-downer experience in the desert followed by fascinating traditional entertainment and activities such as camel rides, henna painting, shisha smoking, and wonderful performances by traditional belly dancers, fire shows, oud players and tanoura shows to name a few. Ignite the flame in your relationship with a cackling bonfire and a traditional barbeque dinner under the starry skies. You can club the hot air ballooning ride after your overnight safari in the desert for that complete Arabian romantic desert tour experience. 

Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise

A cruise on Dubai’s water inlets is a highly recommended attraction to include in your Dubai tour packages. Dubai Marina dinner cruise particularly charms you with scintillating views of Dubai’s ultra-modern scenarios yet offering suave and quiet surroundings for a hearty meal. Hop onboard a dhow cruise or a stylish boat and enjoy a serene evening cruising on Dubai Marina, enjoying delectable delicacies while immersed in nonchalant moments.  

Seaplane tour of Dubai

Dubai looks absolutely marvellous from the bird’s eye view. Sweep your beloved to the clouds on a seaplane Dubai tour which takes you high above the city to offer stunning panoramas of Dubai’s beautiful city skyline. Witness this grand city from the sky- the towering skyscrapers, magnificent architectural marvels and historic landmarks on a 45-minute seaplane ride. The Palm Dubai, Jebel Ali and Dubai Marina are some the highlights of the tour that looks absolutely magnificent to view from the aerial perspective.  Seaplane tours are another ideal way to add a touch of thrill and adventure to your romantic holiday. 

Romantic Afternoon Tea experiences in luxury settings

Dubai has an obsession with afternoon teas and you can find an array of restaurants and cafes all over the city churning out some fabulous menus in elegant settings. However, afternoon tea session at Dubai’s stylish luxury hotels is an extraordinary experience. For an instant, spend some time enjoying the beautiful vistas of the world’s ultimate luxury hotel – Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.

Get a chance to witness its world-class hospitality with an afternoon tea at the Sky View Bar perched on the top floor of this iconic sail-shaped hotel. How about an afternoon spent onboard a marvellous British cruise liner docked in Dubai that is now converted into a floating restaurant?

The QE2 is an excellent choice to explore this beautiful ship and enjoy a classic meal. Other places to visit for a romantic brunch with scenic vistas are Abra Afternoon Tea at Jumeirah Al Qasr and Taj Indian Afternoon Tea at Taj Dubai. Afternoon teas are perfect excuses to enjoy 5-star hospitality without drilling a hole in your wallet.

A date-night at Dubai’s extraordinary dining venues

The fine-dining scene in Dubai is one of the best you will ever experience in the world. With a myriad of options, you will be spoilt for choices on which dining venue to choose for that perfect romantic dinner night. Nevertheless, all the venues have something unique to offer that will make your evenings memorable. Wind up your romantic evening stroll at some of the most renowned beachside and waterfront restaurants with a scrumptious dinner while treating your eyes with visuals of stunning sea vistas and exotic city views. 

Some of the must-try restaurants for a romantic dinner experience in Dubai are Pierchic at Madinat Jumeirah and Eauzone Restaurant. Surprise your better half by planning a romantic dinner at extraordinary landmarks of Dubai. Set a date night dinner at top of Burj Khalifa.  

Treat yourself and your beloved with a romantic fine-dining experience at the extraordinary alfresco settings of Tasca, Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah or underwater dining settings at Ossiano within Atlantis the Palm Dubai. The list of exquisite restaurants is endless and so is the eclectic variation of cuisine available for savouring. Whatever you choose, it will be one of the most romantic meals you both would have ever cherished. Guaranteed! 


Dubai is that one place in the world where you can blend your romantic escapes with the finest hospitality. Adding in a touch of opulence is easy with a myriad of options available in this city. If you are going to Dubai for a romantic escape, then opt for luxury settings as the place is known for its elegant sophistication and luxurious elements. Whether you are celebrating your beloved’s birthday, your anniversary or a romantic honeymoon, Dubai is that destination where couples can find some of the best moments of togetherness and turn them into most memorable memories of their life.

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