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Modern And Trending Ideas For The Best Garden Landscaping

During times like this when people are spending more and more time at home than ever, it’s a very good time to landscape your front yard and backyard. Landscape is extremely helpful as it gives home a soft, comfy and looks so inviting. On the other hand when restaurants and most of the outdoor going out options are too risky or closed, it provides a beautiful space for contemplation, assembly or get together. Landscape also significantly raises the standard of our living by improving environment quality and so on. Here are few ideas how you can landscape your property easily. 

Cottage style

The overall theme of cottage style landscape design is not rigid or formal but rather relaxed and loose. You don’t need to follow a set path, but can add curve pathways and flower bed edges. To soften these curves, encourage plants to drape over the edges of the beds. You can choose from arrays of plants as the main theme of the cottage style landscaping garden is that it seems plants are tumbling around with abandon. Grow plants as together as you can without smothering them as the less the space will be in between them, higher will the chance of them crowding out weeds. Color schemes follow no rules. It can vary from soothing pastel shades of pinks, blues and yellows to intense ranges of reds, oranges, purples and more.  Contrast heights between beds by using spiky classics.  Even though you are short on supplies, you can still give your home a classic look with the right props. A classic white picket or wrought iron fence offers a sense of enclosure and heighted style. Moreover the whole idea of a cottage garden is to make you feel good, so follow your heart while choosing the décor and plants rather than focusing on looking good. If your heart’s in it, beauty will soon follow.

Rocky theme

Adding a bit of rocks in landscaping could give it entirely a different and sophisticated look. It helps in preventing weeds from growing and also helps with soil erosion. But be sure you don’t pile them too deep. Choosing the right rock for your space might be a little tougher than it looks. Because often people buy stones but then later don’t have any idea where to place them or they don’t match with the décor theme. So, it is always a good idea to take a moment and think, what I want my space to look like. Your answer will likely determine the kind of rock shape, size, color and texture to go for. 

If you are low on time and can’t often do the maintenance properly small stones can create a neat and tidy front yard, when used with large pavers and shrubs. If you are going for an edgy look you can use rock. By using larger flat rocks as a path to your front door you can enhance the beauty of it. Pathway can either be straight or zigzag depending on your theme. When it comes to front yard landscaping ideas with rocks, there’s no rule that says all rocks need to be the same. Try mixing it up by creating a rock garden with larger rocks. With the help of river rocks and small stones, you can create a layered look. If you’re planning to add a water feature, passersby will be mesmerized by it. Whether it’s a stream or fountain rock can help in creating a feature that’s a relaxing spot to enjoy the outdoors while adding a beautiful focal point for your yard.   

Smooth transition from indoor to outdoor

While designing landscapes you might want to pay special attention to this part. Smooth transition from indoor to outdoor makes the whole area look as one instead in two parts. By making it look as one large space, residents and guests can go easily inside and outside of the house. A very cliché but beautiful way of achieving this feat is by using oversize glass doors or French windows. Large panes of glass paired with ultra slim slightness offers an uninterrupted, panoramic view of the outdoors. These kinds of doors also allow more natural light to flow in. Glass doors also have the amazing ability to visually amplify the space making it look bigger, longer and larger.  Having the glass door gives the house a minimal but yet modern look. But in some situations when the glass door option is out of question (most common reason being burglar concern) you can explore other options. One of them is to echo the interior design element in the exterior and vice versa. By designing like this, it will help in creating the same mood, feeling and ambiance on both sides and will create one whole continuous comfortable cozy place. Few ideas which can be incorporated in both interior and the exterior are the same wall cladding, matching flooring and furniture. You can also put vases with fresh flowers from the garden. Lighting is another key element which can be included in both interior and exterior design to give them a much cozier look. Little twinkling or steady light can serve to both decorate elements as well as provide enough light to illuminate particular parts of the space for you to enjoy the quiet evenings outside. Down lighting mounted in the trees, on the pergola lattice and pillars or in the eaves of your home, not only spreads a gentle moonlight around, but also forms intriguing dapper light shadows creating a romantic ambiance.

Fire pits

A great way to enhance the beauty of landscape is to add fire pits. These attractive backyards and mesmerizing flames can serve as gathering places for barbeques, evening drinks and late night dinners. But as beautiful as they might look, building them improperly could be hazardous. For being a fire pit you might need to take necessary permission from local authorities as there are some places which might not allow it.  After you get the permission depending on your landscape theme you can select the material for it.  You can opt for many options such as rock pit, concrete fire pit, basin pit

If you want you can make your fire pit lounge area even more intimate, consider creating privacy with tall hedges instead of fencing. For a modern yet rustic feel you can add a gravel ground to it. It would also be a good idea to match the color of your pit with that of seating. In the evenings when you light it up, the whole place will act as magical and will act as a superb background for several beautiful memories.

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