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7 Reasons Why You Should Travel More In Your 20s

You probably won’t enjoy the experience of traveling right from the beginning, like from when you would vacation with your family as a child. Just like fine wine, traveling is known to get better with age. There are several reasons why you should choose to maximally optimize your youth in your twenties and travel as much as you possibly can! Read on to find out why.

1. You are filled with boundless energy and enthusiasm.

It’s a known biological fact that as you age, your energy levels begin declining – although there are several who choose to scale mountains and peaks at a riper age! That being said, while you are in your 20s, you are supplied with abundant energy to utilize and explore unchartered territories.  

In our twenties, we are more likely to want to venture outside of our comfort zones and can better cope with unforeseen obstacles that might get thrown our way. It is the age where we allow ourselves to try as well as fail – with grace. It is also the time where we do not put unnecessary emphasis on “wasting time”!

2. You don’t have as many responsibilities to keep up with

There is a point in your life where you’ll secure a well-paying job, marry the one you love, and settle down with the kids you have always wanted. Needless to say, all these things come with a host of responsibilities that you will have to diligently deal with. 

Moreover, you will have constraints in relation to finances –  you will have to keep the future of yourself and your loved ones in mind. Additionally, you will be scraping for time not just for yourself, but also for them. This makes your twenties the ideal age to travel in. 

This is because you are burdened with fewer responsibilities, and you wouldn’t need to corroborate with everyone whether your schedules match if you all want to go to the same place or anything of that sort. You have the freedom to pack your pack, pick it up and push off whenever you like!

3. You are not afraid of meeting new people and making new friends.

In your 20s, your mindset and personality are both a lot more malleable and impressionable – which makes you a lot more open to experiencing new things and also getting along with new people. 

While you travel, you will discover and find the need to mingle with those outside the circle that you have known and grown up with – which is a truly rewarding experience.  Making friends out of strangers introduces you to so much – new cultures, traditions, hopes, and dreams! You will come to realize how enriching it is to expand your friendship with those who you have never met before.

4. You will learn to appreciate the finer things in life.

Prior to your twenties, it is most probable that you had the ease of access to most of the things you needed because your parents were able to provide them for you. The flip side to this is that you were not able to do a few things because you simply couldn’t afford to. 

At this stage in your life, where you are responsible for your own choices and ultimately carving your own path, you are in a position to decide what you want from life – and are also going to have to fend for them by yourself.

You will learn the value of money and discover that not every luxury that you thought as valuable, seems to be anymore. You might even discover something that you weren’t very fond of earlier, and become unable to live without it! 

Traveling in your 20s makes you realize that even having a bed to sleep on and a little warm water to bathe with is a form of luxury. You’ll find that you rarely miss your Earl Grey cuppas and that the roadside tea vendors become your best friends. It gives you the ability to distinguish between the necessities and the wants – and thus help shape you as a more sensitive and sensible individual.

5. You’ll be able to learn from occasional mistakes and be a better planner.

Most people nowadays opt to take a year as a break in their career to travel and gain experiences – this helps them learn from hands-on, practical adventures. 

Traveling, exploring, and everything that goes into the planning help you become more mindful of the precious time that you have and also allow you to appreciate the value of learning along the way.

6. You’ll have your own stories to share with others, and you can even make a career out of it.

It is a genuine feeling of pleasure to be able to recount your tales of travels and exchange them with fellow lovers of adventure. Additionally, you may even stand out as a distinguished individual among your peers while you apply for a job interview – because you are the one who possesses skills such as efficient time-management, strategizing ahead and financial independence! 

You will probably even pick up some finer skills such as photography, food blogging, and maybe even have the chance to learn a new language!

7. You’ll get to know yourself better!

You will find out so much more about yourself by traveling in your twenties simply because it gives you an opportunity to discover your strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes. You will get to learn new things and indulge in new activities that you might want to continue pursuing for the rest of your life! 

Moreover, you will be equipped with the ability to make the right decision for yourself – which will benefit you throughout your life.

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