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6 Home Décor Ideas Going To Rule In 2021

We have spent more time in our homes than ever before, doing a bit of nesting, organizing, rearranging, furniture and most importantly working from home. In short, as the previous year’s home decorations were all about  styles and keeping up with the world fashion, this year it’s all about learning a bit more about feeling comfortable in their own spaces.  Here are the 6 ideas  that are going to rule throughout the year.

1. Close to nature

When people were confined in their houses all day around and weren’t allowed to go out, they found themselves drawn to nature more than ever. The backyard spaces which were previously only used occasionally suddenly saw an increased amount of interest. They became the best place to have guests over and dinners. Decorating it in lush greenery, it bought a feeling of being out and about. People who didn’t have the luxury of having backyard spaces, turned a room or two into a perfect plant paradise. While earlier due to convenience people would often prefer faux plants and flowers, this year saw the real, the better. You can count on these little things to bring you happiness in these times. For those who can’t take care of the plants due to shortage of time, preserved flowers are the solution. They are basically dried flowers that can last for months. And by having real plants in house, it also helps with purifying the air and improving our moods, something we can definitely use after 2020.

2. Plush picks

Plush and cozy are going to be the trend of this year, continuing with the theme 2021, self care. People want to feel like they are being wrapped in a warm hug when they walk in a room. There’s nothing quite like plush accents to keep you cozy. They are cozy but yet still buttoned up enough to show off. So expect to see much more of orb pillows, ottoman, comfy rugs, fuzzy boucles and plush velvet a lot more.

color selection for house

3. Color of optimism

The long popular trend of white on white interiors is definitely over. 2021 is all about bold color, patterns and unexpected color bombs. Even the people, who were loyal to neutrals all along, are finding the need to bring the hues of shades in their homes. This could all be traced to needing not only joy but the sense of optimism in our lives. In the world of interior décor, that transfers to color so expect hues of pretty pastels, rich bold jewel tones and calming tones to rise in popularity. Being surrounded by color bombs could easily infuse you with happiness while you are still holed up at home.

4. Back to traditional 

In the previous years trends were all about being mid century modern and Scandinavian style, particularly among millennials. This year home owners are seeking the feeling of comfort, ease and familiarity. The term being used to define this sense of style is called “granny chic”. It’s a fun and sustainable way to style. This look is defined by velvets, brass and mismatch of patterns essentially.  You can find many pieces at vintage stores or even use your own hand me downs. You can mix and match many things at once. Think layering rugs or placing a throw blanket on vintage sofas. Mixing texture adds depth and warmth to a space, giving it a warm and cozy feeling overall. 

5. Let the light in

No matter how many lights you can light up your house, they aren’t anything compared to the optimism and happiness brought in the room, simply by letting natural light come in. top designers have said that in 2021 there will be focus on bringing as much natural light as possible in your home. So buy blinds and sheer curtains and invite the sunlight in. and because we are not going out as much as we should, letting our home and ourselves soak in sunlight has never been more important. 

natural light in house

6. Rethinking of open floor spaces

Now that various people are working from home at the same time, they are starting to realize how chaotic it can be for the whole family to be confined in the one space and simultaneously zoom-ing friends and teachers. This had them questioning the privacy of open floor spaces. The open floor plans are not going to disappear overnight as it is simply not possible but it is going away little by little. Various people are investing in room dividers, bringing in a door or finding some sort of solution to add privacy. 

Author – Davina Claire is a content marketer who currently works at winalll, USA. A writer by day and reader by night, she has interest in a wide range of topics. When she is not with her notebook and pen, you can find her humming in her kitchen or garden or simply curled up on the sofa watching documentaries

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