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How to Make an Eye-Catching Outdoor Design in Your Neighbourhood This Spring 

House is a little piece of freedom one can turn into a dream home of their own. To achieve this, investments are needed. There are many ideas that are pretty, interesting, and for which you think might be ‘it’ for you. Unfortunately, these additions can turn costly easily or demand custom-designed solutions that take a long time to make. To help you we’ve made a list of the most eye-catching updates you can do for your house exterior.

New door hardware

Let’s start with the basics – the door hardware is touched and used a lot, so it can need some special life every few seasons. Add new paint to the accents, change the doorknob, deadbolt, a house number, or other to give a new look and make an entrance to your home an experience. Go for the old vibe with gold, brass, or iron, or go for a sleek metallic look for the smart system vibe.

Door décor is worth it

The common perception is to add a wreath for the holidays and that’s about it. However, you can have a wreath for each season or some arrangements around your door. The other change might be the new color of your entrance – color your door, hardware, or the plants around in the complimenting colors. 

Decorate windowsills

People often do not want to attract too much attention to their windows, so why not make a diverse effect? Add flower boxes to windows and draw attention but still hide the activities (or lack of those) behind the windows. Go for flowers that go well with your garden, house, or none – a contrasting color can give off a completely fresh look.

New accents on house hardware

New paint will certainly refresh the look of any house. However, this might be a long and costly investment if going for the full house exterior. How about adding a pop of color on the accents? Fresh paint on doors and windows might just be a touch of new that will be a difference you need.

Add new gutters

Replace old gutters with newer, snap-fit vinyl gutter systems that go together with few tools and require no painting. Your other option might be copper systems, which are pricier but definitely add a touch of old wealthy family house vibes. The color of the copper will also give a new look to your home, but vinyl comes in an array of colors to cater existing color scheme.

New sitting area

Enjoying your backyard is not complete without a comfy seat. If you have the old set of garden furniture and don’t want to invest in a completely new set, you can make a fine update with good power cleaning and new pillows and seat covers. It is not bad to check online resales, like your local Facebook Market where you could get an almost new set for a smidgen of its original price.

Outdoors living room 

Why have a simple sitting spot when you could make a ‘living room’ as a part of your backyard? Pergolas in Sydney are often designed to add to the poolside or to host a lunch during any season all around the year. The simplicity of the pergola offers a great range of styles, but it will be an addition that even rises the value of the property, definitely a worthy investment. 

Garden update

If you already have a fine garden, you can add a few plants of a new species. This can make a fine change to your garden looks, as well as the house’s overall look, especially if you invest in a few bushes or a few strategically placed groups of the same species. Invest in species that have flowers of the same color to further elevate the garden. 

Plant a tree

A tree (or a few) is the investment that grows with your family, home, and adds value. This mentioned value is the sentimental and the market price of the home. Trees provide shade, design, and can add to the looks additionally if it is a fruit tree. To be certain you have made the right choice, that will be the addition for years to come, it is best to invest in native species

Consider light

To be able to always use your beautiful yard you should have lightning fixtures. You don’t need to use basic light fixtures above the doors. There are many types of garden fixtures that can make your backyard a fairy forest, a beach party, or a real outdoor disco, whatever your preferences are!

Add a little pond or fountain

If you don’t have the conditions and place for the pond, you can still add a water element with a simple fountain. The sound and the aquatic plants provide a wonderful sound of nature, and you can consider it your personal white noise machine. Pay attention to additional bees, bumblebees, and birds that you might attract if you have plants that are especially interesting to them. Remember that bees are always a wanted guest.

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