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Can Voice Enhance The Touchless Experience?

Ever wondered, which technology holds the greatest potential for reducing the number of touch points? 

Motion and ultrasound sensors are promising, but with the universal appeal and easy-to-adopt, voice interface is becoming one of the most scalable touch-less technology. 

Voice assistants had already made us comfortable with voice technology and low-touch, the global pandemic pushed it more, giving a boost to no-touch and voice.

Though users are still using voice to do simple things like getting weather updates, play movies and music, get recipes, make a call, set a reminder, the newer edge-powered voice interface will be able to perform many other simple and useful functions including opening an elevator door, shopping, making payments…

Upgrading Touchscreens With Voice

As businesses worldwide are gearing to start full-fledged operations, voice technology has become a much-appreciated tool that meets all the safety concerns. Even the most hard-hit industries including travel and hospitality are working on integrating voice tech to make customers feel safe. 

Voice-controlled devices and applications need less or no physical interaction. This is why voice is now checking into hotels with AI-powered voice assistants that enable utility control, communication with the hotel staff, entertainment control allowing to sync with the guest’s personal streaming accounts and more.

Besides hotels, voice is being used by grocery shoppers as many companies are working on creating grocery shopping assistants that can help you to create a shopping list, add items to the cart and even checkout after making the payment.

Healthcare is another industry that has adapted voice with open arms. Interactive voice applications and devices that make a two-way conversation are one such example for seniors, those in assisted care facilities and people with visual disabilities.

A New Type Of Biometrics

These are just a few industries that have implemented voice technology. Experts suggest, that to recover from this post-pandemic economy, voice tech would soon become a major part of various industries. And, this could be the golden age for voice technology.

In these times, when the touchless system has become the new normal, voice technology will get a lot of importance. Even the fingerprint scanning or other biometrics screenings on publicly used devices would have to be replaced by a new type of biometric and voice could be one of the better options.  

Wider Adoption Equals Upgrading The Technology

But, this expansion won’t happen overnight. Businesses who have invested in touch screens or biometrics devices wouldn’t just keep them aside to switch to a voice-enabled ecosystem. Also, voice authentication would require a lot of work. The system would need to catch the element even when the voice is sore or is spoken from a distance or capture nuances that are unique to a person’s voice. 

The Ultimate Touchless Experience

People are familiar with how to talk to devices, voice assistants, voice-enabled applications and as the chips in them are getting more conversational, it is making it more capable to offer a human-like experience that will eventually come together nicely. In today’s world where touchless is the new normal, voice technology holds an extremely powerful inbuilt advantage. Is your organisation ready to gain from this advantage?

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