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Make Unforgettable Memories through Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one of the most important things in a wedding and getting this correct is very critical. You don’t get a chance to repeat this. It is important that you have considered all the possibilities before the real wedding date.

Wedding photography is not like any other normal wedding photography. Few events in your life will ever measure up to the day you say I do. All over the world people celebrate marriage in various traditions, but a photographer has to admit there is something rather unique and special about a wedding. Indians take extreme pride in their weddings, it’s apparent from day 1 the amount of detail, decoration, and planning that goes into them is almost unmatched by any other culture. For this reason, when planning a traditional wedding it’s important to have the right photographer that can appreciate the amount of work that was put in.

Few things you should look for in a wedding photographer in India. First of all, they should have experience shooting a Sangeet ceremony. When the bride and family saw the pictures, they were thoroughly impressed with the outcome of the raw emotion in the shots.

Next, they should have experience shooting a Mehendi function. Mehendi functions are an important part of any traditional wedding in India. The amount of time it takes to apply the intricate designs and waiting for the henna to dry makes getting the right photographer even more important. The 2-4 week tattoos will eventually fade away, but when you’ve got the right pictures the moment will last forever. The right photographer should be accustomed to capturing the various angles, and beauty of henna as well as, the closeness of the bride’s friends and family throughout the process.

Finally, they should have experience shooting the wedding itself. On the day of, no more planning is being done; everyone should know their position and roles. As the ritual moves smoothly so should your photographer. You shouldn’t have to worry about if the right shots are being taken if you should be doing anything special, or how you can help them. A good photographer needs no direction; they always know where to be and how to do it. Wedding photographers in India have their own group. It’s vital to catch those moments right the first time, there’s always room for fun, but never for any mistakes. Mainly wedding photographer helps you make one of the best moments of your life last forever.

Weddings in India are one of the most generous and grand events. Indian wedding is full without an epic photo album. Like every other part of an Indian wedding, photography too keeps pace with different changing trends.


In the last year, photoshoots have become common with soon-to-be-hitched couples. It might sound silly and pointless, but they are extremely ”in”. Couples choose lots of romantic destinations, from beaches to parks to five-star hotels, and pose for the photographer. The idea behind this thought is that the couples see these pictures years after their wedding day and recollect how much in love they were. Also, they are having fun the whole time they are getting clicked. These clicks are an instant hit on social media sites amongst friends too. 

Choosing dress colors is another important thing that is critical to photography. Most people have a good idea about what color matches them but if you are not sure don’t hesitate to ask for others’ opinions. Make sure that the colors highlight the couple; this is especially true if you have few bridesmaids at your wedding. Attention should be focused on the couple and the colors of the wedding dress play a big part in doing that. Wedding planners can play a big role in this area because they have years of experience in doing weddings.

Another important thing is picking locations in advance. There might be some places which are special to you and you want your picture taken there. But if you are stuck for locations then it is advisable to contact your wedding photographer. They have done this before and they can suggest you few places to check out. If you have the time then try to visit the places and pick a place more to your liking. Remember that there are no repeats for this, so time spent on finding a suitable place is time well spent.

Couples can take a look at the websites of photographers to estimate their quality of pictures and prices. Many couples will be presented with a wedding photography package with pictures in an electronic medium aside from the wedding album. Also, you can get a free quote from wedding photographers in India.  So, there are lots of things to consider when picking a photographer, the price, availability, whether they give wedding story albums, etc.

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