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6 Gorgeous Budget Friendly Honeymoon Destinations In India: Places You Must Visit

Honeymoon is the most important event that should be done just after the marriage. Before the whole trouble of marriage, which creates a big hole in your pocket, the budget gets decreased for the honeymoon for most of the couples. Some of them have to postpone their honeymoon due to this budget reduction. However, more than one exotic honeymoon locations are present in India, whose charges remain pocket friendly. Also the amusement you will be getting here is going to be extraordinary for you. The article has described more than one gorgeous budget friendly destination where you can visit to have a great honeymoon with your spouse. 

In case you are also looking for destinations whose budget is pocket friendly, you can go through this article, it contains descriptions of  most awesome pocket friendly places to do your honeymoon. 


Agra is the place where you can have your romantic honeymoon. This is  denoted as one of the most popular romantic tourist spots due to Taj Mahal. Every year a number of tourists visit this place, many honeymoon couples also visit this place. The main definition of the place is the rate of staying here are so cost efficient. The main attraction of the place is viewing Taj Mahal on a moony night when it looks like a pearl. While travelling from the side of the Agra Fort, you will feel like you are in the historic period, which is another attraction of the place. The place is well connected with Delhi, you can come to Agra via train or bus or private car from Delhi. Also, the charges to stay here are very low which remains approximately under 5000. There are more than one hotels as well as restaurants are present where people can stay to have their honeymoon. If you are looking for guide who can guide you regarding where to stay and much more, you can definitely take help from a company that helps honeymoon couples. However, if you are a romantic person then the Agra is going to be your favourite honeymoon destination. 


Andaman is an exotic place for honeymoon couples due to its loneliness, any one is not going to disturb you and your spouse here, you both can have a perfect refreshment here. Travelling cost of Andaman are not so much high. The hotel rates as well as the charges for the place are very economical. Radhanagar beach is the key attraction for the Andaman. To see the beauty of this beach most of the tourists visited this place. Besides that many other places are also there where you can take your spouse and enjoy. They are the Coral island, port blair and much more. Budget to stay here is slightly more than 5000. But the place is an exotic one, and you can get one of the most exotic feelings here. 


The Ooty is also a popular honeymoon destination situated in Nilgiri mountain. If some one loves to see the artistry of nature, they can visit the place to have their honeymoon. The beauty of the Nilgiri will definitely amaze you. Ooty lake and the tea plantations are one of the most popular attractions of the place. Hotels with various ranges are present here to make your honeymoon exotic and special. From Coimbatore, you can easily go to the place, as the Coimbatore is the nearest airport from the place. Mettupalayam is the nearest place for the honeymoon. Also, Wax world, Pykara are the popular sights to see. The charges to stay here are also pocket friendly so you don’t have to think about the budget while doing honeymoon here. 


Goa is one of the most popular tourist spots for the young people. Young people went to Goa to get some refreshment by participating in some water sports and much more. Many companies are present who provide 2 wheeler on rent so that couples can hang around the place. Goa is the place where you can enjoy late night also. In order to reach Goa, travellers can take road trips from Pune or Mumbai. It is one of the most exciting journeys that you are getting here. The nearest airport of Goa is Dabolim airport, so you can also go to Goa via air-plane. The approximate budget of the trip is economicala and budget friendly. Per day expenses for two people will remain around 5000 and more. So, to enjoy an exotic honeymoon at an extraordinary place, you can definitely visit Goa once in your life.    


Puri is also a beautiful tourist spot as well as a honeymoon spot in Odisha. The place is also known as one of the most popular honeymoon destinations for sea loving couples.There are more than one tourist spots are present here, they are the Puri beach, Udayagiri, Khandagiri as well as Konark Sun Temple. Budget to stay here remains less than 5000 per day and there are many hotels and restaurants where you can have some delicious seafood or can stay there.

The best attraction of the place is sunrise and sunset that are taking place here. In case you are also looking for an extraordinary but pocket friendly honeymoon, you can definitely choose the place. If you are a sea lover, this place is for you. Here you can have a long walk on the sea beach  with your love and tell about life.

Also, you can start your journey from the holy Jagannath temple. You can visit the place at any time in the year but it will be better for you, not to visit this place at the time of Rathyatra. The place is quite crowded but it can also be a great idea to choose this place as your honeymoon destination.

The city is well connected with other metro cities via train and airways. You can also reach Puri via roadways. Nearest airport of the Puri city is Bhubaneswar. Daily expenses for two people at Purti are not so high and the cost of foods, hotels are pocket friendly. But  puri is a crowded place so if you are searching for a quiet place for honeymoons. Puri is not for you. In case you love to spend a beautiful honeymoon, with the beauty of crowd. Puri will be an ideal honeymoon destination for you. 


Digha is a beautiful seascape Which is situated in the West Bengal. The place is situated near the Bay of Bengal and it is really an exotic place of Bengal. Not only Digha, Tajpur, Mandarmoni is also an amazing honeymoon spot with low budget. here you can have a beautiful or romantic walk with your love at the time of sunrise and sunset. Also, here you can enjoy the nightlife of Digha. The Digha is welly connected with Kolkata in roadways, trains, couples can easily come to the place to spend a lovely honeymoon. The cost to stay here are very low. People can be able to stay here with low cost. There are more than one hotels, lodges, cottages are present here where you can live and have a bright honeymoon. The main attraction of Digha is the sea, also there is a museum where people can be able to see the magic of science. In case you are looking for a honeymoon with a pocket friendly rate, you can definitely visit the place once. The cost of living here remains less than 5000 here. Also, there are many luxurious hotels that are present where you can also stay, the charges will be high in that case. The place is also quiet. If you are a sea lover, choosing this place as your honeymoon destination will be the best choice of yours. In case you are looking for a honeymoon package. You can contact a company that helps to plan your honeymoon in Digha. As the park is well connected with the Kolkata city, people are able to get all the amenities with them. 

Final thoughts

In case you don’t want to take that much risk to go alone on your honeymoon, you can definitely choose a company that helps you with honeymoon packages. You can also be able to choose your destination according to your choice with them. Sometimes they provide a wide range of services and support to make your honeymoon special at an affordable rate. Honeymoon is the brightest part of life, so it is needed to make it more memorable. The article has described more than one places where You can visit to have an extra ordinary honeymoon at a pocket friendly rate. Hopefully, the article has helped you to know about the details of the places where you can visit to have an exotic. It seems you are going to start your new life with your love, best of luck for that also.

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