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Implementation Of Robotics Simplifies The Operations Of An Organization

Making technological changes can seem to be difficult and expensive at times. Because of this same reason why automation and adaptation to new technologies can seem daunting at first glance. However, once you open your mind to it, it is difficult to see anything but the benefits that technology provides.

What Is Robotic Process Automation?

One of such technological advancements that caused businesses to tremor is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). I know it sounds too complicated and science-y. Let’s understand what it is in simple terms. Robotic Process Automation refers to simply giving instructions to a machine to enable it to carry out everyday manual tasks that are tedious and repetitive in nature. The instructions are so designed that the bot could replicate any logical steps to perform any tasks.

It is a step ahead in business process automation. Here is a simple example. You may have seen your dad shave his beard at home; next time, when he does the same, you’ll find a small space beside him in front of the mirror and replicate how you saw him shave last time. That is precisely what RPA is. It watches the way you (the user) perform certain tasks and then duplicates the same. It is more like a virtual mimic.

Robotics In Business Operations

Before we see how the business processes are affected by robotics, it is important to understand that Robotic Process Automation does not make decisions for you. It just automates the repetitive everyday tasks. Here are the operations that benefit from robotic process automation.


The process of entering the same actions over and over again in all the applications that link the accounts and stock (for example, CRM application, ERP application, stock management application, etc.) can be pretty time-consuming and complicated. One mistake on the side of the person entering the data in the application and the entire accounting and costing processes can give an erroneous profit. Moreover, these manual practices make the organization prone to data duplication. Monotonous tasks daily can lead to the employees feeling unmotivated and unproductive, thereby decreasing the output of the organization as a whole.

Bots can take over the tasks of entering data (such as sales invoice entries, invoice entries, etc.) into the systems. It assists in maintaining and storing the data. Data theft and duplication stand no chance against robotic management of the sales data. Besides, it enables the systems to have accurate (sans any errors) and save the time of the employees as they do not have to waste much time on the time-consuming and energy-draining processes.

System Inquiry

Integration of specific transactions while compiling data is a complex process that is the reason for a headache for almost all analysts that have to deal with the same. This is because the organizations have to maintain a whole lot of data for every business operation that they perform in the company. Moreover, keeping track of all these data in the business can seem to be problematic for the organization.

Robotic Process Automation, however, can integrate the data among the thresholds of information. This is possible because RPAs hold the capacity to link the various business applications together in order to provide homogeneity and accessibility to the staff who work with such information daily. It allows a buttery flow of the information and allows the generation of queries for the extraction of the same.

Payroll Process

The process in HR operations that is the most time consuming, complex, and prone to errors in the payroll process. The complexities of calculating the payment for each employee while complying with the law is understandably difficult to do. Given that your organization has many employees, it becomes impossible for the HR managers to be accurate and completely error-free while calculating the payroll for each and every employee manually (that too when each employee’s attendance and leaves need to be managed and integrated with the payroll system). The chances that an employee is missed unintentionally or the data that is processed is erroneous are extremely high. Although hr management software assists businesses with this, integrating it with a RPA system takes the benefits beyond imagination.

With the Robotic Process Automation, these processes can simplify this process and assists you with multiple functions like generating paychecks, processing reimbursements, recording attendance and leave, and integrating them with the payroll calculations, etc. The RPS, thereby not only saves time but also helps the human resource managers to maintain accuracy in the payroll operations in the business.

Automated Onboarding

It is a draining task to onboard the recruits in terms of both – time and money. You need to create their accounts, introduce them to the organization and their to-be colleagues, explain them their work, familiarize them with the workplace environment, and the list goes on. Any organization would not be willing to take risks with onboarding, for it is the first impression they leave on the minds of the recruits.

RPA creates an automated workflow that allows the recruits to have a seamless onboarding process. Moreover, configurations can be made in the bots to enable them to send reminders and notifications about any updates to the recruits. Furthermore, it can educate the joinee regarding the policies and regulations of the company as soon as their new account is created.

Social Media Activity

This is the era where people do not hesitate in ‘canceling’ your company if they do not receive a proper response or receive a negative one. If you hire a person who has to reply to all the queries, questions, and reviews online, it may take him a while to complete replying to all the messages from the customers. This keeps customers waiting and creates a bad impression of your organization to not only the customers who posted online but also the potential ones who are referring to the current questions and reviews for future business.

With Robotic Process Automation, your social media manager/ marketeer does not have to go through all the mentions alone. The bot notifies them as and when anyone mentioned your organization or posts anything on your company’s Google My Business page. All the manager is required to do is check such notifications and reply accordingly. As if that was not enough, the bots can generate automated replies relevant to the texts using artificial intelligence, thereby making the work of the social media manager easier than ever before.


As discussed in the meaning of Robotics Process Automation above, RPA is the next step in technological advancement. And even though it may look daunting and mammoth-like at first, once you get used to it, you will realize that it provides so many benefits compared to what you initially thought of. Besides saving time, increasing productivity, enhancing processes, and making the employees feel less stressed, RPA can assist in managing the potential that the organization holds. Besides, when the business employs Robotics Process Automation in their everyday operations, it is able to offer a better, much higher quality of service to their clients in terms of timely reply, timely delivery, and efficiency in the purchasing process. Overall, the benefit that outweighs all others is that the RPA provides hassle-free processing of the business operations. It can mimic human-like functions and provide nothing more than positive outcomes to the company.

All in all, it is advisable for the businesses to climb the mountain for on the other side, there is nothing but sunshine and rainbows.

Author  – Meet Vara is an experienced Product Marketer at FactoHR, having expertise in creating various ideas for creative writing. He is passionate about researching and exploring blogs and checking out the latest trends and replicating his expertise in crafting exclusive content. His approach and readiness towards writing quality content are exceptional.

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