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6 Common Plumbing Problems to Detect and When to Call a Plumber

Every homeowner has to face some plumbing problems at some point in time or the other. There are situations when a slow drain or an appliance leak may require calling a professional as you won’t be able to solve the issue by yourself. If you’re handy around the house, then you could deal with small repair works such as replacing a drain cover or changing out a worn washer. However, if the plumbing work is big, then you just require the attention of a professional plumber. Read on to know some common plumbing problems that can be solved by an experienced plumber only.

1. Low water pressure

This can be due to several reasons in older houses like a clog in the showerhead or faucet. Otherwise, it could also be due to big plumbing issues such as leakage or corrosion in your home. You should be capable enough to check your showerheads and faucets before moving ahead. In case it does not solve your problem, hire an experienced plumber who will inspect your plumbing problems quickly.

2. Running toilet

When the flat at the bottom of your toilet tank does not seal down, then there is the problem of running toilets. Constantly running toilets seem to be extremely annoying and do not wastewater. You will not be able to sleep peacefully even after hearing your toilet running all night. It is quite easy to get it fixed yourself but if the thought of wet hands sounds unappealing, then it’s time to hire a plumber who can help to take care of the issue soon.

3. Clogged drains

If your kitchen or bathroom sink takes a long time to drain properly, then this means it is already clogged. Usually, the sinks in the kitchen and bathroom are the ones that get clogged soon. Think about everything that you throw in the drains such as – food particles, soap, shampoo, and hair. With time, these things get accumulated in the drains thus, causing them to slow down. You can remove the clog by using drain cleaners but you need to be extremely careful as some of them may damage the pipes or splashbacks. It is advised to get in touch with an experienced plumber who can help in cleaning clogged drains quickly.

4. Leaky pipes

The lifespan of the pipes usually depends on what they are made of but none will last forever. Starting from a high of 40 to 70 years for brass pipes and a low of 20 to 50 years for galvanized steel, you will have to replace old and leaky pipes in your home after a certain time. As the pipes wear down, they may cause leakage and the wet spots on the walls or ceilings indicate that your pipes are leaking. Other indications are – high water bills, mildew, and mold growing in the bathroom, foul smells in bathrooms and basements, water spots along the wall, and cracks in your foundation.

5. Dripping faucets

These are quite annoying as they waste a lot of water however, it is something you can fix by yourself. It might need to be replaced or tightened but you can but faucets and then replace them accordingly. In case you think you won’t be able to do it on your own, it is advised to call experienced plumbers

6. Replace the water heater

Like the pipes in your house, water heaters do not last forever. These heaters usually last for 10 years at the most and so, you need to replace them after that time span. You need to maintain track of the lifespan of your water heater because when they fail, you will have to take a cold shower even in winters. There are many places that require permission for installing a new heater. The plumber knows how to deal with the installation process in the most convenient way.

When you need to call a professional plumber

Some plumbing problems might be extremely complicated that can be managed by a plumber only. Let’s discuss when it is already time to call a plumber.

  • Installation of new pipes, tubs, or sinks
  • Water heater problems
  • Septic tank leaks
  • New construction that requires building permits
  • Sewer line breakage or sudden leaks

You may hire an emergency plumber to solve your plumbing problems and change the layout of your kitchen or bathroom. They can help you with necessary fixtures and replacements as this is not a do-it-yourself task and so, don’t forget to include the costs associated with your remodeling work.

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