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Kraft Packaging – The Rising Trend Of Eco-friendly Packaging

In the twenty-first century, environmental changes are one of the major headlines. With increasing pollution and environmental hazards, a lot of new problems are coming to light every day. But the good thing is that now people are getting aware of the problems the Earth is facing. 

One such problem out of many is pollution and wastage from the retail industry. The significant portion of the pollution directly comes from the packaging and the wastage that results from it. Non-recyclable and non-biodegradable packaging is making things difficult. Because the packaging wastage is of thousands of tons every year. Out of all this, a small part is recycled and reused. Therefore, something should be done about the problem.

The solution to this situation is a packaging that is recyclable and biodegradable. Using such packaging will significantly reduce the annual packaging waste throughout the world. Moreover, the wastage of paper will also decrease. 

A packaging that is the direct solution of the packaging pollution to reduce the heaps of packaging garbage is in the right choice of material. Kraft material is an excellent option as it nature-friendly packaging solution.

Kraft – The right material

Kraft material is not new to the packaging industry, as many brands are already using this material. The main application of the Kraft material is of the Kraft packaging cartons. But now, it is taking the shape of many new different types of boxes.

The Kraft boxes have a signature brown appearance that makes them easy to differentiate. Despite their simple appearance, these boxes are getting a lot of attention. Many mainstream businesses have converted from the usual packaging to Kraft packaging boxes. 

Whether you want to pack small products or the bigger products, you can use Kraft boxes and get the job done. The material is as customizable as the usual packaging materials. That means you can have your Kraft packaging in many different types of boxes. 

There are many types and styles of boxes you can choose from. You can have boxes with lids, mailers, double-wall tuck fronts, auto bottoms, and numerous other types of boxes as the material is as versatile as paperboard or any other material in this regard. 

Another added advantage of this golden material is that it is product friendly. Because of its product friendly nature, Kraft is used for a wide variety of products, including food items. The material is generally odorless and food-friendly. That is why a lot of food items are directly packed inside these boxes. Everyone’s favorite classic pizza boxes are usually of this material too.

The advantages of this material do not stop there as it is a durable and sturdy material. Its such strong nature helps in making the packaging cartons fit for shipping. Therefore, many shipping boxes are of Kraft material. 

Kraft vs Cardboard

There is one major shortcoming in the Kraft packaging. It is not as customizable as compared to the cardstock boxes in terms of printing and finishing. The white boxes offer many printing options for the customer to choose the right ones. If the surface is bleached, the customization options greatly increase. 

With Kraft packaging, you do get as many options. The basic printing options are there like you can have your logos and some text, but the options like having your favorite color scheme are not doable. 

With the cardboard boxes, you can have many different finishing options depending on your preferences. From the usual gloss or matte surface to the advanced and more exquisite options like foiling, spot UV, soft-touch, embossing, debossing, holographic, and what not? 

In contrast, the Kraft packaging is not as much versatile as compared to card stock. It offers a few finishing types like spot UV, but generally, the surface is grainy. By touching the surfaces, you can easily differentiate between both kinds of boxes.   

The department in which both the types of packaging boxes are on equal terms is the die-cut designs. Any kind of box packaging you can design with card stock can make the same design with Kraft. Moreover, you can have the same of making customizations like adding die-cut windows. 

The clear winner

Besides the printing and finishing customizations, both of the types of boxes are the same. The Kraft has a clear edge in the departments of recyclability and biodegradability. A significant part of the Kraft packaging is acquired by reusing or recycling boxes. Whereas the cardboard takes a lot of paper pulp, only a small part is recycled. Therefore, with Kraft, quoting Thanos, “It is a small price to pay” with the limited options. People are also putting the health of mother nature first by choosing the Kraft boxes, and it is totally worth it.

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