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Why Choosing A Career In Microsoft Azure: Top Reasons

Here we will discuss why you must choose a career in Microsoft Azure. Cloud is much more than what we see. Cloud innovation is setting down deep roots and changing businesses and industries. Currently, Microsoft Azure is the quickest developing cloud in the market. There are many motivations to start a career in Microsoft Azure, yet we will talk about some top reasons why you must pick a profession in Microsoft Azure. 

Adaptability in picking a career

Certificates are huge while seeking a Cloud Computing career. In this regard, Azure Certifications assist you with adaptability in your career. Microsoft Azure offers role-based certifications like Cloud Admin, Cloud Developer, Cloud Architect, Security Engineer, AI Engineer, DevOps Engineer, and Data Engineer. Altogether, Azure offers you the choice to pick various role-based certifications that you can choose. 

Any Azure Certification will assist you with securing position open doors in different areas, similar to IT, Banking, Finance, Healthcare, Government, Insurance, Construction, and so in these areas, you might need to oversee, create and carry out Azure cloud administrations. 

High payroll opportunities

One more incredible point or motivation to choose Azure as your career is the significant compensation benefits and the acknowledgment that goes along. With a very high appeal for qualified cloud experts, you will get high payroll compared to other IT experts. 

As per the details introduced by ZipRecruiter, an Azure Developer earns yearly compensation above USD 131,000, and Solutions Architect in Azure fetches USD 144,000. With more experience and professional certifications, you can advance your career to become Senior Azure professional with a better salary. These figures vary with job location, skill sets, the kind of organization, and the industry you work for. 

Simple enough to learn 

A decent level of interest and heightened demand for professional certs in the Cloud domain has given rise to learning platforms, training institutes, that offer paid courses and help candidates prepare for Azure certs. Additionally, many Azure-certified experts chip in to assist rookies with accomplishing their goals. 

In case you are searching for an excellent course on Azure, I suggest you check out Azure Certification Course, which helps you learn Azure from scratch to assist you in mastering cloud hands-on. 

Anybody willing to get into Azure Cloud career could do so easily, as it’s organized and will discover a large number of the common tools like Hadoop, GitHub, and many more. 

Steady Career Development 

We previously discussed job adaptability in looking over a wide range of role-based accreditations that Azure offers you. Acquiring Azure cert approves your mastery and information in utilizing and working with the Azure Cloud platform. These certs guarantee that you get acknowledgment, a significant hike in pay, and opportunities to achieve professional objectives. 

An interesting factor is that Azure services are expanding and will normally drive the demand for Azure-certified professionals. Today Azure certs cover proficient career paths like that of Administrators, Developers, Security Engineers, AI Engineers, Data Engineers, Solutions Architect, Data Scientists, etc. 

Getting Azure-certified adds value to an organization

Companies relying on Azure Cloud expect Azure-certified professionals to deal with all the issues and work with platforms to make it more efficient and scalable. With each Azure certification, you gain, you are not only proving your competence but also adding value to your organization. With each Azure cert you acquire, you are nearing the level of expertise required to assist in developing cloud strategies that help organizations in offering the best services at lesser expenses. You are better ready to pass judgment on the upsides and downsides of different cloud strategy benefits that will better suit the organization in the long and short run. 

Best in security characteristics

Azure is probably the most secure cloud out there in the market. They secure fully managed, managed, and hosted services through security protocols and means. Azure displays its ISO 27018 accreditation with pride that is recognized by the European authority for Data Protection and Cloud Privacy. The security element of Azure aids organizations to focus on maintaining their businesses and deal with customers as opposed to worrying over client protection or data security and integrity. 

Superior integration with the .NET platform

Azure offers its clients/customers its cloud integration with .NET to help them keep create applications. The .NET platform is an open-source cross-platform that Microsoft made way back for developers. Furthermore, it’s been one of the most famous programming platforms where a large number of developers fabricate applications with various tools. 

The best thing about the .NET integration with Azure Cloud is that Microsoft also offers community support. So you don’t need to stress over the back-end support and focus on building incredible applications. 

Certs prove your competence 

Acquiring your Microsoft Azure certification shows that you are a specialist in Azure, and it additionally shows your degree of competence to acquire it. As it takes a great deal of training and working experience to acquire these role-based certs that Microsoft Azure offers. I suggest you enroll in industry-standard training for the particular Azure role. 

Managers are searching for professionals who are not serious about their role, they expect them to show responsibility and have the fundamental abilities to get the job done. Acquiring Azure Cert will help you display these skills at the same time. 

Enterprise arrangement clause 

The Enterprise arrangement clause assists organizations in developing a set of applications on the Microsoft Azure platform all on their own. There are in excess of 60 million Azure clients/customers today, and Microsoft claims that 95% of the Fortune 500 organizations utilize Azure Services for their different use-cases. If you acquire the essential skills with Azure Cert, you can get to work in dream companies. 

Upgraded DevOps abilities 

DevOps is a culture shift in the Software Development Release and Lifecycle. DevOps has changed the whole procedures of creating applications and keeping up with them to a significantly more adaptable, quick, and effective technique for creating applications with the assistance of exceptional collaboration, communication among groups, and automation all the while. Today the Cloud is progressively being integrated with DevOps. Both Cloud and DevOps together help in reducing time to the market and expenses.  


Cloud Computing is setting down deep roots and is driving advancements in the IT business. Microsoft Azure has a great set of services at the table that is fully equipped for battling AWS in its home ground. Azure Cloud offers a tough fight internationally at comparable costs to AWS. Assuming you are searching for a promising career in the Azure Cloud, it is the perfect opportunity to trade out.

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