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6 Most Romantic Places in Australia Every Couple Will Adore

Whether you live in Australia or plan on visiting it at least once in your life, there are definitely some places you should visit with your partner. No matter what the occasion is, going on a romantic getaway to one of these six places in Australia is a definite must. 

1. Experience Pitch Luxury Camping on the Sunshine Coast

When going on a romantic vacation, one of the best ways to spend quality time with your significant other is to go explore nature and spend some time outside. In Australia, there are tons of different ways to spend some time in nature. One of the most romantic ones is staying at the Pitch Luxury Camping location with your loved one. On the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, you and your partner can book a campsite or private property where you can enjoy your evening sitting by the fire pit and staring at a beautiful starry night above you. After a long day of spending time in nature, you get to cosy up nicely in the luxurious five-metre bell tent and enjoy a glass of wine together while watching a movie. You can also get optional extras such as butler service or even a private chef who can prepare delicious meals for the two of you.

2. Visit a One of a Kind Retreat at the Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef

If you want to visit a unique and one of a kind retreat in Australia, the Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef is a perfect choice for you. This place is quite literally a spot where the outback meets the reef. This place feels magical and secluded. You and your partner will feel like you’re on top of the world as you’re gazing out to the beautiful sunset on the horizon. The nights at the Exmouth are stunning too. You and your partner can go stargazing and enjoying the summer breeze on your skin as you cuddle to sleep. There are about 15 tents on this campsite and the area feels very private and secluded. It will make you feel like you’re on your honeymoon again. If you partner enjoys long walks in nature and peaceful nights by the fire pit as you eat marshmallows and drink some delicious wine, then this is a perfect place for you.

3. Relax in the Luxurious Blackbird 

Just an hour drive away from the Gold Coast, lies a hidden boutique bed and breakfast that serves as a perfect romantic getaway for a couple that wants to spend some private and romantic time together. It is set on 28 acres and the entire property is framed in lush rainforest making it look like a garden from a fairy tale. The place consists of three private pavilions which is a perfect private setting for a cosy and romantic getaway. The whole place runs on environmentally sustainable energy which saves about 20kW via the solar system. This place also includes certain modern luxuries which are there to help you have some peaceful Zen time with your partner. As you wake up you get to jump straight into the 10-metre mineral magnesium infinity pool. Later on, you can enjoy your spa day in the sauna before having some red wine as you take in the stunning view of the Byron coastline.

4. Discover the Woodlands Rainforest Retreat

For an ultimate secluded time and some top notch luxury for you and your loved one, visit the Woodlands Rainforest retreat in Yarra Valley, Victoria. Hidden deep in the heart of the Black Spur rainforest, this retreat can offer you a once in a lifetime experience that you definitely want to go through with your partner. In this area, there are numerous self-contained cottages that you can rent out. Every one of them is decked out and has a beautiful sunken spa. From that spot you can enjoy a beautiful view of the rainforest in front of you. You will feel like you can hold the entire world in the palm of your hand. Try to enjoy the nature that is right there at the tip of your finger. Use this chance to spend as much time as you can outside in nature.

5. Sweet as Milk and Honey

There is one romantic spot in Victoria that is as sweet as its name suggests. The Milk and Honey cottage is a perfect spot for two lovers who want to enjoy some private time together. Whether you are travelling for your honeymoon, your anniversary, or any other occasion, you will simply love this place. This place is situated in Daylesford and it takes about two hours to get there from Melbourne. The entrance of this place serves some stunning looks and a view of the countryside that is surrounding it. It is also a great lazy getaway since it’s a five minute walk away from the Daylesford shops. The cottage includes an open fireplace, two light-filled bedrooms, fancy bathrooms and a huge kitchen. You can enjoy your cosy and lazy mornings together and surprise your loved one with an anniversary flowers delivery that will make your partner’s day start the right way.

6. Romantic La Riveraine

Lastly, if you and your partner are interested in exploring the incredible wildlife of Australia, there are many places you can visit together on this romantic getaway. There is a perfect place that looks like a beautiful blend of Australian bush escape and European summer vibes. This riverside dream is all that you could possibly ask for on your romantic getaway. The charm, the beauty and the tranquillity this place offers is unmatched. With stunning crystal clear water in the romantic pool for the summer, huge terraces, a private jetty, and stunning views of the Hawkesbury, this place has it all. You and your partner will surely have a time of your life. 


In conclusion, Australia offers many stunning places for couples who enjoy some private time in nature. The retreats and luxurious cottages you can find there are unmatched in their views, atmosphere and luxury. Any couple would love to spend a romantic getaway there.

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