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6 Troubleshooting Tips When Your Air Conditions Don’t Turn On

When summer is at its peak, and so it’s time for many people to patch up their air conditioners. But do you get a sudden shock when your air conditioner doesn’t switch on suddenly? You should know some of the basic repairing things or you can say troubleshooting stuff before you start believing that your air conditioner has stopped working and you will sweat very soon.

1. The first step is to check whether your thermostat settings are correct or not

You need to check properly that your AC is turned on properly and also it is set to lower than your room temperature. You can make sure by checking the reading on your thermostat. You also need to check your fan mode. If your fan mode is AUTO then it is confirmed that AC is on cool mode. On the setting of the fan make it run without interruption, same time AC may not be cooling the air at all. 

Check if your thermostat displays nothing then the batteries in it might get drawn. Another possibility is its circuit might get broken that is connected with it. You must check your ac regularly to have better performance and to reduce electric consumption.

2. Checkup of house circuit breaker panel

AC systems need a huge amount of power that comes through the electrical circuits. If a small power problem happens, this may stop electricity flowing from the circuit panel. When this type of power surge incident happens, AC cannot be turned on.

If the circuit breaker has been broken, it will be turned off automatically. You need to reset the circuit switches to the ON position by pushing them.

3. Check and turn your HVAC system’s power mode ON

There is one switch for the indoor power unit in the system and the second power switch is for the outdoor unit. You need to make sure both the switches are turned ON properly which will only make your AC work. 

Normally, the switch for the indoor unit is located inside the system and the other switch for the outdoor compressor unit is next to it. You need to turn both the switches ON and check them again properly. Both switches ON can only make your AC work. 

4. Check your air filter regularly, Replace it as quickly as possible if it is dirty

The airflow of cooling gets stuck if the air filter is dirty, stretching the AC will get it to overheat and gets switched off. If you are using AC regularly, you should change your filter four times a year, quarterly

If you cannot remember when you changed your filter, just keep on checking it every few months and replace it when you find it with a lot of dirt. Keep a few filters handy at your home so you can change them whenever needed.

5. The outdoor unit should not be covered with plants or Garbage

 In the garden area trees are in vain, branches of trees, some dirt, and other waste may block the airflow coming from the outdoor unit. That may make your Air Conditioner increase heat and get it off. Remove anything that is in way of the outdoor and also check surround of that to make sure the whole area has enough space. Sometimes outdoor unit throws very hot air from the top side, so they need a lot more space around the outdoor unit.

6. You may try restarting the unit if you know how to use the system

Sometimes air conditioner behaves a little weirdly after a power surge problem happens with the circuit breaker. The best thing about this is this just needs a powerful restart. Go through all related sections and instructions of the manual provided for AC to reset the machine. You must make sure this doesn’t create any additional errors. 

Some basic stuff and common problems one should know about the AC

What happens if the filter is dirty?

Sometimes your air filter becomes dirty, and stuck air flow gets restrictions. When this happens, the evaporation coil stops getting the ventilation that it requires. Because of this, the coil’s loose heat gets cooler, and ultimately gets frozen. Once ice stops start melting itself, it will become moisture and it will start dribbling toward the downside. This dripping overflows the area and ultimately results in leakage. 

Should we ignore leakage?

Sometimes we see that the leakage starts and stops automatically, this happens at some interval of time. It is normal for your condenser produces water and leaks some drops if you are using AC for many hours. But if the leakage is a little heavy and this happens every day, you should immediately contact an emergency air conditioner repair service.

What happens if your refrigerant level is low?

Whenever you run your Air Conditioner one thing you should be aware of is that refrigerant may freeze the Air Conditioner coil, which may result in leakage for a longer time, and in such cases, you may need a professional and experienced AC repair technician.

Broken Condensate Pump

In any case, if your condensate pump gets damaged and is not able to flow full water out of the way then it may leak water into the condensate pan. This again may result in leakage of water by dripping. 

Disconnection in the drain line

Sometimes we believe that our Air Conditioner is installed correctly and it can be true at a time. But over time passes the drain line becomes a little loose. If in some cases it gets completely loose and gets kind of a blockage in the way and in such cases it gets totally disconnected with the Air Conditioner. This also causes a drop of water from the indoor unit.

What if the issue still persists?

It is time to call an AC repair expert if after all your efforts of turning on the AC doesn’t work. With problems with cooling air or extra heat, an experienced repairing expert can easily find problems and get your AC actively running quickly so you can have your cool with your family whole the summer season. 

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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